I have Divine Appointments Waiting for you!

Received 8-6-17 and 8-7-17

This Sunday morning (8-6-17) was like most Sunday mornings. My son Nathan and I have to be at worship band practice at 8:30 AM, he runs the soundboard and I play drums. This morning we were actually running a bit late which is not a real big deal because we usually have plenty of extra time. It was odd though that I had a feeling to park in a back parking lot down the alleyway that I do not usually park in. I could have easily parked in a spot right in front of the building, which is an old office building with a theater on the 4th floor that our church rents out.
What I soon found out was that the Lord had a divine appointment set up for me!
As soon as I got out of my truck I heard a woman cry out to me, “Sir could you help me?!”
So I walked over to her and I could see that she was crying. I could also see that she was a very skinny little woman with unkempt hair wearing pajama bottoms and an old hooded sweatshirt that did not match. Then she said crying, “I haven’t had anything to eat in 2 days!“ By this time I was close enough to see her wrinkled face and that she also had no teeth, truly one of the “Least of these” that Jesus talked about. I took out my wallet to get some money out to give to her. My eyes saw a $5 bill but then I felt the Holy Spirit said, “No give her a $20”.  I handed her the $20 and she seemed happy and said “Oh God bless you sir!” and told her thank you and that Jesus loves her. I told her she should go to the nice restaurant down the street but she said she needed to go up to the 7 eleven. Then she said she had such a bad migraine headache she didn’t know if she could make it up to the store. At this point I had a thought race through my head, “You’re gonna be really late for practice, you gotta go!” But I knew that this was my cue from the Lord and I asked her if I could pray for her and she said yes.  At this point the Lord just dumped down upon me an overwhelming sense of love and compassion for this woman. I felt her pain and I had tears in my eyes.  I think Jesus allowed me to feel a small fraction of what He feels for each one of us. She began crying again and told me that some guy had been abusing her and threw her down a flight of stairs and she showed me the bump on her head and told me she was living in a home for battered women. This broke my heart! So right then and there in a back parking lot off a side alleyway, I laid hands on her head and commanded the headache to go away and rebuked the devil away from her in the name of Jesus and hugged her.  She then thanked me and told me told me the doctors couldn’t believe that she didn’t have any broken bones after falling down a flight of stairs and she said “It musta been God!” I said, “Yes it was God and you need to surrender your life to Jesus and let Him take control of it.” At first she said “No I can’t do it, it’s too hard…” Then I took her and hugged her again and I started praying out loud but I have no idea what I said but at the end I asked “What is your name?” and she said “Lillie.” I said “Lillie you need to surrender yourself to Jesus and ask Him into your heart so I want you to ask Him right now, where we are.” She started to cry again but she said a prayer right then, from the bottom of her heart and asked Jesus in. Then I prayed again and after I did I gave her another hug and she was wiping tears from her eyes and I got her a napkin to blow her nose on. Then she said without any prompting, “I feel different!” she said “Before you prayed with me I felt  like I had so much weight on me, it was like bricks in my heart, but now I feel light!” I told her that because she has Jesus inside her now and she said, “If I knew I was gonna feel this good I woulda done this a long time ago!” Then she asked about the church and I told her what time it started. She promised me she would come up and watch me and the band play and that she was going to get something to eat and go change her clothes. I told her to come as she was but she felt like she must be presentable, I didn’t argue. 
I went up to practice rejoicing that I had led this dear soul to the Lord!
Lillie did come back for the church service and I introduced her to some of the beautiful, loving, women from the church, some of which she already knew! I could tell she was not used to being in church and was scared at first so she sat way in the back. Then we started our worship set and I believe that the Holy Spirit drew her up front during the second song. She was standing all the way up front crying with her hands raised and a bunch of ladies around her with their hands on her in prayer and then they would hug her.
It was just so awesome I cannot explain it, totally supernatural! The Spirit fell upon us during worship and communion in a powerful way too. Everyone in the place felt His presence.
I want to tell you all that I am not any kind of super evangelist street preacher. In fact I have gone out “witnessing” before and I absolutely hated it. I have given money to unfortunate people out in the streets and prayed for them and nothing happened (at that time anyways). This was completely set up by the Lord. IT WAS A DIVINE APPOINTMENT! 
The only thing that I did was allow the Holy Spirit to use me and speak through me. 
He did everything else!
Then the Lord spoke this to me and the church:
“I want My people to pray to Me every day to set up divine appointments in which I will pick the time and the location of. I will do the work, all you have to be is willing and obedient to Me. You will open your mouths and I will give you the perfect words to say from My heart that will melt the hardness of the hearts of those that I lead you to. My Spirit will do the work and you will be the conduit that I use to direct My Spirit upon those of My choosing, because I know who will be mine. 
My children, this is how the last harvest will be reaped, it will be totally led by My Spirit. You will not be going to those that have had a “good” life here on earth.
The rich important men of this earth shall be caught up into the system of their father, Satan and they will be bound in chains and thrown into the lake of fire because they did not repent.
You will be going to those whose hearts will be softened and even crushed. In humbleness they will come to Me and I will show them who I AM!
When the “kickoff event” takes place the people around you will be in need of answers and
desperate for hope and love.  You will be the ones to give them what they need. It is at this time you will begin to hear My voice more clearly than ever before, if you have been seeking Me with all of your heart and have your sins covered by My shed blood. If they are in need of healing you will heal them. If they are in need of food you will feed them. If they are in need of miracles you will perform them. If they are need of a savior you will lead them to Me. You are My remnant, My disciples, My friends, My children, My
overcomers, My brothers and sisters, MY BRIDE!

I will warn you though, after the event the oppression and persecution will increase greatly and many who did not know Me intimately enough will turn their backs on you and Me. This falling away shall occur to make room for all of those you will bring into the kingdom and they will be our guests at the marriage and supper of the Lamb. There shall be many that thought they knew Me and it will be revealed when they follow the one who says he is the messiah, the savior of the world, the one who will unite the whole world against Me. I will destroy him by the breath of My mouth and by the brightness of My glory. For sin cannot stand in the fullness of My presence.

My beloveds, draw close to Me now and be filled to overflowing by the Holy Spirit, the same Spirit that raised Me from the dead. This is how you will walk in the Spirit and not satisfy the lusts of the flesh. This is how you will hear Me and obey what I am saying. You will lead many to Me and your reward is beyond what you have seen in the movies or read about in books or even dreamt about because it has not been revealed yet. It is absolutely glorious!

You are the last generation and the last shall be first!
It’s all about to unfold now! 
Remain in Me and step out in faith when I speak to you!
Jesus Christ 
Yahushua Hamashiach”
May the blessings of the Lord’s Spirit of love and peace overwhelm you all!

Jeff Byerly

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  1. I have witnessed this one time before very recently. In a conversation I had with an Older gentleman in His 90's still clear as a Bell that has had God talking to him his whole life and most importantly he listening!.

    I was Going deep into all sorts of prophecy and the End Of Days. Then this third person joined us that have shown clearly no interest before of talking about Jesus. He slowly was – by God – Pulled into our Discussion and finally admitted that He had experienced a miracle some 60+ years ago when He Crashed with His Motorcycle at 17! Time stopped and he could count all details in the road and something took over mind and body and "instructed" him exactly what to do to save him. He ended up walking away without serious injuries, in fact not injured at all! I sensed God over the table especially since I did the mistake of ignoring this "grumpy" man at first. Then Holy Spirit Took over and steered His Mind. I immediately after tried to steer Him through Repentance to Jesus but he clearly was not receptive enough (he does not visit church or read the Bible). But the Holy Spirit had planted a seed. Also Holy Spirit led me to write this about the Pillars Of Glory. Two pillars of His Glory against one grumpy man.

    The Divine encounters are Everywhere. If only people was broken enough and humbled by life…

  2. A close friend has been praying for our upcoming trip to Scotland and God's divine appointments for us there! Praying that we will step forward and walk in obedience. Thank you for sharing! Your faith journey is a blessing to us all!

  3. I KNOW without doubt that the Holy Spirit Glory was on you. I read your piece that the Holy Spirit showed you about prayers in the spiritual. This is what happened she was drawn into your "prayed up" pillar of Holy Spirit Light. Then Jesus Took over. Of course if Two or more persons witness the Glory Will be increased as the Power of Witnessing and overcoming the Lost Souls Will Be! Our Faith is the Fuel of Salvation. And Jesus is a Consuming Fire of Love.

  4. Brother Jeff, What the Lord told you here about how He would use us in the end time harvest is exactly what the Lord has shown me too. He also confirmed it with a powerful vision by Tommy Hicks in1961. There will not be any big name preachers, it will be done by His Bride ministering as Holy Spirit leads! God bless!

  5. Praise the Lord Nancy for what you are already doing for the Kingdom but EXPECT MORE! More love, more power, more clarity,more opportunities and more results!
    God Bless You!
    Love and peace

  6. Thank you so much Brother Jeff~ Thank you for sharing what the Holy Spirit has revealed to you about me and your unwavering obedience to Jesus/Abba Father. I am so excited I want to jump up and down. Glory be to God!! Amen!! HALLELUJAH such a time as this to be alive and I will keep pressing into Jesus and let the Holy Spirit guide me.

    Jesus make all of us mighty and men and women of valor. One day in the new Jerusalem we will never have to shed another tear. I am so thankful that our tears are not wasted on the world; but on lost souls and that it leads us to be on fire for the our Savior.

    God Bless you, love and peace always. Sister Sheri 🙂

  7. That is amazing Jeff! No better way to start your morning. We have a ministry here through our Baptist association called Threshold Ministries with a food bank and thrift store. This has motivated me to go and help out more. I have been before taking food items when they are there handing out things and it is a blessing to just see their faces when they come in there. A quick story: last winter I starting taking cereal and oatmeal cause they didn't have any, and afterwards I went to do my shopping and had written down a specific message I was going to put up on the church sign board. As I was checking out, I felt the spirit lift my eyes to that message I had written down on my pad like a flash of lightning and He told 'me' to 'expect the unexpected'. In other words because of giving He was telling me to 'expect the unexpected' in my situation that I have been praying about. It was amazing!

  8. Sherri, You brought tears to my eyes as I read this. You are already being used of the Lord. You bless me so much with everyone of your comments and I know that you have a heart full of love for the lost, hurting, hungry, needy, destitute and dying.
    The Lord is gonna use you so much in the coming days that I were able to tell you you would not even believe me! That is what the Holy Spirit just told me to write you! Glory to God!HALLELUJAH!
    Pray daily for divine appointments, step out in faith, reach out in love and He will not your foot slip.
    Blessings, love and peace my dear sister!

  9. Big Sis, I prophesy this day that you will indeed be a shining light in your neighborhood and you will help those who are without food and water. Be prepared in the natural and in the spiritual and you will be used more that you ever imagined!Your reward shall be great!
    Glory to God! Thank you Jesus!

  10. When you talk to people about Jesus The Holy is speaking through you. He doesn't take control of you and posses you like the Devil does when he possesses someone but the words flow out and you cannot believe what you just said because it wasn't you.
    Hope that helps!
    God bless you Brother!

  11. I know I am one of the many that needed this. I have prayed to be a Goshen house, but even whilevtyping this have felt lead to pray harder for my neighbors to be receptive and open to Christ when this all hits. Thank you so much for your testimony.

  12. Thank you King Yeshua…thanks brother Jeff…I bring the Word to customers at work daily,but still not 'picking up the signal' of the Lords voice yet…pressing in with faith though and standing on his Word…Jer29:13And ye shall seek me,and find me ,when ye shall search for me with all your heart.God bless you and family brother

  13. WOW WOW WOW, Amazing and this pulled at my heartstrings tonight.. tears are flowing as I read this amazing DIVINE APPOINTMENT. I could hear the Holy Spirit saying see what just happened to Brother Jeff, my beloved I have been using you for the lost, the broken, the poor to witness to as well. It is so true the Holy Spirit told me recently that I would be helping the down and out and not the rich who like you said are following their Father the Devil. Amazing, you share something from the Holy Spirit and it validates what has been happening to me recently. Thank you Jesus this was so timely the exact details. Wow, I could relate to the homeless man that I spoke of named "Allen" that I have been praying over and bringing food to as well. I have been purchasing cases of Bibles from the dollar store and my next task is to bring him Bibles to give out/assist with this his passion that he told me about and we prayed to Jesus for him to reach out to other homeless men/women and to spread the Word of God while there is time.

    When I see him every other week… he stays at the same corner near a gas station and I always say to him when I see him… Our King is coming and he lights up and says I know. 🙂 But, he the he mentions the nuclear war is coming and I say I know (then I am reminded time is short)… the Lord is preparing us… I tell him in response.

    Brother Jeff thank you tremendously for sharing your testimony and God is using you in a mighty/powerful, and wonderful way. He has great work in store for you and his remnant. This is just the beginning. Like you, I am not into street witnessing. But, the Lord has had me give Bibles out to cashiers, homeless, etc at gas stations, and having me get bolder and more confident as I hear the Holy Spirit lead me to pray over them and then give them money and food.
    Funny, I come home and my husband will say the Lord is always using you to spread his love and Word with the poor at gas stations? I say yes, and I am just being obedient. We smile and wonder where the Lord will lead me to… next? Either on my way home from work or running errands. Thank you Abba Father this is exactly what I needed to hear tonight. Thank you for all the details and may the Warrior Angels, Ministering Angels, Guardian Angels and Protection Angels surround you daily Brother Jeff. Glory be to the lamb of God. The Holy Spirit is preparing you for great and mighty works in Jesus Name. God Bless, love, peace, and blessings always to you my Brother in Christ. Sister Sheri 🙂

  14. My brother M! So glad to hear from you!
    Thank you for you love and prayers and I send them back to you as well.
    The time has never been sooner than the time we are in right now!

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