Barack Obama will be Worshipped as God, for the God of this World Shall Possess Him


I have yet another warning for My people this day.
As the time of preparation for My return nears its end, I have a question for all of you.
Are You ready?
This is a question that you must ask yourself because the days that are before you shall be very difficult even for those that are full of My Spirit. For those that are without My Spirit the coming days will be impossible, for hell is coming to earth, but also the latter rain outpouring of My Spirit.
My remnant bride will arise and shine when they are transformed into My likeness and the enemy will not be able to touch you in any way at all. Before this though you will have to walk through a short time of darkness in your mortal bodies by faith. It will be very dark, destruction shall be all around you, you will see many things that you never thought you would have to. Many will fall away because they believe the doctrines of demons and men that said that they would not have to suffer through this time.
The time that I speak of is the time after the “kick off event” but before the transformation of My remnant bride. As I have said to you before during this time you will begin to hear My voice more clearly and many miracles with take place but you will not be fully transformed into an immortal body just yet, but the measure of My Spirit will be increased if you are dwelling in the secret place in holiness and humbleness.
It is during this time that Barack Hussein Obama will rise back to power and as I have told you before he will become the final anti-Christ. If you look closely at some of your media sources who report  at least some truth you can see that he has never really gone away and that he is planning his
return. He is working his evil plan behind the scenes to remove Donald Trump as the president of America and he will succeed after the false flag event that they have planned.
After this takes place life as you know it will not exist and events will happen so fast that you will not be able to believe it, but I am telling you now that it is so. The economy will be the first thing to fall after this “false flag kickoff event” and then war will hit all of the world. Civil war will ensue in America as well as natural disasters and invasions from all sides.
America will be destroyed for she is Babylon the great.
Then the fallen ones shall enter center stage and Obama will be the liaison between them and the people and the mark of the beast shall be implemented. He will lead them because he is one of them.
Barack Obama will come out looking like a hero and he will be even more popular than he is now. The whole world will wonder after the beast and Barack Obama will be worshipped as god, for the god of this world shall possess him. No one who is merely a mortal man would be able to contain Satan’s spirit. Barack is the one who he has chosen and he will be obedient to him. No one will be able to buy sell or trade except they have his mark which is a computer chip and tattoo, stamp or mark that can be seen readily on the outside of the body either on the right hand or the forehead, which ever is more readily accepted by the culture in which this is implemented.
I will also mark My own and My manifest children shall trample serpents, scorpions and the most hideous beings that you have ever imagined, by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony and by loving this life not unto death.
My own and I shall be victorious!
I AM the King of kings and Lord of lords who was and is and is to come!


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  1. Thank you Brother Jeff~ Praise the Lord! That is so amazing I just love to hear the anointing that came over you. Amen, the Lord is using you in such a mighty way and he will continue; until his second coming. I can't thank you enough for exposing the truth no matter what it takes. I am also, thankful we have this platform to be bold and speak out what the Holy Spirit has been showing each of us. Like you, I fear God ;not man!!! May our vessels be used to expose the Kingdom of Darkness for his Glory always.

    I can tell you that I have been sharing these topics at my church as well . It is hard to hold back but me and my husband are trying not to download everything all at once to these people at our church. We have been trying to slowly feed them on the end times stuff; a little at a time. It is hard because of the urgency and hour that we are in to try to keep from overwhelming them with all of the knowledge the Lord has given us.
    But, God is showing us how to give them little pieces at a time. I know that my Bible study group (except for one person) thought I was crazy a few months ago when I told them that Obama is the AC and they all looked at me dumbfounded except one man spoke us and said that he agreed with me. I figure call me Crazy for Jesus. I know that most people at my church consider me crazy; but I speak to whomever will listen.
    The people at the Bible study group are pretty quiet but I am an extrovert ;so I tend to blurt out what the Holy Spirit has been showing me. LOL I figure I have been planting seeds. Thank you so much and May the Lord always shine his face upon you; my blessed brother in Christ. Thank you Jesus and Jeff for this platform to keep the truth at the forefront while the world is getting darker… may we only get brighter for the Glory of God. May Mighty Warrior Angels surround all of us with their swords drawn. Love, peace, blessings always Sister Sheri. 🙂

  2. Thank you Greg~ So, true they are lacking discernment. Yes, people get do get mad at the truth. The enemy would rather have Christians in the dark and not exposing the truth. May God's Saints/Elect/Remnant continue to shine the light on the darkness; while there is still time. May you have a blessed and wonderful day! May the Lord shine his face upon you always.

  3. Hello! I have seen your movie and read message This is good that you give to people information. It is interesting, but why Obama is very old, Antihrist must be from age 33 – 40 years maximum. Also why in the end of message is written signature "Moshiah"? Moshiah in Jewish book Torra it is Antihrist! And God he will not come in body inside like before 2000 years ago, but only sky like spirite. Is it right or not?? Indepedent

  4. Folks, I'm over here in the country formerly known as Great Britain but since we turned our backs on the Lord we're just Britain, nothing great about us except our chip shops. Anyway, I know Obama is a dodgepot and an enemy of the US, its plain to see if you have brains but not being an expert in these matters I always thought the A/C would come from within the old Roman Empire and this geezer comes from Kenya, any thoughts?

  5. I believe the mark of the beast comes at the point when the anti-Christ comes into power through chaos and the believers will be removed into the wilderness according to Rev. 12:14-17 . Like Moses ( a type of Christ ) we are to forsake the pleasure of satan's kingdom for a season Heb.11:24-29 and more aptly like our Lord Jesus Christ rejected the offer of satan in the wilderness Matt. 4 we are to reject whatever satan offers through the anti-Christ which will in turn lead to our removal through death(matyrdom); angelic ministration : rare spiritual gifts;translation etc.Our goal is to stay faithful draw closer to God and patiently run our race and finish our course. There will also be messengers(2 witnesses) to help those who are still in the valley of decision. This messengers will preach a message of repentance with power and mighty signs.Rev. 11:1-11

  6. Dawnette thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. I may be a Joshua with the Holy Spirit but I am nothing with without Him and I think that's exactly what he wants.
    Love and Peace to you my dear sister!

  7. Ken this was given in Sept 2016…. This Message is from the GREAT I AM! Ruler over all peoples, nations, tongues, and I AM SOVEREIGN! I AM Merciful and I AM Compassionate. I AM sending My Scribe to compose this critical Message. I AM serving you a reminder, Barack Hussein Obama; I AM has given you your boundaries. You shall not step a toe past them. You know WHO I AM! I have complete and utter control over your father the devil, and I have complete and utter control over you. Barack, do you think you can honestly contest with ME? The ONE WHO created this very universe in and out of time existing? Your fate, which is eternal, is set to MY SEAL, MY WORD, which is MY SON YESHUA, WHO loves you Barack, for you are God’s Very Creation. But you are of satan, the father of lies and a murderer. You know you will not be able to do as you please with MY CHILDREN! Let FATHER OF ALL THINGS, beings, demons, entities, all things great, all things small, Creator of the evil and the good; I shall remind you, that I, GOD ETERNAL will thwart some of your underhanded and vicious plans towards those who belong to MY SON YESHUA! MY SAINTS will cling to MY SON, no matter what you may do to them! MY SON defeated your lying and putrid father and all the army with him! DO NOT FORGET THIS!!! GOD, LIVING AND BREATHING; GIVER OF LIFE more abundantly could take your life forever, you are aware of this; before your appointed time in MY LAKE OF FIRE! You won’t have very long to be unleashed, and I will keep you on a very short time constraint; for MY WORD says I will shorten the days for the sake of MY ELECT! You shall break the backs of your constituents; yes, you shall, for you are MY FIERY JUDGMENT against a world who has forgotten WHO I AM! But you and your father satan hath not forgotten, and you fear MY NAME JEHOVAH YAHWEH! You shall not enjoy this time Barack; for you will feel MY GREAT DISPLEASURE AND JUDGMENT UPON YOU! Your time of unraveling has begun! It is allowed, for MY WRATH will not be quenched until all is fulfilled. Remember Barack, MY SON YESHUA; for you cower at HIS VERY NAME!!! THE GREAT I AM has given you your boundaries! I AM has spoken to you, son of perdition; the lawless one written of in MY WORD to wear out the Saints for just a little time! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

    Transcript taken from

  8. Thank you, brother Jeff, Brain, and Greg for the timely responses 🙂

    Jeff, Linda Hasche, Julie Whedebee, and Glynda Lomax are my "core 4" when it comes brethren whom I believe receive legit words from God (and all glory to Him!). The Lord, certainly, seems to "time" His words amongst you all — and these have been a blessing to read.

  9. Sherri thank you so much for sharing that dream!
    I really appreciate everything you add to all of the messages the Lord gives me. Last night's show was really something special and supernatural! I could not believe that Sister Barbara from Godshealer7 got a message about Obama being the AC on the same day! Of course it was not the first time for me March 10th was but it was the first for Barbara.
    Anyways that was the most anointing I have felt during a show ever! I wish it could have been in my church but they would probably throw me out for saying the things I said last night…well maybe not but they couldn't handle it that's for sure. I believe there are a lot of real Jesus loving Christians there but they don't get the end times stuff at all. Sigh just like most churches…at least the church I go to shows people real love, most dont do that. Anyways I know that when all of this goes down I will be used mightily to get these brothers and sisters up to speed cuz most think I'm nuts right now.

    Love peace and blessings always Sister Sherri!

  10. My brother Jeff do you think that the barley will be here to witness all this or will it be the wheat and the tares?

  11. Ken. You're funny bro. :-). Jeff, what a bold blessing you are to us! Again, stay strong and courageous in The RUACH!!!! You are a Joshua of today.
    Blessings on you and Shalom:-)

  12. Juliana I am not really sure about that. I know the worst of it will be after the rapture but I am not going to say we will not see the Mark of the Beast first. If anyone would like to voice their opinion please do.

  13. Thanks Jeff for your obedience. Its nice to put a voice to a name and face 🙂 . Love you in Christ my brother!!!!

  14. Thank you Ken it seems a hornets nest has been stirred against me and Godshealer7. So I opened up a can of Holy Ghost Hornet spray containing the blood of Jesus! Glory to God!

  15. I totally agree with Brian. The world is going to get the full version of him, but keep in mind what was just revealed to Jeff. It will not be 100% him, as satan will be the driving force behind him.

  16. Sheri – It is because of "so called" Christians, that we ended up with obama in the first place. He couldn't have been elected not once, but twice except by some Christians voting for him. Those people may or may not be true believers, but the don't have spiritual decernment. Their anger may be from the fact that deep inside the know the truth.

  17. I need to clarify something I just said. Just because the Lord hadn't previously revealed to some of you, that obama was the anti-christ doesn't mean you aren't spiritual. It just means that God reveals to different people at different times, different things. I receive far less revelations from The Lord that many others do, but I just don't compare myself to others. I am who I am by the grace of God and I get what He chooses to give me.

  18. Yes, Jeff, I have known for many years that obama is the son of perdition. He is a true son of satan because he came to America to kill and destroy. I told my wife, I'm sure by the Holy Spirit, on the day he was first elected, "He's out to destroy America." Even after he left office, I have kept telling my family that he was coming back (into power). At this late hour, Christians and others who believe that there will be a final anti-christ, continue to look for him. First it's one guy and then another. People can't see the truth that is right before their eyes because it's spiritually decerned. One more thing, the judgments we are about to go through are God showing His mercy to the world. Judgment gives us a chance to repent. After judgment comes His wrath and THAT is what He has promised to spare His children from (by the rapture), but not from judgment (our last chance to repent and change our ways).

  19. Thank you Bro. Jeff for declaring God's word fearlessly. Because of your prophetic words I am more prepared. Many people do not want to believe. Your words are coming thick and fast. I feel that the ''kick-off'' event is very close.

    God bless you. I hope all of us in this website will be raptured.

    Love and peace in Jesus,

  20. Also go on wings of prophecy Facebook page , her granddaughter had a vision , a must read , her name is marcayla Noelle, def worth trying to find it !

  21. 3 ref posts from wings of prophecy titled , darkness comes quickly , destruction unleashed and one a couple of weeks ago titled called forth ! All very relevant and a few months ago read s book by Michael lake called the shinar directive preparing the way for the son of perdition! said before , but it's a BRILL BOOK ! If you pre know how and what these events are , it will Much easier to deal with , we are children of light. I spent half a day a few years ago listening to abba father despite all my flaws ( are we lucky Jesus sat with sinners ) and the last couple of years people are posting the same things , so I know what's true , these pre planned events ARE coming ! But the best book I've ever read that has lined up with the revelation I've had is the one I've just mentioned! GREAT READ

  22. I will attempt to answer your question using this analogy: could the disciples have prayed that Judas Iscariot emerge as possessed only 75% and not 100%; likewise not one jot or title of the word of God will go without being fulfilled.

  23. Serious question — please answer through someone, Lord.

    Through intense spiritual warfare prayer, can we unleash as much punishment upon Barack Obama as the Lord will permit, until his reemergence?

    …to put another way: could the warfare prayers of the saints prevent a "100% Barack Obama" from emerging; and instead, cause a "75" Barack Obama" to emerge, instead?

    Grace and peace to you and yours, brother Jeff.

  24. Thank you Brother Jeff~

    Outstanding and spirit filled show tonight with Johnny Baptist. Tears on my way home to work and thank you for hearing from Abba Father/Jesus tonight.

    Thank you for sharing and the validations again about Obama being the Final Antichrist. I got chills knowing what I heard tonight confirmed my dream about Obama in February 2017 that he started Martial law etc.

    Brother Jeff, not sure if I posted this before on your blog. I was hearing from the prophetic community for several years now that Obama was the Antichrist. I went to the Lord in prayer and I said please let me know if this is true… since I have been watching the current event and studying the Bible with due diligence. The Lord reminded me of a dream that I had one year ago (back in 2016) where I was confronting what I thought at that time to be the Antichrist and saving people from him in a cave and then running back up to him with confrontation and saving more people. The next day after that the Lord led me to a YouTube video and it was supposed to be the Antichrist and explained how much Satan hated us, etc. Well the picture in the YouTube was the same man in my dream this was very horrific and I sent it to family and friends. But, after that dream came and went, I passionately wanted to know in real life who was the Antichrist? Not a YouTube video of the man in my dream that I was confronting but the real live version.

    Well, the Lord answered my prayer in a dream that I had on February 26, 2017. In the dream the Lord showed me that it was Obama. In the dream I went straight up to Obama and confronted him; I told him very boldly by myself face-to-face with him that he was hiding something. I told him that I caught him red handed and then I told him that he has been exposed and I knew about his plan for Martial Law. He looked at me very shocked and angry and then walked away from me. After this dream I wrote it down and did not think much more about it. I figured the Lord will show me again for validation and confirmation someday in the near future.

    Then, you posted your testimony on the Holy Spirit Wind Blog on 3-6-17-3-10-17 " Hope and the Final Antichrist." It was here that I started crying after I read your testimony at a Burger King and pulled up my log on dreams and knew the Holy Spirit was validating this thru through your testimony. Now, you posted this.

    I just love how the Lord gives us confirmation and how the body of Christ comes together to show the truth to whomever will listen. God Bless you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I have seen the anger of the enemy rise up in people when I share this with them and it is an animosity and anger that I have never seen before; even so called Christians have shaken their fists with such anger and tell me that it can't be. I know the enemy fights the hardest when you are exposing the truth. Praise You Jesus and thank you Brother Jeff for sharing this testimony with us. What a blessing. Love and Peace to you. We have a lot of work to do and saving souls for your wonder King of Kings Jesus Christ.

    Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus for Brother Jeff!
    Jesus prepare us mentally, physically and spiritually for what is ahead of us and amen we will not fall away but the Lord will make us valor. So much more to come our way Brother Jeff, Healing the broken hearted, healing the sick, setting the captives free and raising the dead.

    I have felt the destruction coming.

    Big hugs love peace and blessings…Your Sister in Christ Sheri

    May the Warrior Angels, ministering Angels, healing Angels, and Guardian Angels surround you with their swords drawn and a Job 1:10 hedge of protection around you and your family.

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