The Revival that is Coming is Actually a Reformation into what I Intended the Church to be in the Beginning!

Received 6-23 through 7-1-17

I hear many of My people crying out as never before for revival. 
I want to tell you, My beloveds, that it is not coming the way most of My body thinks. I will not use the church as it now is, for the foundation is crumbling and it will not withstand the shaking and floods. The revival that is coming is actually a reformation into what I intended the church to be in the beginning! It will not be like the reformation in times past led by Martin Luther it will be completely led by My Holy Spirit!
In the 500 years since the reformation, little has changed. Now it ALL will change!
The former rain is coming but also the later rain in the same month! A flood of My Spirit will be poured out upon all flesh. It is yet another way that the times in which you live is like that of Noah. All of the religious buildings and institutions that are not on the ark shall be swept away and destroyed. My remnant bride, while in the ark, will rise up and float upon the Spirit’s floods and even call all those who listen, into safety, but those who do not hearken and come in the ark; who is I Jesus, shall perish in their sins. 
It will be nothing like what you or anyone else has ever seen on this earth, for all the power of My Spirit shall be poured out and it will shake the foundations of the heavens and the earth. All that has not been built upon Me, the mighty immovable rock of your salvation, will be moved. That which is in the Spirit precedes that which is in this physical realm and thus, the shaking of My church is beginning.
Now, I speak to the ones that are not operating under the leading of My Spirit and to the ones who once were but have taken the lead away from Me and have gone a different way. Most of those who are holding high positions in My church treat it as it is their church, to do as they please. They seek the expansion of their own kingdoms. These ones ignore My pleas for them to change their ways and follow My narrow path in humbleness and being led by My Spirit. The anointing shall leave those who do not teach and preach living in holiness, righteousness and repentance before a Holy God. My Spirit is now withdrawing from those who have grieved Me time and time again. As I have said in My word, the gifts of God are without repentance but I will not allow those who move in the flesh to have My anointing anymore. These leaders will now be left desolate because of their disobedience. “Ichabod” shall be written above the doors of their churches and their dwelling places, for My Spirit is departing. Sadly, most of these will not even notice that My Spirit is no longer with them.
My grace for the salvation of sinners will be unto the very end of this age and all who call upon the name of Jesus shall be saved. At the same time though, My tolerance for hypocrites who call themselves by My name but do not yield to My Spirit in 100% surrender, is decreasing at a rapid pace.
These men have led My sheep astray and I am putting a stop to it. They have not warned My flock of the danger that is lurking right around the corner and of the dark times that they are in. This is because they themselves have been blinded and deafened by the strong drink that the world has offered them. Those who are intoxicated can only be awakened by a strong jolt, because all of My warnings to them have gone unheeded. As the end time events unfold some will sober up and these will be guided by My remnant bride, who accept their new positions, into repentance and salvation.
It is not for My beloved remnant bride to judge the hearts of these men but to fill the gaps that they have left.
My Beloved remnant bride, your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be one of reconciliation not of condemnation.
Will you be the ones who will stand in the gap so that I may show mercy in My judgments?
Will you be the ones to go with Me and help Me seek and save that which was lost?
I pray your answer is yes!
It will by the power of My Spirit, that you will go out and they shall see My Spirit upon you.
I will protect you as you are reaping My harvest and you shall be greatly rewarded.
My angels and I shall accompany you for the harvest is great and the workers are few.
In My Father’s kingdom the humble servant of all is the King of kings and Lord of lords.
Will you not humble yourselves and be like Me?
Until now I have left the wheat and the tares to grow together because their roots are tangled together and the wheat would be uprooted if the tares were pulled out too soon. I have waited until just before the harvest of the wheat into My barn to do this so that the wheat could ripen in the heat of sun.
(This speaks of trials and persecution) The tares stand tall and proud even in harvest time but the wheat bows its head and by this I know that it is ready for harvest.
Keep on pressing into Me, praying and interceding for the lost across the world.
None shall be saved without prayer.
Jesus Christ

Yahusha Hamashiach

38 thoughts on “The Revival that is Coming is Actually a Reformation into what I Intended the Church to be in the Beginning!”

  1. HSW, there is a typo and I need to know what it is supposed to be so that I can make a video. please email me

    That which is in the Spirit precedes that which is in this physical realm and thus, the shaking of My church of is beginning.

    … of is beginning

    please help,

  2. Michael, I thank God for you!
    Thank God for opening many more of His children's eyes to the things that you have mentioned.This stuff is real and EVERYTHING FOR ALL ETERNITY IS ON THE LINE!
    Love and peace to you

  3. To Brother Jeff and others,
    I don't mean to sound funny or nothing, but I just thank God for you all, sisters and brothers, because it's not a coincidence I'm hearing/have been hearing all these things about signs in the sun and moon, fallen angels/Nephilim/demonic entities walking on Earth, gates of hell opening, the Beast/final AntiChrist (Obama), Donald Trump working with the elite, prophecies bout America, DNA transformation, the "GOD" particle from the LORD (from God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost)etc., etc.! Man, y'all just tell it like it is. Everything is on the line here! I thank God for that. Plus I'm always excited about this stuff because I believe it and I know its true.

  4. To subscribe to this blog you must be viewing the web version not the mobile version. Over in the right column that is a place to subscribe.
    Glad to hear that the Holy Spirit sent you here! HALLELUJAH!
    God Bless You!
    Love and Peace to you Sherry

  5. How do I follow your posts? I just stumbled across this, but I know the Holy Spirit lead me here.
    I was very moved by what the Holy Spirit gave to you. I'm looking forward to reading more.
    Writings as such are one example of what we need to keep our fire burning for God's kingdom. Big hugs to you and I bless you with protection always.

  6. Brother Rick it is perfectly fine what you did! I welcome everyone in the body of Christ to express themselves in the comments of this blog.
    I have been talking with another brother about the question of be a friend of God and we decided that unless you are against God you are for Him and thus His friend.
    Here are the different groups we came up with and I do not limit to only these. Sure.The groups are simply a) Bride, b) Guests, c) outer darkness, d) tribulation saints, and e) non qualifiers or unrepentant

  7. Amen Rebecca!
    The Father is revealing many confirming message through many of His prophetic voices right now. I praise Jesus that He has chosen us all to be proclaiming His coming and His kingdom at the end of this age!
    Love and Peace sister!

  8. Hi Brother Greg,
    What a beautiful testimony. Thank you for sharing and how precious Jesus is and knowing he sent us here for our earthly mission. I have always thought like in Jeremiah 1:5 (KJV)
    Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. Amazing that he knew us before we were born and yes we are definitely on a our Great commision /mission to save souls. Once again, how wonderful. I read over Psalm 139. God Bless you in Jesus Name. Sister Sheri 🙂

  9. OH WOW…!!! Dear Jeff, So Pleased to read this Wonderful message from Our Dear Lord Jesus Christ. I have been hoping that others would be soon posting similar messages to what Dear Erin Aleshire has been posting at Sparrowcloud9. This confirms just how close we are to this time…! YAY…!
    GOD Bless You XXX

  10. This morning, as I was awakening, Abba Father spoke. I heard these words, "Restore them!" Pause…., "Restore them to Jesus!" Pause…,"Restore them to Jesus as they were before they were in their mothers womb!" For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
    My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. Psalm 139. This message, I understood to mean, that we ALL knew and trusted Jesus, before we were sent to this earth on our earthly mission. We all have a mission to accomplish, yet so very few of us accomplish it. We ALL, the redeemed and the wicked, trusted Jesus before being birthed on this earth. The final harvest is upon us and we are to restore the lost BACK to the faith and trust we ALL had in Jesus before we were knitted in our mother's womb.

  11. My wonderful Brother in Christ, thank you for your never wavering, wonderful love and encouragement that you have always shown towards me as well. I am so thankful for your obedience and love that is outpoured (upon this blog) to each vessel of God that writes to you. What a blessing to see such Godly correspondence each time you submit a blog. Thank you for being a mighty man of valor. Praise the Lord and may the arms of Jesus be wrapped around you and all those that the Lord sends your way. Love, blessings, and peace always.

  12. Hi Brother Jeff~ I just read your blog again and it brought to remembrance the importance of intercessors (as you mentioned above). I have been listening to a new CD in the car on my way to work. It teaches you how to do intercessory prayers for family members and others before the courtroom /Throne Room of Heaven. My co-worker introduced me to this and very helpful so, I bought the CD. Here is the link on Amazon for anyone interested. Title, "From The Courtroom Of Heaven To The Throne Of Grace And Mercy" CD Audio CD – Audiobook, 2011 by Jeanette Strauss (Author)

    Peace and Love Brother Jeff- Sister Sheri 🙂

  13. SherrI, my sister thank you aas always for your wonderful love and encouragement. I can feel the love of Jesus that is in you in every reply that you make. I know that the Lord shall use you mightily in the days to come!
    Blessings, love and peace to you once again sister.

  14. Thank you brother Rick.
    I am wearing a darker gray T-shirt with the words "Just say Jesus" on it.LOL I have not worn a tie since I stopped being religious and got real with my relationship with Jesus. I used to wear them every Sunday though! I became one of those religious Pharisee's that you grew up with but thank the Lord for His warnings and persistence! He made me see what a wretch I had become and warned me that the time of the Gentiles was coming to an end. It was this that drove me to seek to know Him with everything that is within me. It humbles me to this day that the Lord has chosen to use me as He does. He is revealing the final mysteries, those that have been sealed until now. I just pray that I can encourage some of His children to seek Him as I do everyday and to know Him intimately.
    I Love you too Rick
    Cant wait to meet you!
    Love and peace bro

  15. Dear Brother Jeff- Please forgive me, Brother, if I spoke out of turn or presumptuously in answering the above question. I help answer questions at another site and am used to jumping on questions without expecting to be in anyone's way. I'm sorry if I intruded without thinking twice. rick

  16. Rick thank you for that awesome Holy Spirit filled response. I read Firestorm's question earlier and I could not have answered it any better myself!
    Love and peace to you both!

  17. Dear Brother Jeff- Ever since I first saw your picture with that common gray t-shirt, I knew I would love you! I wear a gray t-shirt too, like yours, on purpose, so as not to attract attention to myself, and to remind me that I am a plain, lowly, humble servant of God. I grew up in a 'shirt n tie' religious atmosphere, but have since done everything I can to leave it all behind, including wearing gray t-shirts! (HA!) I like to fly in the face of the religious mind set of men, and so I can truthfully say- I love your shirt & your style! I'm very blessed by the deeper Words you have consistently posted and I do also confirm & witness in my own spirit that your Word posts, tho they may sound strange to some ears, are EXACTLY TRUE and right-on! If they sound unusual to some ears, it is because they are of the deeper Word and revelation of God, not commonly heard today.
    I wanted to also draw attention here to a very profound part of your Word that helps clear up a lot of confusion lately among the members of the Body. The Lord has been warning lately about pulling His gifts from certain ministers, and there have been many to rise up and say- “Oh, that’s not biblical, so it can’t be true!” I admonish everyone to take a closer look at what the Lord says here, that He may not repent for the gift given, but it will have no power when He pulls His Spirit anointing! If someone gives you a new tool for Christmas but they pull the batteries out of it, you can keep the tool, but it won’t run! I love you, and your humble courage, Jeff!! God bless you, Brother! rick

  18. Brother Rick thank you so much you are ver much loved and appreciated my BROTHER. You guys are on my daily prayer list. Thank you for all your guidance. Im all ears if the Lord speaks a word for me through you guys. Love you in Christ

  19. Dear Friend, Firestorm- Your question of deeper spiritual meaning excited me, for there is more to that verse in John 3:29 than meets the common eye, but we only know this by deeper revelation. John may well have been speaking of his own JOY being fulfilled by His physical hearing of the voice of Jesus, as His Friend, (remember that the baby John jumped in Elizabeth's womb when Mary came near with Jesus in her womb) but please also consider the following for a moment. Jesus has led a few of us in recent years to ask and pray that He will bring many more thousands of 'friends of the Bridegroom' to the Grand Heavenly Wedding Celebration, a one time historical event in all of Heaven! So there will be a crowd of witnesses to the Wedding, a group of thousands of people who aren't yet prepared to be the Bride, but are 'Friends of the Bridegroom', that will be drafted into heavenly places for this Grand event. Consider the 'firestorm' that will be kindled in the hearts of many of these who stand to hear the Groom's Voice at the Wedding!? Consider how all of these visitors to the Wedding Feast will be stirred up and 'set on fire' to witness for Jesus when they return back to earth after the Wedding!? You can bet that every one of those 'visitor Friends' we asked for will come back with a brand new outlook! rick

  20. Brother Eduardo- I'm so excited to hear this more personal Word for you!!! I have loved your humble spirit since I first met you, and thank God continually for you, still asking Him daily to draw your wife and your parents closer to Him, too! Be encouraged here, Bro, for this man is speaking the Truth of God, a very unpopular path that he has taken here before men, but not in Heavenly places. Love you, Bro! rick

  21. Praise the Lord Brother Jeff~ Always perfect timing with your messages. I am jumping up and down with joy but humble for the work is plenty. Prepare each of us Jesus keep us on the narrow path. Prepare each one us mentally, physically, and spiritually. Oh Holy Spirit let us hear what the Spirit has to say to each one of us to prepare us for the tough road ahead. May we find our rest in you and only you. We see the battle is raging in the Spiritual realm. Jesus we can't thank you enough for speaking through Brother Jeff. May Jesus keep teaching us how to hear the Holy Spirit with clarity and may we only follow his instructions hour by hour. My sheep hear my voice saith the Lord. Peace and Love to you always my wonderful Brother in Christ. Praying without ceasing for lost souls. Sister Sheri 🙂

  22. Thank you so much brother. I am in tears right now. I have been trying so hard so hear His voice for months. I think I just came into work to be able to read this post today. I love you in Christ. Please contact me via facebook since you are my friend on FB (Eduardo Casillas)if the Lord tells you anything else my brother or for any matter MY BROTHER. Love you in Christ.

  23. Ed, Thank you my brother!
    The Lord will use those who are willing and humble.
    He is telling me now that He wants to talk to you more directly.
    From His mouth to your ear. Be still before Him and you will hear what Holy Spirit is saying for you to do in your own life. His plans for you are so great that you would not believe me if I were to tell you right now. To know all the details you must listen to His soft whisper. Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” Whenever you turn to the right hand Or whenever you turn to the left.Isaiah 30:21
    Be obedient to the word of the Lord!
    Love and Peace brother

  24. Thank you my brother. I log on daily waiting for the Lord to give you a word. Love you in Christ. I pray that I the Lord uses me for I wanna be part of the help to save souls. Love you in Christ.

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