Received 6-2 through 6-13-17

Those who have ears to hear, eyes to see and hearts to receive this message will understand and know it is the truth. Those who have allowed themselves to be covered by the dark veil of evil deception will not for they love the lies more than the truth.

My beloved children, this is your Abba Father who speaks to you this day.
I see your longing to leave this earth and to dwell with Me where all is perfect and holy, where sin has never left its filthy stain. I long for you too and know exactly what all of you are feeling. I know all of you are tired of waiting, because My Spirit dwells within you and I feel every emotion that you have. I see your tears and collect them in a bottle and soon I shall pour them upon your dry and weary bones and they shall give you life. What has been sown in tears shall be reaped in joy!
I shall also pour out My anointing oil upon your head in abundance and it will drip down upon the face, then the neck and then all over the body even to the feet. It has been said “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, Who proclaims peace, Who brings glad tidings of good things, Who proclaims salvation, Who says to Zion, “Your God reigns!” Isaiah 52:7. And how will this peace come about? Will it be the peace of man that fades and withers? Shall it be the peace that the evil one offers, that is not peace but puts man at enmity to Me and chaos and destruction upon himself?
No, the peace you shall have is lasting and beyond all human reasoning, for it is not from man but it is from the Prince of peace and from the King of kings and Lord of lords. The peace I give you is not of this world, for this world will not have peace until My son reigns on His throne in Jerusalem and Our enemies subdued.
Any man or being who opposes Us will be cast down and utterly destroyed!
My words are sure and true!

Children, I know many of you just want to get on with the events that have been prophesied by My servants from years past all of the way up to today. I say to you, have patience while the last few of your brothers and sisters are being brought into My kingdom. Their eternity weighs in the balance. I ask you this, which one of your earthly brothers and sisters would you leave for dead and cast into the fire? Would you let your mother or father walk blindly off a cliff into a fiery abyss without warning them with urgency? Would you desire for your sons and daughters to burn in the lake of fire forever and ever? Your answer to all of these questions are no and thus are mine.

I know you hate the words “soon”, “very soon”, “at hand”, “quickly”, “shortly”, and even “now” in My messages to those who prophesy. I want you to know that I am not oblivious how you keep time for I am the one who made time in your realm and soon time will be no more. Extreme urgency must be felt by all of you at this time, because so many souls hang in the balance. In perspective of eternity 2000 years is “quick” and one day is a thousand years. You will see that time means nothing when you are on the other side.
Do not be like the prodigal’s brother or I will have to discipline you and it will not be pleasant. Even that I do out of My great love, for I will that none be lost or destroyed, even though most will choose it.
Would I be a good Father if I did not give this generation plenty of warnings?
I tell you this, they have been given more warnings than every other generation and they have also rejected My Spirit more than any other generation. Yet I give them up until the very last beat of their heart to choose Me and most do not. This is a mystery to some of you but believe in the fairness and justness of My judgment. Every heart is revealed who I AM as I have said in My word and though you live under a veil of forgetfulness of former things. My Spirit pierces through that veil if allowed and leaves if rejected.
The days of this age of grace are few and there will be a time that will be merging with the age of My kingdom on earth and these shall clash violently. There has never been a time on the earth like it and will never be again. You are at the end of the peace and safety in this world and some places are already seeing the chaos and destruction of the evil one. Watch and pray for those under this oppression of the enemy and you will find mercy from Me when it comes to your land and your family. No nation on this earth shall be spared My righteous judgments but My righteous remnant shall watch in amazement as I save them from the enemies plans against them. I look upon My sons and daughters with such love and you will do a greater work than your brother Jesus did, for He has come unto Me and the appointed days are at hand.

Call upon Me for strength and you shall have it!
Your every need shall be provided for, you need only believe and speak it forth, in the name of Jesus and you shall receive all that I will for you to have. Stay in intimate fellowship with Me through the Holy Spirit and cleanse yourself from every act of the flesh by the blood of the Lamb.
When you are free from sin this world has no hold on you for the chains, shackles and even the prison walls come down if you urgently cry out to Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach.
The captives are set free!

The warning time is ending, one second before the door closes is enough time to repent but one second after the door closes is too late.

With all My love,
Your Abba Father



  1. Sheri, I want to emphasize that the EMP story is a RUMOR. BUT it does explain, very well I might add, the USS Fitzgerald hitting a very large container ship. This just does not happen!
    I agree with your prayer for the crew and their families!
    Love and Peace my dear Sister!

  2. Hi Brother Jeff, Wow, no I have not heard about the USS Fitzgerald bring hit by an EMP!!! Wow, I could believe this. Anything, is possible right now. Thank you for sharing. I will let you know if I find out any information at work. Keep you posted. Thank you for sharing this. No accident. May the Holy Spirit give us discernment. Oh Abba Father we pray for these men and women on the Navy Ships. We ask that they be able to hear the Word of God and that we are praying that they would cry out to Jesus right now for safety and protection. May their loved one's also be praying for them as well. Boy, this world is getting so dark… thank you Jesus; keep us glowing and on fire for you. God Bless, peace love and joy as we look forward to our King of Kings Jesus Christ to come back. 🙂

  3. Sheri, I have been hearing rumors the USS Fitzgerald was hit by a directed EMP that knocked out all of the electronics on the ship.
    Have you heard anything like that?
    I have a hard time believing this was an accident!

  4. Praise the Lord Brother Jeff! Right on time. You know you are God's Child when you can't stand to be on this earth any longer; in the world but not of it. But, that we can't be selfish and are to be part of the great commission to save souls for Jesus and his Glory. Praise the Lord and what a timely message you received. Love Peace and Blessings from Sister Sheri. P.S. sad about the USS Fitzgerald Crash. God Bless you and Jesus name, keeping all of us and them in prayer.

  5. Я поблагодарила Отца за Его долготерпение к нам. Надеюсь, Он меня понял. 🙂

  6. This is the exact thing I have been seeing and feeling and now, I have it put into words through you … that always blesses and strengthen me to continue onward.
    Thank you for going before us and helping the rest of His body to continue putting one foot forward and stomping on the enemy's head!!!

  7. Yes actually Julie beat me at posting by an hour or so LOL
    We all hear fro the same God our Father of course things are very similar but He uses our own unique personality too and you can see how each word differs also.
    We serve an amazing God!
    Love and Peace Adam!

  8. Wow. Julie Whedebee, just yesterday, received a similar word from the Lord concerning waiting with patience (while also touching on the "Holy Fire" cleansing process):

    This, seriously, amazes me since I've just recently researched through the web archives of servants such as Jeff and Julie. This is not the first time that I've noticed God giving similar words to these brothers and sisters — often only a day apart from each other!

  9. …up until the very last beat of their heart.

    I have prayed that, at times; for the Lord to save the lost — even if it came down to the last breath, the last thought, or the last heartbeat.

    Anyhow, amen that He's asking us to remain patient. That just gives us more time to pray, more time to inform, and more time to prepare!

  10. I've been seeing 222, 333, 444, 777, 999 for months!!!! Several times per day. Its INCREDIBLE.

  11. Here is the verse that supports what you said Isaiah 26:9
    With my soul I have desired You in the night, Yes, by my spirit within me I will seek You early; For when Your judgments are in the earth, The inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.
    Love and peace my brother!

  12. Its all gonna be worth it!
    Paul said the sufferings we go thru now are not worthy to be compared to what He has prepared for those that love Him. Lord grant us patience!
    Love and peace to you brother!

  13. I literally laughed out loud – through my own tears – at the part about how He knows how we hate the words "soon", "very soon", "at hand", "quickly", "shortly", etc. Nailed it! Praise God that He understands what we are feeling and thinking. We certainly have a good Father, one who cares deeply about his children.

  14. As expected, Abba Father is hearing our collective minds as we seek the things that bring about the return of Jesus to this earth. I, being a simple man, shake my head that we are all thinking the same things at the same time, as Father points out. I want these things to come to pass (I totally desire to be back home in Heaven), yet dread what my eyes will have to see and my heart will have to feel. I, too, have loved ones, that the Lord has promised to bring into the fold, that have yet to open "Spiritual eyes and Spiritual ears, to the things of God. So, while I wait and pray, I will be patient until God does His thing and He has promised me that He will be merciful in His judgments. These things that we will look upon (His judgments) are His mercy shining through because, according to a His word, it is only when He brings judgment will people return to Him. Then comes His mighty wrath.

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