Beware My Children!

Received 5-1-17 through 5-7-17

Beware My children!

Almost everything you see on your news and media outlets are a distraction, deception to turn people away from Me. If some of the people knew what will be happening shortly, they would change the way they are living and seek after Me but the thin facade of peace is still visible for now. They have exchanged the truth for a lie. Their lying tongues say “Peace will not be as difficult as people thought” even as the war drums beat ever louder all around them. The one who plays the war drums the loudest is not the one who will make the decision to start the war, he is only a pawn, a scapegoat, a patsy. This how the evil rulers play their wicked game hiding every deceptive move behind shadows and darkness, pinning the blame on someone else. But I say everything that is hidden shall come to light, I will expose them and draw them out of their hiding places. I will open the curtain on these puppet masters and then I will destroy them and cast them into the lake of fire with their father, the devil.
 I warned that men should take heed that no one deceive you in these last days before my coming and the end of the age but few know My words and even fewer obey them. These men are blind and deaf, and I could heal them but they have no desire to know Me or My ways. Such is the way of this ever falling world. It falls more into chaos every day. True peace only comes through The Prince of Peace. The enemy offers false peace and they believe his lies because they do not know The Word. Because they have not known Me and they have hardened their hearts against Me time and time again. They shall follow the false messiah and be given over to his lies. The plans of the enemy will be allowed to go forth now and most will be deceived because they did not watch and pray as I instructed. 
A dark blanket of deception has been allowed fall upon all of those who love their sin and the things of this world more than Me. This dark blanket of deception has even fallen upon those who call themselves by My name if they do not know Me intimately. Head knowledge does not change the heart without My Spirit. Judgement has already begun on you America though it is not yet from nuclear bombs, the enemy is in your midst, hiding in the shadows and is ready to pounce just as soon as I allow it. They have been waiting for a while but the signal will be given and the event will commence. Once it starts it will not be stopped until the destruction is complete. Those who humble themselves, call upon My name and repent will be saved. There will be groups and even towns of My people that will be saved from destruction every major city shall be destroyed because of their tremendously great sin. 
My Children, in preparation for the things that are soon to come, you need to spend more intimate time alone with Me now each and every day. I don’t ONLY want this special alone time but I also want constant communication through the Holy Spirit all throughout the day. That’s how much I love you! When you have this constant communication with me that is how you have assurance that we are in right relationship with one another. If you are talking to Me constantly like you should be you will not be deceived by the evil deceptions that are coming upon this world too. I am the friend that sticks closer than a brother because I live inside of you by My Spirit. I am closer to you than anyone else ever could be! My Spirit will always lead you into truth, for I am truth. If you are in constant communication with me you WILL sin less and if you do sin I will let you know to take care of it. 
You need to be humble, repent and turn away from your wrong ways and ask Me for forgiveness and you will be forgiven. This must be constant! You cannot let piles and piles of sins build up because you will stop hearing Me and then you will become comfortable with your sin again. Beloved, I do not condemn you! Come to me as a child and I will NEVER reject you. I took EVERY sin you have Ever committed and will ever commit upon Myself! Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought though. You are not perfect yet but soon you will be, for has it not been written,” We know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is.” Those who are not transformed cannot see Me as I AM, these will be destroyed with the breath of My mouth and the brightness of My coming. 
My beloved bride will see Me as I AM because they are transformed and they will be like Me. 
Jesus Christ 
Yeshua Hamashiach


20 thoughts on “Beware My Children!”

  1. You know Jeff, it amazes me just how similar this nation (and, perhaps, even world) is to Old Testament Israel right now, in terms of people's attitudes toward sin — as well as their reactions toward those who try to warn.

    The prophets of old would, most likely, get abused and mistreated the same, today, as they did back then.

    So, so, many folks are going to be shell-shocked at these events coming!

  2. Thank you Adam for that summary!
    I do not exactly know who the drum beater is but I feel it may be Kim Jung Un, I feel he is TPTB's puppet.
    We shall find out soon I think!

  3. Robert, thank you for your reply. What you write is about God's character. He is love yet He the judge. He punishes yet there is mercy. He opposes the proud yet gives grace to the humble.
    Love and peace my brother.

  4. Some thoughts concerning this Word:

    • I can definitely see the news media and outlets being a distraction; the left-wing vs right-wing back-and-forth, the political theatre occurring on the news, networks, etc.

    Jesus was not a liberal, and Jesus was not a conservative — Jesus IS the Son of God!

    • I wonder, who is the one that is beating the war drums the loudest? …the one, also, who is actually going to start the war?

    • Head knowledge, for sure, DOES NOT change the heart without the Spirit. God's Word must be spiritually discerned — by the teaching Spirit, himself.

    • Nuclear bomb droppings, confirmed! May the Lord move many of His (and whom are not yet His) out of the cities!!

    • So from this point forward, it's crucial to be in communion with Him, 24/7. …amen that He is so graceful, in that we just simply come to Him, confess the sins, repent from them, and be done with it!

    Hope you're blessed and well, brother Jeff.

  5. Hi Jeff there's just something about your posts and the way you write that is very comforting and reassuring to me…even though God may be giving warnings of difficult challenges ahead through you I really appreciate how you present it. Thanks for all your hard work in doing so! Robert

  6. Jeremiah 33:3 ‘Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’
    Иеремия 33: 3 «Зови ко Мне, и Я отвечу тебе и покажу тебе великое и сильное, чего ты не знаешь».

  7. I was listening to an interview today and it was suggested that America will bomb itself and blame it on another country, so that there will be an excuse to start WW3.

  8. You had mentioned that we won't be "celebrating" the 4th of July this year due to something happening beforehand. Do you get a sense that that what is to happen IS the "kickoff event"? Thank you!

  9. Господь, я хочу Тебя слушать, слышать и услышать всегда, везде и тогда, когда Ты этого хочешь. И все, что Ты хочешь для меня и от меня – и я того же хочу! Спасибо Тебе, Господь!
    The Lord, I want to listen to You, to hear and hear always, everywhere and when You want it. And everything, what do you want for me and from me – and I want the same! Thanks to You, Lord!

  10. Once again, thank you Yeshua/Jesus for using Brother Jeff to bring forth your Word and instruction for us at this late hour. May,I remain obedient and keep my focus on my relationship with Yeshua/Jesus each day. Holy Spirit you are our comforter and you will never leave or forsake me. After reading this blog, I just had to go back to a scripture that you shared (that I keep close to my heart) it is for all the wicked and their schemes done in secret for all these years.Luke 8:17
    For nothing is secret, that shall not be evident;neither anything hid, that shall be known, and come to light. Also, the war drums you mentioned reminds me of a song I was just playing tonight by Joshua Aaron
    God Bless, love and peace Sister Sheri 🙂

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