This is Really Only the Beginning


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The Almighty Lord God spoke to me and said:

The day far spent and the night is upon you. The time of only reading and hearing of My power and miracles is at an END. You will now experience My power first hand. No more will you dream of My signs and wonders and miracles. They will come through others and they will come through you My bride.
I would not have you be ignorant of the things that are to come. I tell you do not fear for I have called you for such a time as this. I will be with you always even to the end of this age. You were called to bring My righteousness to the earth. DO NOT FEAR if you do the enemy will use it against you.
Once the events of destruction that I allow to begin to happen, the internet will be the first of your freedoms to go after martial law goes into effect. Then your freedom to move about even in your own country will be greatly hindered. TV will also be rid of anybody that is preaching the “true gospel”.
The only religion allowed will be the “politically correct” all inclusive (except for the real way, truth and light) One World Religion headed by the false prophet.
Then the government will come and take all of the guns and Bibles and anything else that they want.
I warn you now that if you resist them, you shall pay with your life. If you lose your life I will not be able to use you in this last great harvest that will take place. The rewards for harvesting souls are very great and they will be with you throughout all of eternity.
Multiplication of food will take place on a daily basis and you will need this to survive. If you give your food you will have it multiplied if you hoard your food and do not share with those in need you will not have enough to survive and even that which you have will be taken from you.
Some of you will be called to be martyrs, there is great reward in this also. Know this, I will take the pain away, so please don’t be afraid those that destroy the body but fear Him who can destroy both body and soul in hell. Those that turn their back on Me will rue that decision FOR ALL ETERNITY!
Stay hidden in Me and you will overcome all of this and you will see Me split the sky from east to west. Then you will forever be with Me and rule and reign in My Kingdom.

This is really only the beginning!

10 thoughts on “This is Really Only the Beginning”

  1. I believe that there are different classes of believers in Jesus. The bride of Christ is not all believers contrary to popular theology. Only the bride or remnant will be transformed into supernatural glowing invincible beings. The martyrs did not make the cut to be the bride but they will have a great reward for being a martyr and I don't believe they will feel any pain in death.
    Thanks for writing Karri!

  2. Hi Jeff, Thank you for your blog. I just found it. It is such a blessing. I need some clarification: When the bride is transformed, she gets her new heavenly body and weapons cannot harm her. In this post, some will die a martyrs death. Can you explain the difference? Thank you. Karri

  3. Hi Juliana. I'm not Jeff, but this may be correct. Jesus spoke of people who did works of healing and acted like they were saved, but Jesus said that they had no relationship with Him and that they did works of lawlessness. They served their own selves. They really didn't love God. They used Him to get what they wanted. The Pharisees are a good example of this. They liked to be popular with the people, but Jesus had hard words for them. They were not like the Heavenly Father. They were like their Father, the devil. Their fruit showed it. Good fruit comes from a righteous heart. Bad fruit comes from a wicked heart. God never judges from what things look like. He judges from the heart and knows our motives. Many false prophets are in the world today to deceive. Their father is the devil. Follow only Yeshua/Jesus. Only He is Truth…….Hope this helps. God bless you.

  4. Once again thank you Jeff for sharing so fearlessly. In one post Jesus said that some people loved Him with an ulterior motive. Please pardon me for being so naive but in what way can we love God with an ulterior motive please?

  5. Praise the Lord, the Holy Spirit has been preparing me and my husband mentally physically, and spiritually for the times ahead. The Lord gave me a dream on February 26, 2017, and in the dream I was confronting Obama face-to-face telling him that he has been caught red handed and that he had started Martial Law. He then got very angry at me and walked away. It was close to when you had the Holy Spirit give you revelation about Obama being the Antichrist. A year ago, the Lord gave me a dream that I was fighting the Antichrist with spiritual warfare and confronting him while trying to save men and women, we were in a dark type cave with little lighting. Anyhow, I have been praying heavily to Jesus to make it as peaceful as possible; if martyred. The Lord said those that Live by the Sword will die by the Sword. We have no weapons and are relying totally on Jesus to take care of us. This is a good video that the Holy Spirit had me watch recently-
    God Bless you Brother Jeff.

  6. As I was reading this God answered a question. How are you going to pour your spirit on all flesh? He wields the double edged sword. What comes as blessing to those that belong to him will bring judgement to those that don't. As I was reading the first few lines God dropped that into my spirit.

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