Let My Eternal Perspective be How You View this Temporary World

Beloved, the age of grace is coming to an end as the age of My kingdom will begin to dawn on the horizon. You have heard that it is always darkest before the dawn and this is so very true. Those with My spiritual discernment know that this world is darker than it has ever been before, but it is not yet as dark as it will be. It will become much darker than it is right now, there will seem to be no hope at all. I allow all this to happen because I want the lost and backslidden to cry out to Me, for I AM the only hope.

Then there will be a time of total and complete, utter, gross darkness that can be felt and almost seems to suffocate. This is when My glory shall be revealed in My beloved holy, spotless, sinless, perfect remnant bride. At that moment all the world will see who My remnant/bride truly is in the spirit, as your DNA is changed and the spirit man is made manifest in the physical realm.
When this change happens all of your struggles will be over!
No more will you ever sin or doubt or have any problem with the enemy ever again!
No physical weapons will have any effect on you!
Every physical problem and sickness that you have now will be gone!
You will not feel pain anymore!
At this time you will pray and you will immediately see the fulfillment before your very eyes!
Between now and the time of your transformation you just need to draw ever closer to Me and My loving arms will reach out and pull you in close. Spend time with Me and feel My presence and love within and without. Seek My face above everything else in this life. You need to know Me now more than any time in your lives. Your very lives and the lives of those around you will soon depend on how well you can hear My voice, because things will change in the physical world and the way of life that you lead now with be no more. Yes, once again I speak of the event that will kick everything off. I don’t want you to be confused. I have shown many of My people different events. 
Remember, I do not keep track of time of time as you do. If you could see My clock you would see how many events have to happen before the “kickoff event” but you still would not know when it will occur in your time. Once again, My time is not yours! 
The only way you have to tell where you are on My clock is to know that everything I have spoken in the scriptures and My modern day prophets MUST come to pass. 
Those that believe that they must control and subdue this world in order for Me to return are in error. 
Did I not ask if I would really find faith on the earth when I return?
My kingdom is NOT OF THIS WORLD this is but a testing place. 
These heavens and this earth will be rolled up as a scroll and thrown into the fire and they shall be consumed and I will make a new heavens and new earth.
The only things that matter to Me in the realm that you now live is the eternal spirits of those that I have called you to touch and save from the fire. 
In the grand scheme of things, what else matters this much?
Let My eternal perspective be how you view this temporary world.
I AM the creator of time and I alone control it and time is truly running out, even though there are not many who think so. Time does My bidding and I use it for My purposes. 
My true disciples are already seated with Me in heavenly places, even though you are bound to this earth for now. I AM the one who sets the captives free and soon you will be free of the limitations of this physical realm. 
Jesus Christ
Yahushua HaMashiach



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  1. Hello brother Jeff and Benjamin.

    Sorry for the later response (work has been very busy). Thank you both for providing those additional sources. I will soon check them out and, Lord willing, have something together 🙂

  2. Hey Jeff! Great Blog! I just found you & this youtube message fits into one past post of yours…


    A Brief Chat on the History of Earth & Mankind






    Some would ask then, why did I ever create men, it is because I love you! Yes even though you cause Me so much pain, you will never fully realize how I truly and deeply love you. Especially in your current realm, you have very little understanding, even the wisest among you. Your mind is veiled from knowing certain things from your past existence. All of you came from within Me. After the rebellion there became a need to for a proving ground before I exact My final judgment. That place is earth. Originally I created man to have dominion over the earth, to rule over it, and to be in control of everything that takes place on it.

    In the eons of the past before there was ever any time , you all were with Me, inside of Me. Your spirits came from my own breath. Every one of My children sat upon My lap before I sent you down here to be tested. I told that I was your Father and that I loved you so, and I told you how to find Me once you got down to earth.

  3. WOW!!! I got that immense buzzin as I read your message Jeff. I can't express how grateful I am for you interceding for my parents. God bless you brother. I hope to shake your hand and give you a big hug when when we get up their with Our Lord. I love your page brother it keeps me going strong.

  4. I have several links to this message to share, you can share, retweet, comment etc.

    Let My Eternal Perspective be How You View this Temporary World
    separate thread

    God bless and let Him guide you to your Eternal Reward!

  5. The [mournful, inspired] oracle ([a]a burden to be carried) concerning the Desert of the [b]Sea (the seasonally flooded plains just south of Babylon):

    As windstorms in the Negev (the South) sweep through,
    So it (God’s judgment) comes from the desert, from [the hostile armies of] a terrifying land.
    A harsh vision has been shown to me;
    The treacherous one deals treacherously, and the destroyer destroys.
    Go up, Elam! Lay siege, Media!
    All the groaning [caused by Babylon’s ruthless oppressions] I [the Lord] have brought to an end.
    Therefore [continues Isaiah] my loins are filled with anguish;
    Pains have seized me like the pains of a woman in childbirth;
    I am so bent and bewildered that I cannot hear, I am so terrified that I cannot see.
    My mind reels, horror overwhelms me;
    The twilight I longed for has been [c]turned into fear and trembling for me.
    They set the table [for the doomed banquet], they spread out the cloth, they eat, they drink;
    “Rise up, captains [of Belshazzar’s court], oil your shields [for battle, for your enemy is at the gates]!”
    6 This is what the Lord says to me,

    “Go, station the lookout, let him report what he sees.
    “When he sees a chariot, horsemen in pairs,
    A train of donkeys and a train of camels,
    Let him pay attention and listen closely, very closely.”
    8 And the lookout called like a lion,

    “O Lord, I stand continually on the watchtower by day,
    And I am stationed every night at my guard post.
    “Now look! Here comes a troop of riders, horsemen in pairs.”
    And one said, “Fallen, fallen is Babylon;
    And all the carved images of her gods are shattered on the ground.”
    O my threshed people [Judah, who must be judged and trampled down by Babylon], my afflicted of the threshing floor.
    What I have heard from the Lord of hosts,
    The God of Israel, I have [joyfully] announced to you [that Babylon is to fall].
    ISAIAH 21:1-12
    Keep your lamps alight, Stay awake be ready, looking for Him, prayerful that you are worthy. His time around the Jewish Fall Feast 2017 beginning of Jacobs trouble WW3.

  6. That would be Lovely Dear Greg but we have work to do first in our Transformed bodies which it has been told to another one of GOD's Prophets:
    Erin Aleshire http://sparrowcloud9.com/contact/
    will last a year and 10 days + waiting time. Then we will be collected in the air…So the Great Outpouring of The Holy Spirit Will have time to reach all those who are reachable in that time frame World Wide.
    Hope This Helps.
    Huge Hugs XXX

  7. AMEN, Dear Jesus I Love You Please Make me Ready. Huge Hugs and All My Love XXXXXXXX

    Bless You Dear Jeff for posting this Wonderful Message. Huge Hugs XXX

    Revelation 22:17King James Version (KJV)

    17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.

  8. Wow!!!! Praise the Lord God Almighty. I had an electric buzzing all over as I read this message. Praise the Lord. God bless you brothers and sisters. My beloved brothers and sisters please pray for the souls of Maria Casillas and Eduardo Ochoa that are being oppressed by a Jezebel Spirit. I ask that you keep their names in your prayers today. A pastor will conduct a deliverance this week but please keep them in your hearts. Amen.

  9. Man…these approaching days are going to be like the stuff of old times: giants, fallen angels, peoples' DNA being transformed; either by the "mark of the beast", or by the glory of our LORD.

    I have said, so often, that Noah's days were far more wild than many can fathom!

    Nonetheless, thank you Lord for keeping your children informed through the instruments of your modern-day prophets!

    Brother Jeff, I am thinking about writing a weekly feature article which catalogs together the things which God has, collectively, spoken through His servants. So far, I trust yours and the fellow sister that runs the blog site "acts2fire".

    This way, it can be like a king searching out a matter and piecing together the things which God has put out.

    Be blessed and protected by a hedge of Holy Spirit fire, brother 🙂

  10. Thank you for the lovely messages. I was deeply saddened when two people tefused to accept your messages. They have asked me to also stop reading them but ofcourse I will just go on reading them. I wonder why they are like that. Secondly, Jeff I do so badly want to pray in tongues but am not able to. Ant advice please? Can you pray for me? Peace. Juliana

  11. These words are making me cry more than I used to. I so long to be with Jesus and to be free of the bonds of this earth and the flesh. I want to be pure, spotless for my Redeemer. He is worthy. He is worth everything. Blessed be His Name.

  12. Even so, come Lord Jesus! Please make it soon, Lord, even this year, we pray! We want to come unto You! We want to be with you NOW!
    What an encouraging word from our Saviour. Thanks, brother!

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