In Order to Win this Battle You Must Surrender to Me for I AM the Victor!

4-28 through 4-30-17 

The Lord Jesus spoke to me and said:
My beloved sons and daughters, many of you are becoming discouraged and overwhelmed by things that you feel you should be doing for Me and My kingdom and this ought not to be. I have said that My yoke is easy and My burden is light and truly it is.
If you are feeling pressure to perform and produce it is not from My Spirit.
You WILL perform good works if you are walk in the Spirit and this is how it has to be.
Without Me you can do NOTHING!
But through Me all things are possible.
I desire for you all to know from the bottom of My heart that I want you all to be part of My remnant, part of My bride. Please do not think that I stand with My hand on My hips waiting for you to make a mistake, that portrayal of Me is from the enemy. If what He says were true, I would not have bothered going to the cross and suffering at all. I didn’t come into this world to condemn the world but that the world through Me might be saved. I took all the sins that have ever been committed and will ever be committed upon Myself. Every one is paid for!
You are now set free from the bondage of sin. You do not have to sin!
This was not true without Me breaking the power of sin and death by raising from the grave and declaring victory over it once and for all.
Sin causes separation from Me but it no longer has to be this way. If you sin, bring it to Me and repent and don’t plan in your heart to do it again. Yes it is really that simple!
You may stumble over and over again but as long as your heart is right before Me and you continue to turn away from your sin, there is always be forgiveness for you.
There becomes a problem when you no longer wish to give Me your sin and even try to hide it from Me. This is when your sin becomes willful and habitual and it will NOT be forgiven until it is stopped and surrendered to Me. GIVE ME IT ALL!
I do not condemn you, please understand though, you must humble yourselves and admit that you’ve done wrong or you fall into the same sin as the devil, he doesn’t think he is wrong either.   
Beloved, the transformation of your soul, does not take place immediately.
Yes, the battle of the flesh still rages but in the Spirit, the victory has been won!
Actions in the spirit always take place before they take place in your physical world.
Thus your will must be that of an overcomer. You must choose to overcome sin and this world each and every day and by the power of the Holy Spirit you can do it! 
Beloved, your heart’s desire must be must be for the things of My Spirit in order to be able to walk in it at all times. That is My desire for you because it is the best accomplishment that you can achieve; and that is transcending the ways of this world and having a heavenly mindset.
Putting Me and My kingdom above all else and building it out of the deep love that you have for Me.
Paul rightly said that everything not done out of love profits you nothing. 
Good works done from a sense of duty or obligation are utterly meaningless to Me.
Children, I am for you, not against you and I want you to understand the things of the Spirit. You must just completely surrender ALL of your fleshly desires to Me because you do not have the strength to overcome them in yourself.
In order to win this battle you must surrender to Me for I AM the victor.
Let My Spirit work through you and your heart will be changed.
I will take your hearts of stone and turn them into hearts of flesh.
Unless a man be born again of My Spirit he will not see the kingdom of God.
When you live your life by the Spirit you will notice a difference.
In the coming days all who are not living by My Spirit will be swept under by the violent river of evil that is even now flowing. The violent river of evil will flood the whole earth but those living by My Spirit will walk on the waters. They will pull out those who cry to them in My name and set them on high ground but those that think they can save themselves will drown because of their pride.
Be filled with My Spirit now continually. 
Oil floats on the waters.

Jesus Christ the Messiah< /span>

Yahushua HaMashiach


29 thoughts on “In Order to Win this Battle You Must Surrender to Me for I AM the Victor!”

  1. You are correct Juliana there is nothing we can do to earn our salvation, Jesus paid the price with His own blood.
    He also gave us the gift of His Holy Spirit live within us and because we KNOW HIM INTIMATELY we do good works that name of Jesus Christ be glorified!
    Love and Peace sister!

  2. There are many people who refuse to accept Christ as Savior and who think that by doing good works alone, they can get into Heaven. How wrong they are.

  3. Sean,Thank you so much for sharing that!
    It blesses me to know that words given to me from the Lord has had a direct effect in drawing you closer to Him.
    I am glad to know that you hear His voice too!

  4. This message spoke to me. In particular, I had been feeling useless for a while because I feel like I have done so little and that I was just living day by day doing nothing for the kingdom.

    But, despite the message, last night I began speaking to Jesus that I still feel concerned by my lack of action. And Jesus spoke back saying, "Do not measure your faith by your performance."

    He then made me to realize that if I had witnessed to many people, and brought them to Christ, or if I did mighty works in His name, would I then feel like I am the man in the parable who went out and invested his talents? Is that how I would measure my faith? Jesus then said, "Measuring yourself that way is based on merit and is no different than those whom I will say flee from me, for I never knew you."

    I asked, how then should I measure my faith? He said, "By how much you love me. Do you love me? Do you love me so much to give up certain things?"

    And that left me pondering quite a bit. Anyways, I wanted to share the extent of this experience because it stemmed from this message.

  5. About a month ago I had a dream that I was in a house with about 6 other people. A huge storm front with 3 seperate black clouds was approaching. I hid in the hallway because I was worried the windows might break but I was the only one that was nervous.

    The storm looked very violent but we couldn't hear anything inside. The storm "waters" rushed towards the house , went around the house foundation and carried on in the form of a rushing river. The rushing water almost appeared to look like black smoke in the shape of thousands of running animals or "beings".

    As the storm hit the house, a man excitedly ran outside. We were all worried for him but he was thrilled because he said that this was the very best time to go fishing.

    We all walked outside to a dock that was attached to the house. The water was now calm but almost like black ink in color. There were hundreds of fat fish jumping in the water and fish with their mouths/lips sticking out of the waters surface, almost begging to be caught!

  6. Jeff, I have another question. What do you take the verse (vs. 3) of Rev. 12 to mean? Where another sign appears in heaven of the red dragon and it throws 1/3 of the starts down to earth? I believe it might be Nibiru/Planet X at the time it is first seen in the heavens. What is your opinion?

  7. Спасибо, Господь, мне это нужно. Измени мое сердце, излей в него Твой Дух Святой, излей Твою любовь!

  8. Michael, I began to get this message right after I emailed you last.But you are not the only one who needs to read this.Praise Jesus for answering our questions He gives us wisdom when we seek Him wholeheartedly and with the right motive.
    Love and Peace Michael.

  9. You know, I've really been thinking about the "DNA change" aspect of the mark of the beast. To me, it seems like this evil DNA change would, somehow, involve this "fusion" between the physical and soul/spirit bodies.

    Like, it would lower one's vibrations to the point where the triune bodies "fuse" into something…perfectly evil, and unredeemable.

    Advertised immortality — with horrific fine print.

  10. Adam, The mark of the beast will most certainly have lots of "benefits"better seeing, hearing, weight loss, anti-aging, cures for various diseases etc etc etc,You'll look like a fool not to get it!… But we know there are lots of hidden draw backs such as being doomed for eternity in the lake of fire, and I'd bet these people will some kind of computer virus too.

  11. Amen, Sheri 🙂 Praise and glory to our God!

    And indeed so, Jeff. I am reminded of such (seemingly random) things as the video game series "Call of Duty", as well as how the word "performance" seems to be catching on a lot more, here lately, in our world. To wit, our new High School in town named a section of their campus the "Performance Center" (for studying, I'm assuming).


    Do you think that the "mark of the beast" will have the additional appeal of "maximizing" ones potential and performance?

  12. Believe me when I say that I needed to hear these words as much as anyone else!
    It is difficult not to get caught up in performance because the whole world system is based on it.

  13. Amen!!! Me Too Brother Adam!! Wow, just what I needed to hear Brother Jeff!! Praise the Lord, I just love it when the Holy Spirit speaks through Brother Jeff. Amazing times we are living in. I am sold out for Jesus Christ! 🙂

  14. Thanks Nancy, I believe the fall actually did begin last Fall but not like I thought. Look at all that has happen since then!
    I also believe the fall is not by any means done and will be continuing this Fall and it most likely has something to do with Sept 23rd and the sign of Revelation 12.BTW the Lord never told me the year that the fall was to take place, just that it was in the Fall.
    Thanks Nancy! God Bless You!

  15. Jeff, Rachael Baxter has a new word out on Z3 about 'The Fall will Begin this Fall' that reminds me of your post last year. It really lines up with what you said then.

  16. God bless you Jeff!! Needed to hear this as I've been going through lots of spiritual warfare. Lots going on and I feel overwhelmed a lot of the time.

  17. Amen…I needed to hear this one.

    Here lately, I have been feeling the pressure to "perform". I believe I need to discern the difference, within myself, from doing out of duty/obligation to doing out of love.

    Thanks, brother Jeff!

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