Just Beneath the Surface…

3-16 through 3-23-17

The Lord had me look at the desktop on which I am sitting at. It is old now and getting worn out. It was an inexpensive piece of furniture but when it was brand new it looked like real wood from a distance although anyone with a carefully discerning eye could tell that it wasn’t. Now there are plenty of wear marks and scratches through the thin veneer where anyone can see just what the desk is made out of. Sometimes because I am so used to seeing this desk I don’t even notice that the “ugly” is showing through.

This is what the Lord spoke this to me.
“Since the very first sin a battle has been waging between My kingdom and the kingdom of Satan who was once called Lucifer. He was once the most beautiful of all created beings. It is the battle of light verses darkness. I want to contrast with you My kingdom with that of the enemy so your discernment may increase during this time of darkness on the earth. Those of mine with spiritual eyes and ears know what is happening the contrast is ever sharper between darkness and light and the gray is disappearing. Those who are not of My Spirit cannot see or hear for they are covered with a thin veneer or veil of darkness that they perceive as light. Their ears cannot hear and understand My truths because their mind has not been renewed and they can only perceive the wisdom and knowledge of this world. The knowledge from the tree of good and evil not the tree of life.

Even some who have received Me as their Savoir have problems discerning between My ways and the ways of the world because darkness has been allowed to creep back into their lives. Paul wrote
“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” Ask yourself, dear ones, “Is this still true in my life?”
You must be honest and seek Me on this, for I answer a heart that asks out a pure motive.

I know the ones who seemingly seek Me but seek with evil intent, for I know every thought you have and yet I still love you but I love you too much to let you stay in your sin because it brings death. True love warns of the consequences of sinful actions even though it is painful at the present time. When you sin there is mercy and grace for you, but you must not sin willfully and habitually, over and over and over again because if you do, your true heart is revealed. If this happens I give a man over to sin. As Paul said, ” To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus. “(1 Cor 5:5)
Yet even then I can change them if  I am allowed.
What is impossible for man is possible with Me!

I hate all sin! I died for all sin! Most of all I hate pride and hypocrisy!
Those with pride and hypocrisy do not think they need Me, they are good enough on their own.
I will show them all soon how very wrong they are. It has been said by the prophet Joel that My Spirit shall be poured out upon all flesh and this is very true. Do you think all flesh will receive the Spirit being poured upon them? Most will not. Yes, My glory exposes all sin that lies just beneath the surface and it is ugly! In fact, most will reject it with violent hatred for what the light of My Spirit shows them. Their righteousness is as filthy rags and they will not like what they are shown. That is why very few in the churches have My glory because they do not want it. They want what they think is just enough of Me to keep them from going to hell and they want their favorite acts of the flesh that are not deemed as harmful by the world. They will be shown that that I don’t know them and they don’t know me.
All men will be confronted and shown their need for Me.

I want My children to understand that what has been allowed in the past, will not be allowed in the season that lies before you. As My glory is increasing those that love darkness will run away from My light, but those that see the light and long for more, they are the ones who will enter the ark just before the door is shut by Me. The ones who see My glory and back away will have very little chance of making it into My kingdom, but even they will be given a chance to cry out to Me in humble repentance during the time of tribulation that will quickly start.

The “ugly” that lies just beneath the surface of the veneer of civilized society is being revealed.
Just beneath the surface there is economic collapse where it looks like prosperity.
Just beneath the surface there is famine where it looks like there is plenty.
Just beneath the surface there is disease where there looks to be health.
Just beneath the surface there is war and destruction instead of peace and safety.
Just beneath the surface there are earthquakes and volcanoes where all seems to be solid ground.
Just beneath the surface there violent storms and tsunamis where the forecast calls for smooth sailing.
Just beneath the surface there is bondage and captivity where liberty and freedom are promised.
Just beneath the surface there is death where a new way of life is promised.

I AM all you need.
I AM the bread of life.
I AM the great healer.
I AM your protector.
I AM the solid rock.
I AM the One that calms the seas.
I AM the who sets the captives free.
I AM the way the truth and the life.

As with such cheap imitation furniture there is no way to refinish it to make it new again.
These heavens and this earth shall be rolled up like a scroll and cast into the fire.
Behold I AM making all things new!
Children rid yourself of the cheap old imitation,
and receive the “new” that has already been bought and paid for.

I AM Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashshiach”


13 thoughts on “Just Beneath the Surface…”

  1. Thank you Bro. Jeff for sharing the messages from Jesus. What is Jesus referring to when He says that what was allowed in the past will not be allowed now? Also, how can one seek the Lord with evil intent? I hope you will not mind to enlighten me. Love and Peace, Juliana

  2. Jer: 6 vs 10
    To whom can I speak and give warning?
    Who will listen to me?
    Their ears are closed10 Hebrew uncircumcised
    so they cannot hear.
    The word of the Lord is offensive to them;
    they find no pleasure in it.

  3. I believe what has happen to God's people, Israel in the past is a prophetic look at what will happen to us or spiritual Israel in the near future.
    There is truly nothing new under the sun!
    God Bless you Karen and thank you for the wonderful comment!

  4. I see it often; how when I preach to certain others (that proclaim Christianity) about sin, they kind of…stay awkwardly silent for a moment…and then either disregard what I said or change the subject onto something else.

    Their minds have not been renewed and they have a thin veil of darkness upon them which they perceive is light.

    …man, why can't they see or hear?

    Why won't they be converted?

    Pride, and the love of sin, I believe, are just two of many reasons.

    God bless you Jeff!

  5. I like the way you developed out this illustration of "cheep imitation" furniture. That really does seem to fit the description of our culture, a literal and metaphorical "Walmart society." It sound a lot like Israel in the time of prophets like Amos and Isaiah. Thank you also for the reminder that God is so much bigger than our troubles and mistakes.

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