The "Kick Off" Event is Very Soon

1-29 through 1-31-17

My children do you see now how things are speeding up?
Be aware that the speed of events will continue to increase until the very end.
Things that used to take years will take days, then hours then minutes, then seconds.
After this time will be no more!
Keep in mind the words that I have spoken to you in the past.
You need to remember what I have said. My words are eternal, they transcend time. The words that I have spoken to you even as a child I have not forgotten and the promises I have made to you will be fulfilled. You do not need to remind me of My promises but you will want to remind yourself of them, to give yourself hope during the darkness: for it is arriving now. Go back and review the things that I have spoken through My prophets of today and My scriptures.
Not one jot or one tittle will be left unfulfilled. No matter when My words are written; in the present day or thousands of years ago IT WILL STAND FOREVER!  I will always uphold My true prophetic voices and NONE of their words will fall to the ground.
Whoever receives My prophet’s words and takes them to heart will receive a prophet’s reward, but whoever hears their words and does not obey, brings My judgment upon himself.
Everyone must work out their own salvation with fear and trembling before ME!
My prophets are very close to Me, they hear My voice. I tell them My secrets, but they see through the glass dimly, and they see only in part. Not everything has been revealed yet, or the enemy would know My full plan.The final parts of My plan will be revealed to My remnant bride in her secret place, where the enemy cannot go. He cannot stand My manifest presence.
I love so much to confound and confuse Satan’s plans!
I have done it more times than you know. Once again beloved, he reacts to me and he does only what I let allow him to do. If I would have let him, he would have caused the event that starts the sequence of the end to happen long ago, and all of the earth would have gone into utter destruction, darkness and chaos before My perfect time. I have restrained him and until I decide to let him do as he pleases he will serve My purposes.
This “kick off” event is very soon, but I will NOT tell anyone the day or the hour; only that you are in the season, and that My physical return shall not precede the event.
Do not ask for the date of the event because deceiving spirits will be the ones who answer you!
I tell you, look to Israel and pray for her protection and the peace of Jerusalem.

After this event, food will be scarce. Those with faith in Me shall be provided for but billions will die because they refused to repent and instead blame Me and curse the only name that can give them true life. There will be persecution of My people like NEVER before. Many will be called to be martyrs and I will strengthen them with courage beyond what they possess now, I will increase their faith and before they feel the pain of the execution, they will be standing before Me. Those that are tortured will be given even more grace. I will be standing with them gazing deeply into their eyes with all of My love until their fleshly bodies give out and I will receive them into My loving arms and lead them into paradise where they will have a great reward; an eternal reward.
Be anxious for nothing and do not fear or worry My beloved! I will be with you always, that is My promise and I cannot break it.
When the “kick off” event happens an extra portion of My Spirit will fill My remnant bride that is practicing righteousness and holiness, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing. This will not be a light sprinkle but a deluge of My Spirit will be poured out in the former and latter rain outpouring. Each successive event will be bigger and more destructive and the measure of My Spirit will increase in measure before each one. The ones who have chosen the assignment of reaping My harvest, will be protected, and thousands of souls will be saved by each one. Everything will culminate at the opening of the sixth seal. My Spirit will transform their DNA to a point where they will glow and they will be changed back to their original state just as Adam and Eve before the fall. This will happen to very few, but these few will do the mightiest work that My kingdom on earth has ever known.
Then I will come and take them to be with Me forever!

My beloved My call is to you now,
Will you forsake all the things of this world and do My mighty Kingdom work?
You can do ALL things through Me, for I give you My strength!


The Sixth Seal
Rev 6:12-17
12 I looked when He opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood. 13 And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind. 14 Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place. 15 And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, the commanders, the mighty men, every slave and every free man, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains, 16 and said to the mountains and rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! 17 For the great day of His wrath has come, and who is able to stand?”


35 thoughts on “The "Kick Off" Event is Very Soon”

  1. Hello Vince, I'm glad you found this blog!
    I believe that time is short but that there is still time to repent. Remember today is the day of salvation and we are not promised tomorrow. When the event comes there will be not time to repent for those involved in it. Joel ch 2 says "And it will come to pass that all who call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved" but if a nuke is dropped on you, you had better know Jesus ahead of time.
    Scripture says that we are the temples of the Holy Spirit now so I believe the abomination that causes desolation is Satan falling and physically possessing a human being like he did with Judas Iscariot.There may be a third Solomon's temple built but God will NEVER inhabit it. I would not be looking for the AC declaring himself as god in the 3rd temple.I think this is the sign that Jesus said our wicked and adulterous generation will not receive. Instead he gave us the sign of Jonah. 3 days of darkness.
    God Bless you Vince!

  2. Thank you for your blog. I just discovered it yesterday and have read many posts. My question for you is, is there still time to repent? Also what do you think the abomination of desolation that occurs in the temple is? Thank you and God bless you and all who seek our Holy God!


  3. I was going to make a video for a confirmation on this word and your others about the event.

    My husband doesn't really believe fully about end times being very soon/now. Anyway, I was burdened about it months ago and months ago I got a dream.

    I live on the east coast of Australia, there is nothing much really further east from my place but open ocean. Anyway, so I had this dream where I looked out my balcony which faces East and I saw missiles. I don't know how many exactly. Between one and three. I think about three because my husband then looked out the window over the balcony and saw them far in the distance as well.
    I knew in my spirit that this was the event, the kick off as you will.
    My husband said something like "hey, that's a missile" and then there was no time to react as it exploded and very far away there was a mushroom cloud go up in the air.

    All of a sudden I rushed to our door and grabbed masking tape and started putting it over the creases in the door saying that fallout could get us and I wanted to be safe.

    Then my husband said that he finally believed me, he didn't before but now he could finally see it was the end.

    And I woke up, feeling weird as I normally do with a dream from the Lord. Haha.

    So if my dream confirms then the event involves missiles, somewhere not in Australia.

    There are prophecies that say that when war comes to America we in Australia will get fallout from that, lesser war, lesser famine etc.
    Maybe it meant that kind of fallout?

  4. Awww. The protection of Jesus over both of you and your families
    He that is in you is stronger.

    I'm probably not going to watch the run downs on YouTube. I don't want to risk it. I just know it was welcoming in all sorts of filthy spirits.

  5. I did not see it, but i do believe things are accelerating.

    I should point out some interesting data points:

    1860 Lincoln Was elected
    1861 March Lincoln took office
    1861 April civil war in the US has started

    Never in my nearly 50 years have I seen a nation so divided – anger is fuming for many people, many hate trump many are glad he is in power. It is very strange.

    I also have never seen so many openly speak about a military coup or worst.

  6. Thank you Steve for your very detailed and well thought out comment.
    Thank you for sharing the truth with people with as much revelation as we have right now.
    I know there is more coming!
    Blessings to you my brother!

  7. What we know about the event:

    Below is a list of details known about the event. I am only sharing so you are aware of what to expect when these things happen. Don't be afraid or allow fear to creep into your life.

    1. "Terrorist Attack" (This is not a natural disaster) By the fact the lord had Jeff put it in quotes says to me it could be a false flag, but regardless the end result is the same.
    2. This is an AMERICA event. One statement says the event will soon come to the shores of America.
    3. Fire is involved, as Fire is mentioned many times by the lord on this one.
    4. 10x worse than anything we've seen before (9/11 was 3k dead, Tsunami back in 2002 or so was 250k+ dead so 30,000 – 3,000,000 will be dead)
    5. Economic Crash right after the event
    6. Things will seem OK for a season (no idea how long this is)
    7. Economic Collapse after the season
    8. Gold/Silver will go to very high levels (this kind of makes sense as the $ crashes)
    9. Hyperinflation
    10. Famine
    11. Riots
    12. Martial Law
    13. Everything will change after this event.
    14. It kicks off the other items in revelations. I suspect this event is the 1st seal – AGGRESSION.
    15. We do not know the time or date of the event – the lord will not spill the beans on this one.
    16. We know MANY have spoken of the event but not as many know they are speaking of the same thing. For instance, I saw a note from David Wilkerson from 2009 and he said something horrible is about to happen. This WAS the event. Matt Smith had a similar comment regarding his poem for 2016, in which he said another crushing blow will hit and it will seal the nations fate. We've had other prophets who've seen dreams of cities destroyed (I think this is the event but could be WW3).

    This is another instance where somebody is describing the event and they do not know it:

    We don't know what it is, but we can assume based on the data we have.

    a. A Nuke or multiple nukes are released on various cities in America in a coordinate effort.
    b. This event causes or allows those running the show to first crash the economy as we know it
    c. This is the event which causes the collapse of the $, and thus brings about hyperinflation.
    d. Due to the collapsed $, and hyperinflation, famine will be wide spread.
    e. I do not believe there will be any issue with GROWING food (at least not yet), but because the $ is worthless or becoming worthless, and credit markets/banks have seized up,
    f. With the $ worthless, Social Security and other gov money receiving plans will be of no value, hence your civil unrest and riots.
    g. I believe the stage is set for Civil War to erupt – the left will blame Donald, the RIght will blame the left.
    h. I believe the event was supposed to happen LAST year and keep Obama/Hillary in office, but the lord screwed them over and force the event to this year (No evidence of this, but I base it off of comments from Jeff and Pastor Faircloth)

  8. Oh yeah ! I was having A LOT of problems with the comments on the "The "Kick Off" Event is Very Soon" message. Steve Reddoch also had a lot of problems. I believe it is fixed now and you are welcome to re post your comment now if you desire.
    Sorry! I think the "Google Goblins" got me on this one.
    God Bless You!

  9. Oh, wow…we're literally in the last days, as we know them.

    And then after all of this destruction happens — the "sons of God" will swoop in and make their physical appearances.

    Brother, I do want you to know that I believe that I've seen one of these fallen celestial beings in a dream once. He/it was quite huge (around 20 ft.) and had seemingly normal proportions (i.e. nothing "wild" or abnormal; demon-like). The being took a form of like an elderly grandfather, wearing a beige-colored male nightgown and speaking to me in a very soothing manner of voice. In my dream state, I was ALMOST deceived by him/it (he subtlety failed I John 4:1, yet kept speaking).

    Please confirm with the Lord on this one.

  10. That is very sobering for sure and I believe it to be true. The Holy Spirit does not want us to fall for all this deception. While I am happy that Trump seems to be supporting the pro life movement and protected our borders via enforcing immigration law there are many things that just do not add up. He has never retracted his statement on 60 minutes that the issue of gay marriage is settled and he is fine with that. His Supreme Court nominee was on the right side of the Hobby Lobby case but he was also a previous 10 year appointee of George W. Bush. Satan mixes lies with truth to catch us off guard and I keep wondering if this is what is going on that is so unsettling to me and makes me very wary of trusting all this. Joanie Stahl of Minute to Midnite said Trump was chosen 2 years prior to his running so that his immigration policies would bring in martial law via mass protests against forced deportations. Russ Dizdar in his book The Black Awakening tells of his encounters over many years with hundreds of chosen ones and "Babylon working babies" who are in the wings waiting to be activated for a mass multi city terror event much like the movie "London is Falling". Hollywood seems to give little previews of the future…..Rollerball, Blade Runner, several Simpson episode with Trump as president, etc. The nuclear event could be that nuclear weapons are used during this massive terror event that will dwarf 911. I hope and pray everyone will be alert and awake and that the unbelievers will turn to God very soon as this happens. Do you believe as others do that Obama is the Antichrist or a prelude to the unveiling of the Antichrist? Many of those posting on Z3 have said they have confirmation from God on this. I guess if he becomes the next UN secretary then it might be more probable.

  11. Personally I believe the event is a "false flag" nuke that is blamed on terrorists. It will be 10 times more destructive than anything ever seen so probably 2 million plus casualties.But He may have meant 10 times more than what weve ever seen in America which would mean over 30000 casualties. I am not clear on which He meant.

  12. I believe it will most likely be a nuke on a large city or gathering.
    "America The Event planned for your shores will be 10 times more destructive than anything you have ever seen before, for you have rejected Me and My ways and My laws.I will allow this so called terrorist act, so that your blinders will be removed and you will see the evil that runs this system of Babylon the great. All the games, charades and political theater will be over and your leaders will be shown for who they truly are. The fire of fury that will be unleashed will be astounding, but this will only be the beginning. Even worse disasters will come upon this land that once knew Me. Your entire banking system will begin to crumble after this first event. It will falter at first and then seem to stabilize for a season and then come crashing down never to recover again. Men shall riot, loot, steal and kill because of the lack of food. The people will cry out for protection from their government and martial law will be declared. Most will cry and weep for the days of old but they are never to return.
    And what of the one who was to make you great again? I AM the Great I AM!
    Disease, famine and civil war shall be upon your land and brother shall fight brother and father be against son. America, I tell you troops from other nations that are said to bring peace will divide your land and hold you captive. My city and My land will never be divided by you. I will NOT allow it! This land shall be divided by a great earthquake and the seas shall rise upon you O Babylon the great. War looms on the horizon even now as you concentrate on things that don't matter and will never come to pass. In the end America shall fall in one day and it shall be burnt from one end to the other. Then your false hope shall arrive from the heavens and most will take their mark and worship the beast because they did not know Me. Oh why America could you not see that I AM your Savior?" taken from

  13. Man…how utterly destructive this event must be — in order to cause (I'm assuming) a global-scale food shortage, in which BILLIONS will potentially die!

    I'm in no way denying the Lord in speculating here, but just exactly what kind of destruction could cause such a thing?? I mean, people all over have back yards where they can grow crops; even in the event of worldwide economic collapse, people still have their own private land to farm with.

    A fiery terrorist attack…? Nukes…Fukushima-like radiation…electromagnetic impulse?

  14. Won't be an earthquake, look for THE EVENT in other posts, the lord is very clear it is a "terrorist" (the quotes tend to imply false flag) attack 10x worst than anything we've seen. The worst I've seen is 200k+ killed back in 2000 or so with that Tsunami, so maybe some kind of terrorist attack that kills 2M people?

  15. Thank you, I was moved to tears by this word.
    Dear Jeff, since America is likely to suffer a massive breakdown first before it happens over here in Europe, perhaps you (or American Christians in general) should think about about a „message in a bottle“ to throw in the proverbial Atlantic Ocean. So people overseas have some meaningful last reflections from you guys to brood about.
    Would be a grim but fascinating document of history. Ah well, it was just a thought…

  16. Hi Jeff, I have had the Lord speak to me continuously for 18 months about an upcoming famine, NO FOOD, and about the country tearing itself apart (especially the cities) for food. I keep reading your blog and I'm thinking you have received the same? Famine, the Sword and Pestilence is in America's immediate future. Blessings, I really enjoy your blog, Andrew

  17. This is from memory of what He has told me but I believe He said it would be a fiery terrorist attack that will be 10x bigger than anything we have seen before. It will on our media 24/7. It will just be the beginning and I believe martial law will instituted and it will cause an economic collapse and it will involve America and have something to do with Israel. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.

  18. Thank you for posting this word. I glance over various blogs and sites of prophetic voices but something about yours resonates very deep within me and just seems to confirm many things the Lord puts in my heart.

    I know you've written about the "event" in previous postings. Can you quickly summarize what you believe it may be in light of this and previous revelations? I'm not sure if it's a natural event such as an earthquake or asteroid or something man made like a massive terrorist event or outbreak of war in Jerusalem/the middle east. I seem to remember the Lord showed you that there would be a massive terrorist event the likes of which we haven't seen before.

    I wouldn't suspect anyone knows the full revelation or nature of this but was wondering what your inkling is.

    Thank you and God bless you for these inspiring words.