2 Recent Dreams of Note

Here’s the 2 small dreams I have had recently.

The first one I had Jan 8th 2017.
I saw a large dam ( maybe the Hoover dam I don’t know ) and the water was rising so men began to built it higher and higher but the water kept on rising. It got to a point where the men could build the dam no higher and the water started spilling over the dam. Right then the dam exploded…

Dream over.

The second dream I had Jan 14th 2017.
I saw Obama and he was being led by 2 men that looked like secret service agents. He had one man under each of his arms and he was handcuffed. The men stood him in front a of another man who had a cream pie in his hand. The man with the cream pie threw it at Obama’s face. At the last possible second Obama ducked and it missed him. But to my surprise Donald Trump was standing behind him and he got hit in the face with the cream pie…
Dream over.

I have not gotten a definite interpretation of either of these dreams from the LORD but I believe that they may be from Him.
Please let me know if any of you have an interpretation of either one or both of these dreams.
Thank you and may the LORD bless you all with His wisdom and knowledge!
Jeff Byerly

PS – Please look in the comment section I have gotten some some excellent responses from some wonderful holy saints! If have confirmation or some thing else the Lord has given you please don’t hesitate to write a comment. Thank you all so much!


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  1. Miguel, I believe that many of these interpretations are correct and not just one, including yours.
    And yes we are running out of time!The dam is about to explode!

  2. The Holy Spirit filled Faithful sons and daughters who are praying and interceding throughout the years are the DAM. They are restraining ( Holy Spirit) the power of the darkness in taking over the whole world. Darkness keeps increasing ( water rising) and more prayer is being requested by our Lord Jesus as we gather more souls and we ( Bride of Jesus Christ) keep restraining the darkness ( dam being built higher) with our prayers. However, we are at tipping point/boiling point/ spilling of water due to increasing darkness and there’s not enough people praying. Only the people that have been awakened and aware of the late hour are the ones that are praying (Intercession and Travailing prayer).
    The explosion of dam is the Removal of the Bride/ RAPTURE/ removal of the restrainer : Holy Spirit and that’s when evil will be unleashed fully upon the Earth and the antichrist will have its way during the Great Tribulation. God have mercy on us. May people continue to Repent and turn to Jesus and accept him as their Saviour as we are at the tipping point. We are running out of time. The dam is about to explode.

  3. Hi, Jeff.
    I agree with West Coast Walter’s interpretation of the pie dream. In terms of the dream of the large dam breaking, I originally thought it physically meant a dam was going to break because of flooding from hurricanes. But I wonder if this simply means that God has now removed his hand of protection over America. Darkness will have its short time and judgments will pour out to wake up the church. But as we know, we already have the victory in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. But we are in the time of judgments and have to be ready for the great harvest. I live in Canada and there will be judgments here (and every country) to wake up the church. I’m thankful we still have these sites to help build each other up in Christ. But we need to work on our personal relationship so we can hear the Holy Spirit when our conveniences like the internet are cut off. God Bless.

  4. Gregg, I think you have some very good points, NO ONE can stop Yahshua from returning!
    Yes the Lord told me to repost this because I believe the time for these dreams taking place is drawing nigh.

  5. There have been some interesting interpretations and worth considering. As I read the dam dream again, it seemed a little different than others said. If men are trying to build the wall higher and higher, it is man’s efforts to block something. The water is an unstoppable force of “nature” as all of God’s weather, oceans, winds, etc. are. His power is awesome and our puny little walls or buildings can NOT stand up to his destruction when it comes.
    It seems like this is a picture of men trying to hold back what God is doing. Maybe this is satan using men to try to stop the inevitable return of Yeshua and the judgments that come with it? In a way it is similar to the Antichrist and his armies trying to fight against the Messiah when he comes with the armies from heaven on white horses!!! Unbelievable, but he will convince many to follow him to their destruction.
    The UN and the world call it Climate Change and are trying to stop things that are happening. HA. God is doing the hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes! The freak weather is coming from God for His purpose – to wake men up. Eventually natural disasters will be so great that people will KNOW it is from YHVH! Remember Pharaoh? It took a few plagues before he was convinced. His magicians could duplicate some of them, so they called it “natural”. Eventually they told him “This is the finger of God!” Exodus 8:19
    Yeshua is coming. God is turning up the heat on this earth to wake people up. We are a stubborn and stiff-necked people! He knows what it will take for many to fall to their knees. His mercy endures forever. He wants people saved. He knows they’ve been deceived and lied to in churches. He will do what no men will do for him. His OWN RIGHT HAND will work salvation out! As I looked up the verse for that, I found this:

    Isaiah 59:16 – “He saw that there was no man, And wondered that there was no intercessor; Therefore His own arm brought salvation for Him; And His own righteousness, it sustained Him.
    17 For He put on righteousness as a breastplate, And a helmet of salvation on His head; He put on the garments of vengeance for clothing, And was clad with zeal as a cloak.
    18 According to their deeds, accordingly He will repay, Fury to His adversaries, Recompense to His enemies; The coastlands He will fully repay.
    19 So shall they fear The name of the LORD from the west, And His glory from the rising of the sun; When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Spirit of the LORD will lift up a standard against him.”

    And this:

    Ezekiel 22:30 – “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.
    31 Therefore have I poured out mine indignation upon them; I have consumed them with the fire of my wrath: their own way have I recompensed upon their heads”, saith the Lord GOD.

    I was remembering the good part – where God did the saving. But both passages end with judgment coming with a fury. Oh that there was a man who would stand in the gap like Moses of old; like Samuel, Daniel, Jeremiah and others. God will raise one or more when it is time. If not…?

    Interesting that YHVH had you post this again. Clearly it was for a reason.

    Yehovah bless you all and keep you.

  6. While I was reading the dam vision, on 10/25/18, I was thinking about an economy built on debt collapsing, like you were back in 1/16/17. Maybe God is trying to add more witnesses to this kind of meaning, for the dam vision.

  7. Hi Jeff,
    I don’t know if you will read this post or not?? But, check out TheJonathanKleck on You Tube. In one of his videos, he prophesies about the Hoover Dam and NYC. Also, look up “SecretMysteryBusted” which is one of his earlier video sites. That is where the original prophecy is located. It is quite chilling. He prophesies about Obama becoming president before the election, Hoover Dam and NYC.
    God bless and thank you for all your obedience and service to the Lord.

  8. Hi Jeff
    In regard to your dam dream. Every time the Lord has given me a dream of water it has always meant it represents the world and its evil. How I see your dream is the world’s evil has reached its fullness – what has held it back is weakened and within a very short time there isn’t anything left to hold it back. This evil will be unstoppable.
    I also registered on your site as I have a message to post but I am unable to do so – unsure if it is my computer, or I am just too computer illiterate to know how! Would you have an email address I can send it to so if you deem it ok you can post it?

  9. So I just got this thought in my head when I read the 2nd dream you had.

    Obama is handcuffed because he is being controlled by Satan and is not his own. The men on either side of him are part of the elite that Obama is also a part of. They are working with Satan to make Obama the antichrist. Trump is the puppet and when the “bad things” happen, Obama dodges the blame and makes Trump the fall guy, hence the pie in the face.

  10. But I am really interested that you describe it as "exploding." The California government seems to be purposely mismanaging the dam and maybe they get tired of waiting for it to bust naturally and then plant a bomb in secret to guarantee it breaks.

  11. Thank you brother Thomas!
    I will make a couple of corrections though. I had a dream about the dam, not a prophesy and it has not come true as of yet because the dam has not broken.
    God Bless You!

  12. Just heard you on Tribulation-Now. Thanks so much for your work. I am really blown away that you on January 15th Prophesied what is now happening in California. Praise God!!! The real test of a prophet is that the prophesies come true.

  13. God is always merciful. Over many months, I had been praying that God would be merciful during His judgments. Recently, He spoke to me and said, "I will not NOT be merciful." For those of us who are blessed to hear from the Lord, from time to time, this is the way He speaks to us (at least to me), by stating something that I have to wade through to get to the exact message He wants me to hear. This, I believe, is His way of keeping me from just thinking, "Was that you, Lord?"

  14. Yes Amen! We want to pray the Father has mercy DURING the judgment because they ARE going to happen…FATHER we know not your perfect time for your judgments to take place but we pray for your pefect will for the people in California. If the judgment is to happen now, so be it. We pray Lord that many people will cry out to you during this time and that you will send angels to save them and take them home to you Father! In Jesus' Holy name we pray AMEN!

  15. Thank you for highlighting these dreams! It has only been one month since these were posted and I had completely forgotten! Father have mercy on Oroville, her people and all of California.

  16. Dear Jeff it seems you could have been given a pre warning of the Oroville Dam crisis that is far from over especially as storms are on the way to bring more unwanted rain and snow melt to the ongoing problem…

    The dream about Obama in Handcuffs …Chuckles that would be a dream come true…! and Trump taking his punishment of a custard pie seems to imply that poor Trump ends up taking the heat for Obama's mess as he ducks out of the way to receiving his judgement…

  17. Obama is controlled as well as controlling. His choices have led him to his position now. Men shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. They cannot kill him, but show him flack (their emotions). As a leader, Trump will have to deal with the flack of past choices (his and others). Be not deceived, whatsoever a man [or a Nation full of them] soweth, that shall he reap. Pray for your leaders, your city, yourself, your body -the believers. Sow righteousness, forgive others, put time and effort into your relationship with Jesus Christ and receive His Spirit, peace, forgiveness, love, joy, counsel, revelation, wisdom, patience etc. Everything that you need. This is what you have done, and it is so important, as it is in all relationships. He who endures to the end, the same shall be saved. These are the thoughts that come to me without having seen the other interpretations. God Bless you.

  18. Thank you, Jeff, for sharing! I also receives dreams from the LORD and many times your blog posts have been confirmations of what I also have been shown!!

    A few years ago I heard a 'word' while sleeping:

    "a crack in the Hoover Dam'

    I never really understood what it meant, but in the past year or so, I have seen and heard other people on Youtube also receive dreams, words or visions about the Hoover Dam. I think Jonathan Kleck was one of them.

    Blessings, dear brother!
    Elizabeth Marie
    [Youtube channel: latterrain333]

  19. I don't have any words or revelations from God (although I see that those who apparently have, seem to have differing interpretations!), but your dreams make ready sense on a basic level and I think it's fairly close to Bridget and Steve's analysis.

    Firstly, the dam breaking could easily mean that "all hell breaks loose" kind of thing.

    Your 2nd dream then would give the time frame: when Obama is led out of office. The reason he is handcuffed is that his hands are figuratively tied, there is no more he can do (as President) as he is literally on the way out, escorted too.

    Finally, as someone else also noted, the "mess" that would have been Obama's is now Trump's. (Perhaps afterwards, Trump will be further made a comical spectacle of derision and the laughing stock of the world, but of course, it won't be any laughing matter at all.)

    Immediately interpreting it as literally Hoover Dam seems far to easy a way out. If God had meant it to be that dam, he would have clearly told you. No second guessing needed. Same thing with the natural inclination to lump it in with Gods judgment b/c of anti-Israel vote or some tsunami with LA (not that that may not happen later but I don't think your dream is about it).

  20. This was sent to me via email on Jan 13 2017

    Good morning.

    I thought I would share this with just a few of you, simply to see if you have any insight or wisdom from Abba. I have been praying and seeking the Wisdom and Understanding of Elohim.

    Early this week on Sunday night and Monday night I believe it was. I don't know if you would call it a dream but sometimes it's just like I hear God talking to me in my sleep. And I saw what look like a Dam. And all I heard was Hoover dam.

    The next night in my sleep, Abba was talking to me about doors. And I remembered a very very vivid dream I had about a year ago, that I wrote down in my journal. I saw in my dream three plain brown wood doors side-by-side by side.., and they were closed. They had no hardware. There was no way to open them and no way to close them.

    But when I looked at these doors and I specifically heard Abba say to me… that "these are doors that Only He can close and that Only He can open." And suddenly I heard "Noahs Ark."

    I've been praying. I don't know why I would think of Hoover Dam on my own. I had not seen or read if anything about it for some time. I know others have had visions and dreams about the Hoover dam. I did not get any specification as to what it was regarding Hoover dam… other then it's not good. In my spirit I just know it's not good. I sense that there's something being definitely planned. I did some research and looked up some things regarding the Hoover dam and I know about the $50 bill. I did research what the consequences would be if that dam would be broken and destroyed. It would be devistating.

    Another thing I found interesting was the watchmen name Kim Weir, shared this week and also mentioned about doors being closed in reference to Noah's ark.

    And then last night I was listening to the message on Omega Man with Benjamin Baruch, and he shared a dream he had on Monday night and then he said that God will be closing doors.

    Anyways. If you would take this to prayer and if there's any thing that Abba gives you or confirms something maybe you can share with me and that would be wonderful. I KNOW you hear from Him too!

    I'm just seeking His insight. And how to pray.

    I also know that He has me heavily praying for more exposures to be done. And more truth to be revealed. The secrets of the enemy to be exposed. And the plans of the enemy to be revealed to His people so we are prepared. And not surprised.

    Ok. I pass on to you. May the Holy Spirit give us discernment and understanding in all that is His Truth! And I agree to take captive every imagination that would exalt itself above the mind of Yahshua!!! Amen!

    Blessings and Love in Messiah,
    to you my Brothers and Sisters!!!
    Shalom Shalom

  21. This was sent to me via email:

    This morning he told me it meant that all the lies man is holding back will soon come crashing down. The Truth will be exposed, just as the bedrock is exposed once the water rushes from the dam that has busted opened.

    I would take that to mean EVERYTHING

    Financial Lies
    Political Lies
    War Lies
    NASA lies
    Gov Lies

    I think it is already happening.

  22. This is a reply I received via email.

    Hi, Jeff,

    I am writing to you about the recent dreams you posted on your blog.

    The dream in which you saw a dam breaking, when I asked the Lord about it, I believe I received the following words in my spirit: That dam will break when the earthquake hits.

    When I enquired as to which dam, I received, "Hoover Dam." Of course, I'll readily admit that I am not aware of any of the other dams in the United States, so it just could have been my imagination.

    And I don't know if it is related to this dream of yours, but on Aug 27, 2016, while meditating on Revelation 18, I received the following:

    Los Angeles will be the first to go. She will sink into the sea, deep into the sea and will never be seen of or heard of again. This is the earthquake I told you about. When it strikes, Los Angeles will be the first to go. But it will not be the only earthquake to strike the country of the United States.

    I am striving to live holy before the Lord, Jeff, because I believe it impacts how clearly I hear from him. So, if in any of these things, the Lord leads you to correct me or even tells you that I heard wrong, please feel free to write back saying so.

    I am blessed to have the opportunity to share with you.

    With love and prayers in Christ,

  23. Jeff – I'm sorry, but I don't know how else to communicate with you. I learned something (actually several things) today that I did not know about what's going on in Paris regarding the meeting of 70 nations. You simply must watch this YouTube video. https://youtu.be/ltgQnz1bEMM please watch it. This spiritual pastor (whom I have followed for some time now, has some amazing insights to what is going on in France.

  24. I suspect the scenario mentioned by both Bridget and HolySpiritwind is true. Same thing happened here in Blighty with Tony Blair, when he knew it was all going to go pear shaped he got on the bus and let Gordon Brown take over and Brown got the blame for the mess, same thing with Manchester United ( A very succesful football team ) ( Footbal that you use your feet with not your hands ) Alex ferguson was the manager but when he knew the era of greatness was ending and the team would need rebuilding, he departed and no manager since has been able to take them to those heights with a number being sacked thus far as failures.

  25. Jeff could the dam dream be the derrivatives. The elite and their minions having to throw more and more debt at the derrivative problem until it becomes to big and overwhelms them and us (1.4 quadrillion in derrivative debt estimated).

    Dream 2, Trump will wear and get hit with Obamas mess.


  26. I do believe I may have the interpretations. The first dream is based on the wrath that is como to America because of her betrayal to Israel which may include the expected tsunami everyone is talking about. The second dream is that since Obama has just one week left Trump will be getting the consequences of the betrayal to Israel as he will be in charge of the country and that is why Obama missed it.

  27. Jeremy also added"It was something that jumped out in my spirit.  Because a while back I'd heard rumblings of ISIS possibly going to break the dam in Nineveh to flood the city.  Then I remembered that there was a scripture about it."

  28. Jeremy Black of the Rejoice and Again I say Rejoice Facebook page says "Nahum 1:8 But with an overflowing flood
    He will make an utter end of its place,
    And darkness will pursue His enemies."

  29. Well Bridget, that is what most of my friends and family as well as myself think the interpretation is. I think the dam is holding back the ever growing debt that America has amassed, especially under Obama and yes I believe Trump (if he makes it into office) will see it blow up in his face even though I thought Obama was the one it would hit.
    God Bless you!

  30. Obama has been destroying the economy and Trump is set up to take the fall with egg (pie?) all over his face.
    The economy is definitely going to fail under Trump if/when Trump gets in.
    I think that's what it could mean?

  31. Thanks Greg, good insite!
    Yes Obama in handcuffs may be wishful thinking but I am beginning to think the 2 men are his handlers.They are the one who control him.

  32. Tthe dam dream could indicate that nothing can now stop overwhelming judgment to fall. If it was the Hoover dam, it could mean the USA. If another dam, it could mean all nations including the USA. There is no place to run from judgment as it will be worldwide.

    obama in handcuffs…wishful thinking? 🙂

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