Raindrops on a Window


I was given a short dream as I awoke this morning.

It was about rain drops on a car window.

The first rain drop I noticed was traveling down the window and as it did it made a sort of jagged or zigzag pattern, running into other raindrops along the way but then moving again and again running into other raindrops along the way. It finally made it to the bottom of the window after quite a while.

The second rain drop that I noticed hit the window and went straight down without touching any other rain drops along the way. Before this raindrop made it to the bottom of the window it had left so much of itself on the window that it was gone.

The interpretation of this dream is as follows:

The car window is the world.

Each one of us is a raindrop.

The bottom of the window is the finish line.

We are to be like the first rain drop touching others along our path and whereby filling ourselves with more water which is the Holy Spirit which is what happens when we touch others.

The second type of person moves fast but the world erodes him quickly also because he doesn’t refill himself by touching others and he does not finish the race even though he went much faster at first.

Be like the first raindrop and finish the race that has been set before you BY touching others with the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit which is inside of you.

Update 12:15 PM
Brother Sujit shared with me another interpretation of this dream that he and I believe that the Lord gave him while he read the dream. I very different but also I believe it is correct as well. We need to realize that sometimes when the Lord gives us things it is deeper than we first realize. This is most times true when reading the scriptures as well. The depth of God’s word is amazing!

Interpretation 2:

“The car window is this life, its bottom is the end of this life, and people are the raindrops. The path the raindrops take to the bottom of the car window is every individual’s walk with Christ. The size of each raindrop is how much of the world is in each person.

As we make our way through life, God purges and prunes us so that we may bear more fruit. If we keep our focus on God, then we remain on a straight path not wavering to the left or to the right, and God faithfully prunes us until there is nothing or very little of the world left in us. If we fail to keep our focus on God, then we stumble through life on a zig-zag path, and while God is faithful to continue to prune us as much as we allow him to, we end up at the finish line with more of the world in us.

So, when our works are tested by fire, there is nothing or very little in the second raindrop to burn away and the person suffers little to no loss, but the first raindrop has a lot more to be burned away and therefore suffers much loss.”

I believe the Holy Spirit also told me there is even more to this small dream. If you have anything from the Lord to add please email me at holyspiritwind@gmail.com or leave a comment.
Thank you and
God Bless You All,

Jeff Byerly


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