You are now in the Beginning of the Great Deception

11-13 and 11-14-16

My darling beloved children, this is your Almighty Abba Father.
The world that you live in now is so evil that you cannot believe what you are seeing with your eyes or hearing with your ears. What I show you in the Spirit is truth, for I AM the source of truth. If you are of My Spirit it will bear witness in your spirit and with My Holy Spirit that lives within you that these words are truth. The physical man cannot know things of the Spirit, but you are not carnal you are spiritual and the Holy Spirit reveals to you all things pertaining to righteousness, holiness and Godliness.
You are now in the beginning of the great deception and many will fall away because they will be offended at Me because of the things that are happening and even more will fall away because of what will happen very quickly. The deception is growing ever more, each and every day. Those who do not seek Me and know Me are being deceived. Do not let your mind be clouded in the darkness that is on this world and the even blacker darkness that comes very soon.
The “church of America” and even many around the world have cried out to Me and I have given them the man that they have requested of Me. I have done this before, for the nation of Israel too, I was to be their only leader and I spoke to My people through My prophets, for at the time My Spirit did not reside in all of My people. The people kept crying out, so I  gave them a king named Saul. I gave them what they wanted but it was not My perfect will for them. My perfect will is that I would reign as king over My people, My church and that they would look to Me for what they need and not a man. Not long from now I will reign over all of the earth on My throne from Jerusalem, for I AM coming again.
This man who claims that he will make America great again, speaks many words that your ears want to hear and much of it is the truth. He speaks much more truth than the lying Jezebel and her partner the king of Babylon the great. I tell you the truth My people, that they are ALL of the beast system of this world. The ones that you can see are the puppets but the forces driving them is much more evil than even them. They are the unseen hands of Satan himself and there are very few that know who they are, but I KNOW ALL AND SEE ALL ! THEY WILL NOT HIDE FROM ME ON THE GREAT AND TERRIBLE DAY OF THE LORD!
None of the things that I have told you before have been delayed or cancelled, all is going just as I have planned it. Just because it is different from how you thought these things would transpire, do not for a moment think that this generation is not under the hand of My judgment. The great shaking will commence when the man whom I have given, is taken away. As it has been written My church will be shaken first and then the world. I AM the Lord that gives and then takes away and My thoughts and ways are higher than yours. Yes they are past your finding out in this realm that you are in, but when you see Me as I AM all that you now long to know will be revealed.
As I have said you are only in the beginning of the great deception, for when those that are coming to the earth arrive and claim that they are your creators, it will be the end. I tell you all of these things so that you will not be deceived and that you do not fear for I AM with you and I shall defeat the enemy through you, if you have faith and do not fear. There is nothing that you cannot do when I strengthen you. Remember when you are weak I AM strong. Keep yourselves humble before Me as you kneel and prostrate yourselves before Me you gain My strength.
My beloved children I want you to come sit with Me and draw close to Me now. This is your only protection. Any earthly preparation that you have made will not last through the time that fast approaches. When you cry out to me with all of your heart, I will supply all of your needs out of My unlimited provision from the storehouses in heaven.

Your Daddy YHWH


7 thoughts on “You are now in the Beginning of the Great Deception”

  1. Yes it is Trump. The Lord puts all kings in their place of authority. Trump is not a righteous king though, he is also part of the judgment on America.

  2. Time is short
    We must honour and obey the LORD with all urgency, seeking him in true repentance and holiness.
    The signs of the times are all around us, yet few perceive.
    The hour is late and the bridegroom cometh!

  3. Bob, I would like to tell you for 100% certainty that this is Donald Trump but I cant. We will have to wait and see, but MY OWN guess is Trump.
    Blessings my brother!

  4. The great shaking will commence when the man whom I have given, is taken away. Jeff, who is this man? I can't figure it out. Bob

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