Dream/vision – Barack Obama Signs Paper and Gives Hillary Election

11-7-16 Updated 12-12-16
                                              ***WARNING / DISCLAIMER***
I am in NOT saying that the following dream/vision that I am about to share IS from the LORD but I am saying that it MIGHT be. It could also be a product of my own mind. I will say that I received this dream/vision during my normal prayer and worship time at about 7 AM EST on 11-7-16. If the events in the dream/vision take place I will say that it was probably from the LORD, if not I hope you find it entertaining. I will also say that I believe that this dream/vision is figurative and not literal, but I could be wrong. Normally I would take a few days and pray on this but there is not time for that right now, although I hope once you read this dream/vision you will take it before the LORD and pray about it. 
Thank You and God Bless all of you!
Jeff Byerly

The dream/vision:
I saw Barack Obama at what I thought was the DNC post election party. He was alone at the podium and his suit coat is off, he has a white shirt and tie on with his sleeves rolled up. His hands are on both off the top corners of the podium and his whole body is bent down so he is able to speak directly into the microphone. He had that evil smirk on his face that he always has when he’s up to something even more evil than normal.

 Then Obama says “The Russians think that they got us, but I’m here to tell you it isn’t so.They think that I’m going to allow Donald Trump to be president?! NOT ON MY WATCH! I wanna see a show of hands, how many here want Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the United States of America?” Every hand goes up in a fervor of cheering, jumping and applause. Then he continued “Because we cannot accept the results of this election because the results have been tampered with by the Russians, I will declare the winner!” He then reaches down and pulls out a piece of paper (which I assume is an executive order that has been made up ahead of time but that’s only a guess ) and a pen and signs his name on the bottom and then he holds up the paper in one hand and and Hillary’s hand in the other,  and says “I declare Hillary Clinton as the winner of the 2016 presidential election!” 
Dream/vision over.

Update 11-25-16

Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say


Jill Stein, liberals seek voting hack investigation

Update 12-9-16
Obama orders ‘full review’ of election-related hacking http://www.politico.com/story/2016/12/obama-orders-full-review-of-election-relate-hacking-232419

Update 12-12-16
Are They Planning To Use ‘Russian Interference’ As An Excuse To Invalidate Trump’s Election Victory?http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/archives/secret-agenda-are-they-planning-to-use-russian-interference-as-an-excuse-to-invalidate-trumps-election-victory

BREAKING: Democrats File TREASON Charges Against Trump, FBI, Giuliani Over Russia



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