The Father is Searching for You


A message from the Father:

Children it’s getting very dark outside in the world and I am calling you. You’ve been playing outside in the world for too long, it’s time to come in to The Father’s house. There is safety and comfort here and the evil ones who seek to destroy you cannot touch you here. Why have you let your lamps go out? Come to me and I will give you fresh oil for your lamps! If you wait any longer the darkness will envelope you and you will not see your way back to me.
There is a false light that is burning ever brighter. Soon it will shine so brightly that it will seem to be My Son, your savior Jesus. If you are closer to the false light than to Me, you will go to that light and not to Me.
My voice is still and small, though I AM the creator of everything including you. I have nothing to prove. Please quiet yourself and hear My voice. I will never scream and yell at you like the enemy.
When you hear My voice you will have peace in your spirit, and rivers of living water flow from your innermost being.
I love you more than you can ever know, please don’t reject me.
Your enemy Satan or the devil, who was once called Lucifer, has told so many lies about Me that most of you don’t know what to believe anymore. He is the father of all lies and there was no evil before him. He is the cause of the horrible things that happen on the this earth, I made everything perfect before he caused man to sin. Sin brought death into the world, before this, nothing died. Man was in perfect communion with me and we walked together in the garden in the cool of the evening. Man knew only life and light and even glowed with my glory. There was perfect peace on earth and even the animals were in harmony with each other and man. Vegetation just grew and there was no need for plowing and sowing – just pick and eat. This is the world that I wanted for all of you!
As the remedy for sin and death, I sent My Son Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach, to die for your sin, He and I are one. You don’t have to die spiritually, I offer you everlasting life once again, as it was in the beginning. Accept My sacrifice, follow Me with all of your heart and I will help you overcome your sin. Once you really know Me you won’t want to go against My commandments. My commandments are all for your good and I give you My Holy Spirit to lead and guide you into all truth. If you are truly following My Spirit you will automatically follow My commandments without even thinking about them. If you make a mistake, just ask for forgiveness and I will forgive you immediately, if you mean it with all of your heart. I AM who judges the heart!
Those who say they follow Me but love to stay in their fleshly, sinful ways are not Mine and I will say to them depart from Me you never knew Me. When you know Me you will love Me and My commandments and they will not be difficult to follow. You will have love for Me and for your fellow man and you will not do things just to be seen by man.
I tell you My love is inside of all those who are Mine. Those who call themselves by My name yet commit evil abominations will be punished more severely than anyone else. The church that claims to worship Me, but actually worships Lucifer the fallen one who is Satan, your true dark and evil ways will be brought into the light before everything is said and done. You have given Me a bad name for long enough!
Child, I am searching for you now, please come back to Me. You are on the threshold of the darkest time that the earth has ever known. I have to allow terrible things to happen to this world because of the abundance of sin on the earth. All will be shown that this is the last chance to get to know Me. I invite you now to seek protection and peace in My secret place where the enemy cannot come.
Let me hug you and tell you how much I love you!
I will never force you.
Please come now!
I plead with you!

Your Loving Daddy God