I AM Your only Savior Look to Me and Live


I have already spoken to you and My other true prophets and voices about the things that are coming upon your county (America) and the world.
The whole earth is Babylon but there is only one Babylon the great. The entire system is going to be brought down.
I have said it many times before. Who has listened? Where is your heart?
Where is the repentance that is required, there is no turning away from sin!
You pray that I will save this worldly system so that you can save your comfortable way of life?
You say “We need more time Lord!”
What have you done with the time that I have given you?
Did you fall on your face in sackcloth and ashes in repentance to Me, for your sin and the sin of your nation? I AM a holy God and I AM not mocked!
Once again I will remind you that everyone will reap what they have sown.
Many say that these words are hard, we cannot listen or read them!
Many look for those who are prophesying a “good word”.
Good for what? Gratifying your flesh and sending you to hell?
Can you not discern that this the error of Balaam?

I tell you the truth because I love you!
Love is not always kissy and huggy.
Sometimes love is tough and correction and discipline are in order.
I will do everything in My power to keep those that I have created from eternal punishment.
I never made hell for any man yet most choose it because they love their sin.
I Am the way the truth and the life and I paid the price and took your punishment.
Yet if you do not turn from the sins that you cling to I will turn the punishers on you, hoping you will turn and repent and look to Me as your savior.

I will shake this country and this world so hard that everyone will feel it!
Everyone will see who is in control, but what will they choose?
Drop the things of this world out of your hand and raise your hands up to Me in surrender.
All who surrender to Me will be placed upon the solid rock and will not be shaken.
You cannot climb upon this rock without My help, for it is too high for you.
There is no man or beast that I have sent to save you.
I AM your only savior look too Me and live.


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