This World is not All There is!


All who seek wealth and worldly possessions are going to soon find out that they cannot save them.
These things will slip through their hands like sand through their fingers. They will try to grasp and grab and end up with nothing. Mark 8:35-36 For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?
Everything that you give to Jesus you will get back in due time, either in this world or the next. Do not lose perspective as the disasters and calamities strike this world with devastating force. These things have been written and they must be so.
Please understand that if the terrible events coming were not to happen well over 90% of men’s souls would be lost.

This world is not all there is!
This world is a matrix, a vapor that is fleeting, it is also a testing ground.
There is so much more, you will see!
Your gold and silver will not save you.
Your best made plans will not save you.
Your weapons will not save you.
Your stock piles of food and water will not save you.
Your bunkers and hiding places will not save you.
Your religion cannot save you.

God hates religion for it is man’s attempt to come to Him in man’s own way, when Jesus made the only way, and He is the truth, and He is the source of all life.
Jesus is our only hope and our only salvation, all that are lost are found in Him.
All have sinned and gone astray, everyone to his own way.
Jesus’ love for us is what held Him on the cross, dying for your sins and for mine.

All He asks is that you cry out His name with all of your heart and trust in, cling to and rely on Him. Jesus loves you so much that you cannot even comprehend it with your human understanding. He wants you to talk to Him and tell Him the things that are on your heart.  He wants you to love Him because it is the best thing for you. He wants to have a relationship with Him. He is your creator and He knows you inside and out. He wants you to know Him in this way. He wants to be intimate with you and put His Spirit inside of you. He is always willing but He will not force you to love Him and most don’t. Hell is a place for those who reject, hate and despise Him, though it was never meant for any of His creation to go. It was made for Satan and the fallen angels but if you reject Him you will go to be with the one that you have chosen. I hope and pray that you choose Jesus.

This is the time of the end of this age.
This is the time of the beginning of the kingdom of Jesus Christ.
Surrender to Jesus today, you will never regret that you did.


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