I have used Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for My purposes.

Received 8-14 through 8-17-16

These words were given to me by the Holy Spirit.

I do not give My words to My prophets so that they can be popular. My words do not only speak of blessings but they warn of the consequences of living outside the boundaries that I have prescribed for what is best for you, My commandments. My word is sharper than any double edged sword, in fact it is like a laser beam. My words divide between the soul and the spirit. They are a discerner of every thought and intent of the heart. Those things that are of your soul must be laid down at My feet. Those things that are of the Spirit is all that will last, for they are eternal.

My true words from My prophets are profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. This applies to My written word as well as My spoken word, they will never contradict each other. My kingdom will stand forever and My true voices will not just tickle ears, they will tear down everything that exalts itself against Me and My kingdom. My words will also build up the child of God who is seeking Me, My kingdom and all of My righteousness and holiness. My aim is always redemption and reconciliation of all who hear or read My words.

The words that are proceeding from My throne are not kind ones to the kingdoms of this world for they are against Me. They want to rule this world with the one whom they believe is God and their god is not Me. No kingdom will ever be great without Me.
I am going to tear them all down, for they rise up against Me.
Children don’t you see that I AM the one who allows every king, ruler, prime minister, president, dictator and every other leader?
I allow the good and the bad leaders. When a country has done good in My sight, I give them a good leader and the country prospers. When a country does evil in My sight, I give them an evil leader and the country goes though a time of hardship and lack so that My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.
Now I have given you evil leaders.
Do you see the countries that once knew Me and followed My ways returning to Me?
You know in your hearts that the answer is no, so what am I to do?
Do I continue to bless countries who have fallen away from Me even more?
I can use Pharaoh as well as Cyrus.
I can use Nebuchadnezzar as well as David.
I can use Herod as well as Caesar.

I have allowed Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot and Kim Jong Un to rule.

I have used Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for My purposes.
If you are wise you know My choice. I AM now choosing the ones who will cause the most people to turn back to Me, for most of this world has fallen away.

I AM in control!

Do you trust Me?
Or do you question My judgement?
If so you do not know My ways!
Your comfort and ease are of little concern to Me.
I care for your eternal destiny more than your earthly pleasures.
Things will not be as they have always been. Lightning will strike and all will be changed.
These things will “hit home” and you will need to rely on Me alone.
I desire that all would come to know Me as their savior, father, lover, best friend and provider.
I shed My own blood so that this could be possible.
Many of you will face death and I will be right there with you when you call My name, Jesus.
The sand in the hourglass has almost run out.

I AM the loving, caring, merciful, righteous, long-suffering, holy,
merciful, just, all seeing, all knowing, all powerful GOD of gods.


5 thoughts on “I have used Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for My purposes.”

  1. It is very true satana and fallen angels roam the earth. He is using Jesus christ’name in order to decieve human kind.e.g in the name of Jesus be healed. Iam spiritual iam in touch with my spirit I know spiritual things.

  2. The 4 hidden dynasties of satan, 1. ALL economies of the world, 2. The educations system 3. he controls ALL governments of every nation 4. ALL religions including many Christian denominations churches with false doctrines .. Zech 18-21 Then I lifted I up mine eyes and saw and behold four horns. And I said unto the angel that talked with me, "What be these?" And he answered me, "These are the horns which have scattered Judah, Israel, and Jerusalem. It is written, the BEAST SYSTEM THE ECONOMIES WILL RECEIVE A DEADLY WOUND. The economy and the new world order need that wound in order for satan to make his entrance from the heavens, the stars fall from heaven, reference, the fallen angels, stars are symbolic of angels, book of job declares that. God is destroying this empires in order for the coming kingdom of God, Jesus, the thousand year reign…. The end is not a bad thing, it is the end of Lucifer ruling the earth (flesh age) and the beginning of Jesus Christ coming back as the Messiah, and True King. Im hoping the economy falls by May 2017, the beginning of WWIII, Israel, it's all centered around Israel being the focal point, and the anti-Christ coming, why do you think the Vatican has an observatory named "Lucifer", these Satanists (tares) that control the world know that satan is coming soon as Jesus, and he will destroy many in "peace and prosperity", book of Daniel declares that, the tribulation is coming, and it is for "Christians", the time of Jacobs trial, satan comes first, Hollywood (left behind series) has brained washed the world with false doctrines and people believe the things that are put out there, understanding that satan uses every tool in his possession to deceive, including LOVE, PEACE, PROSPERITY TO FOOL THE MASSES, ONLY 144,000 WHO HAVE the seal of God know this, and it was appointed unto to them to make their final stand, AS THE PYAMRID OF GIZA AT ONE TIME HAD 144,000 WHITE PILARS (church of Philadelphia and church of Smyrna) and Jesus being the chief corner stone, they will show their truth and loyality for they have not being tainted with false doctrines of man, it is written, and no, Obama, was only a TYPE of antichrist, just as some have a spirit of Elijah, as john the Baptist, a type, so if people believe Obama as an antichrist, then naturally when satan comes as Jesus, they will believe him to be the Messiah, especially cause satan will be an spiritual entity, just as his fallen angels, it is written, the book of enoch declares them and everywhere in the bible, I hope it's this year!!! 5 months, rev 9, God gave them, satan and the fallen angels 5 months to deceive, then the end comes!!! We'll see what the year brings!!!! AS LONG AS WE ARE IN OUR FLESH BODIES. WE WILL NOT SEE THE TRUE KING, IT IS WRITTEN FLESH AND BLOOD CANNOT ENTER THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN , MY fellow Christians, the 'OIL' OF GOD'S TRUTH IS THEIR IN HIS WORD

  3. Yes He gave that to me back in August 2016 and I did not get the whole meaning of it. Lets face it, back then I thought Barack Obama would stay in the presidency until the end.
    I am just now beginning to figure things out that He said.
    Always remember, we know nothing yet as we ought!

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