The LORD is Not Nationalistic and Shows No Form of Favoritism


This morning as I was listening to a prayer show the Holy Spirit as convicted me that the LORD is not nationalistic and shows no form of favoritism. America is no better than any other country in the eyes of the LORD. In fact it can be argued that America is WORSE than any other country as far as being backslidden and delighting in her fleshly sins of gluttony, pride, lust, greed and hard heartedness. Her new laws are an abomination in the sight of the LORD and she spreads her filth around the world, making countries who deal with her conform to these demonic laws.
America you have been the king of nations and now you are “the queen”!
Pray for all of the lost in all countries of the world and pray that “the lost” that are killed in the judgments will be revealed the name of Jesus so that they can cry out to His name. Also pray that the LORD will show mercy in His judgment until the cup of His wrath is poured out.

Also The LORD gave me this short revelation early yesterday morning, before I was fully awake .
“When the name of Jesus is spoken OUT LOUD, the Holy Spirit is released into the spiritual atmosphere , light and life are released and darkness and death FLEE.”

Shout out the name above every name; JESUS!

Love and Peace,
Jeff Byerly

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