Beloved the Time is Now!


Beloved the time is now!
These are the days of which it has been written nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light. For it was told to Daniel that the words were sealed up until the time of the end. You are now in that time, so I give you understanding. The wise shall understand but the wicked shall not understand. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, those who don’t fear Me are fools. I give to ALL who ask of Me for wisdom with a pure heart. I do not play favorites! If it seems that I do you must get your own heart right with Me.
Most of the mysteries in My word have been corrupted by men that try to make their own doctrines without the guidance of My Holy Spirit. The carnal mind cannot understand spiritual things.
I AM not the God of confusion!
If you read or listen to a word of prophecy or a doctrine that is not of Me you will feel uneasy in your spirit. That is Me telling you that it is not of Me.
If this is the case, stop reading or listening Immediately! Otherwise your spirit will be polluted and your vision will be clouded and your hearing will be severely hindered. My Spirit of truth will always be there to help you unless you ignore and grieve Him. Sadly I have had to give many over to their to their false beliefs because they love the lies that they believe. My words never conflict with each other for I do not speak with a forked tongue as a slithering serpent who constantly lies, for I cannot lie.
If you would only ask, seek and knock!
My children you must seek and keep on seeking, ask and keep on asking, and knock until the door is opened to you. I will always answer if it is with all of your heart.
I see the end of this age from where I sit, I AM your head and you are My body. Each one of My body is already seated here with Me in the spirit. I AM not bound by time or space as you are in the physical realm and neither are you in the Spirit. When you are  intimate with Me, I take you up with Me in the Spirit. This is where I tell you My secrets, when you are resting in me and sitting at My feet in the Spirit. I do not speak to you when you are anxious and fearful, for that spirit is not of Me. My perfect love casts out fear. I give you power and love and a mind that is focused and clear. Renew your mind in Me daily and as much as possible through out the day. Sing hymns, songs and spiritual songs to Me, walking and praying always in the Spirit. I will give you strength that will sustain you through these dark times on earth. This way you will not miss any of My outpourings for your vessel with be in alignment with the source of power, love, light and life and I will pour into you from My endless supply.
I have called you to overcome the world, because I have. Anything that I have done you can do and more because I AM with the Father and so are you!
Now is not the time to give up. In fact it never has been for I have won the victory for you. Satan is a defeated foe, you need only to enforce the victory that I have won.
That is done in My name, Jesus Christ, by the power of My blood.
Proclaim the things that you have learned from Me in secret now and shout them from the rooftops and throughout the world wide web!
For this is the time that many are running to and fro, and knowledge has increased.
This is the time of the end.
I AM with you always!

Jesus Christ
Yeshua Ha Mashiach


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