Anything They can do I can do Better Through My Bride

The Lord spoke to me this morning in my regular worship and prayer time. For the first sentence of this message He took me into a dreamlike state that some would likely call a trance. His voice almost seemed audible to me, and after He spoke it I snapped back into a normal worshipful state. The rest of the message was given to me in pieces throughout the day.
This message is for His bride .
Anything they (the evil ones) can do I can do better through My bride. Be not afraid!
(He brought astral projection to My mind, but it is not at all limited to that.)
They are afraid of you. Soon you will realize both what kind and the amount of power that is within you. I do not give you My power to use indiscriminately. It is not for doing magic tricks or for financial gain. I give you My power to build My Kingdom and to save that which is lost.
When there is no other way the people will turn to you and you will show My way to them with signs, wonders, healings and miracles.
The comfort and ease of this world must be taken away first and then the people will cry out to Me. This is when your bodies will be changed into their glorified state and when I will reveal Myself to you.
You will become like Me.
Arise and shine!
Your Beloved Groom Jesus

5 thoughts on “Anything They can do I can do Better Through My Bride”

  1. "Когда нет другого пути, люди будут обращаться к вам и вы покажете мне путь к ним со знамениями, чудесами, исцелениями и чудесами.
    Комфорт и легкость этого мира должны быть приняты в первую очередь, а потом люди будут взывать ко мне. Это когда ваши тела будут изменены в их прославленном состоянии и когда я открою себя тебе.
    Вы станете подобны мне.
    Встань и сияй!

    Ваш Возлюбленный Жених, Иисус" – класс. Слава Богу!

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