Turn Your Focus on Me the Living God

Turn your focus on Me the living God.
If you continue to focus your attention on the darkness that is all around you and getting darker, when you try to look at the light you be completely blinded.
The same is true in the spiritual as in the physical. After looking at the darkness for an extended period of time your eyes become accustomed to the darkness and any light that you look at will be bright, even the false light of the fallen ones. They still have a small amount of glory left, from when they dwelled with Me, and it may seem that they are sent from the Father of lights.
For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.
They are not!
Every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh, died and was resurrected and is coming again as King of kings and Lord of lords to defeat all of the power of His enemies, that is the spirit of antichrist. Make them speak it with their own mouth.
Pray for increased spiritual vision and discernment and I will give it to you freely.
If you spend time with Me and know Me intimately you cannot be deceived.
The great deception will be here soon, do not even listen to them.
They will confuse and tell lies that are mostly truth.
Has it not been said that a little leaven leavens the whole lump?
There is much darkness, destruction, disasters and death coming now My children. Some of you will come to be with Me before others. Some of you will be martyrs for Me and will have a very high honor and reward in My kingdom. Some of you will be die in the cataclysms which will befall this earth. Some of you are chosen to walk mightily in all of My power and glory and there is nothing the enemy can do to you. I have chosen for each of you a different set of circumstances, but all will be tried.
Do not fear!
My grace, peace and love will get you through everything. To some of you I will even show Myself and My angels. Even though you do not see with your physical eyes we are there. I AM with you always even to the very end. I have not given you a demonic spirit of fear but of My Holy Spirit comes My power, My love and My mind, the very mind of Jesus Christ.
We are becoming more and more one even now.
Be ever more transformed by the renewing of your mind day by day till I come.
You will be like Me when you see Me as I AM!

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