Sin Equals Death. I AM Life.

5-2 and 5-3-16                                  
My Beloved,
I do not “wink” at sin. I will not let any sin just “slide”.
You and I do not have an “understanding” about your sins.
I will not overlook your favorite habitual sins!
Please do not make excuses for your sin.
To Me one sin is no bigger than another, your laws are not Mine.
My grace is for the times you accidentally fall into sin, it is not a license to sin. 
If you sin willfully and habitually you must repent and turn away from it. 
Everyone who gives their sins to Me , I will give victory over them.
I will never allow any sin into My presence .
I have made the only provision for sin when I sacrificed Myself on the cross for your sins.
I also give to everyone of My Holy Spirit, as much as they desire.
My Holy Spirit will keep you from sinning if you listen.
When you fall into sin, My Holy Spirit draws you back to Me in repentance.
If you sin confess it to Me and I AM faithful and just to forgive you of your sin a cleanse you of all unrighteousness by My shed blood.
There is no sin too big that My blood cannot take care of!
Beloved I understand how you are tempted, do not forget I lived in the flesh , yet without sin.
My beloved did I not say that My Kingdom is given to the ones who overcome?
I did not go to the cross  so that you could remain in your sin but to take you out of your sin.
The doctrines of demons and men tell you to believe in Me say a little prayer and then you are “Saved” forever. You must trust in Me, cling to Me and rely on Me and you will be born again of the spirit. They tell you that you can never be taken out of My hand. This is true but you can willingly jump out of My hand and go your own way. I will not blot any man’s name out of the Book of Life who seeks Me with all of their heart for he will find Me!
Sin equals death. I AM life.
I AM coming for My pure, spotless bride, who has no wrinkle or blemish of any kind.
If you are in sin confess and repent now! I cannot take you with Me if you are entrenched in your sin. You will have to be purified before the wrath of My Father is poured out.
The purging fire of tribulation will be poured upon you, if you do not cleanse yourself.
 I plead with you now to judge yourselves so that you may be made pure now!
There is so little time left and you should not delay any longer.
Remember man judges by outward appearance but I alone judge the thoughts and intents of the heart.
I AM for you, I AM not against you. I will give you as much help as you truly desire. 
My will is for all who read these words to make it to the marriage supper as My bride.
This is the most highly honored position that you can obtain.
Examine yourself  daily!
Stay in an attitude of humbleness and repentance toward Me.
If you truly love Me you will keep My commandments.
Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.
Be holy as I AM holy.
Your Forever Love,

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