I AM Always Speaking

5-10 and 5-11-16                                

My beloved children ,
You must spend more alone time with Me now. It is so very imperative now. Shut out everything in this world. Shut yourself in with Me. All technology and devices that draw your attention away from Me must go.
 I AM always speaking to you through My Holy Spirit that dwells inside of you. I AM the spring that always has living water flowing. You are the vessel in which I pour My water into. In the language of your day I AM the spigot and you are the bucket. Your bucket will not be filled with My water unless it is aligned underneath My spigot which never stops running. This is to say that I AM always speaking. Are you in alignment with Me so that you can hear Me? Being in alignment is called walking in the Spirit in My holy word.
You must worship Me in Spirit and in truth.I know your motives and intents of your heart. Do  not come to Me because of duty or religiousness. There is no reward for “just doing” something.
Music is a gift that I have given to easily push you through into the Spirit and into intimacy with Me in the Holy of Holies. Use it while you still can. It is also good that you sing to Me in the Spirit with no music. You will be strengthened in your spirit when you sing with your spirit, be fully immersed in My Holy Spirit. The communion of our Spirits is what We all long for. You can sing with Me as I sing over you! I delight in this!
Slow your thoughts down by sitting at My feet and listening to the still small voice. Most times it is not audible. My voice is thoughts and impressions that are not your own. When you walk in the Spirit My voice is like a compass or GPS. My Spirit will guide your spirit automatically.
I long to tell you secrets and of things to come. Most of all I long to tell you how much I love you and desire your company.
Please My beloved spend time with your first love. The darkness is ever more black and suffocating. Those who are close to Me will glow with My glory and push the darkness back, when the time of the unveiling comes.

I AM Jesus the bright and morning star.


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