Will You be My Bride?

4-4 through 4-6-16
          My people,
In the times immediately in front of you, you will not be able to rely on the arm of the flesh, the provisions of modern society or the protection of your governments. All of this will be taken out of the picture before I return. Your governments know a lot of what is coming but they do not want the people to know, because they fear that that they would not be able to keep their control. I warn you ahead of time, trust in ,cling to and rely on Me, you will find refuge under the shadow of My wings.

I AM asking you now, will you be My bride?
I will not force you, it is your free will choice.
My bride desires Me more than anything in this world. My name is on her tongue day and night. I AM the last thing she thinks about before she falls asleep and the first thing she thinks about when she arises in the morning. Her mind and heart are stayed on Me continuously. She cannot help but speak of me before her friends, family and everyone she comes in contact with. She wants the whole world to know how much she loves her husband to be. She sings My praises continuously and prays ceaselessly.
Beloved, do you have this type of desire for Me? Do you spend enough alone time with Me? My bride knows My ways and can pick My voice out of a crowd. I desire you with an undying passion and My love for you  is everlasting. I will never leave you or forsake you. I will always be here when you call.
Enter into your secret chambers  now more frequently, for there I give you the power to overcome the adversary. Pour out of yourself everything that is of this world and I will pour into you My liquid love and glory till you are overflowing. This is to touch others with, so they can taste and see that I AM good.
Do not be afraid of the things that are coming. Fear is of the enemy, fear only your God. I will protect My bride, this is why you must draw  closer to me now. Whatever that is left in you that is of this world will be purified by fire. Some will go through more pain than others. Purify yourselves now and it will be much less painful and less sudden. Many will not and they will go through intense agony, but they will be saved through the fire. My bride will suffer much less than everyone else because she has prepared. She is now making her final preparations, she will be ready when I come. She is holy and spotless perfect in My sight and she will glow with My glory with radiance.
Your beloved,

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