This is Your Time to Shine!

Arise My beloved !
This is your time to shine!
This is the time that you were created for!
Do not long for the things of the past.
My kingdom is before you.
You will bring in your brothers and sisters now in the harvest.

You will have the new tools for this harvest.
They are being poured into you right now.
Do not be afraid to try them out!
You must step out in faith to use these tools.
Just like in the natural you need to practice using your new tools until their use is perfected.
Go to the ones whose hearts are open and do not worry about those who reject you, they are not rejecting you they are rejecting Me. I will deal with them and sadly most of these will be lost. That is not your concern , I alone can judge the heart. Pray with those who are open and willing , I will never force anyone to choose Me as their savior.
I will lead you and show you the ones who will be mine, if you listen to me very carefully.
Is it not better to aim directly at the bull’s-eye than to shoot blindly hoping to hit something?
There are many out there who will be Mine and I will lead you right to them!
You are the chosen ones for this time!
I do not make mistakes.
 Yes the darkness is surrounding you on all sides.
But I ask you , how much can you see a flood light in the noonday sun?
Even at dusk a light can go unnoticed.
But at midnight even a penlight can be seen from far away.
You are My lights!
You have kept your lamps full of oil and have extra just for this time.
In today’s language, your batteries are charged and you have bought a spare.
Do not fear, do not doubt and stay free from the sins of this world!
This is it!
When the harvest is in then I come for you!
The table is already set and the food is being prepared.
All of your favorites are here!
I know you are tired and weary but the times of refreshing have come.
Drink it in!
Your coming King,

2 thoughts on “This is Your Time to Shine!”

  1. I also prefer to read the transcript Beatriz because the written word enables a better understanding as I am hard of hearing. I will lift you and your family in prayer and ask for their protection in the coming times, especially the safe arrival of your precious grandchild.

    There are so many who need our prayers at this time and it is our duty as brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus to raise them in prayer so that their hearts are softened to the Peace of Our Lord. There is no panic, no shortages, no disease and no doubt where the Holy Spirit imbibes and empowers. Praise Jesus as it is through Him that we know the Father. Love and blessings to all.

  2. Thank you so much brother Jeff. I always prefer to read your transcript, I meditate on it.It does great to my soul. Please pray for my children, especially my son and his wife in NYC, they are expecting their first son on 3/26.almost here.They are both in the army. Our Lord has to do something for them now for them to be safe. Thank you in advance for your prayers. Beatriz

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