My Peace is with My Bride

My most beloved bride,
I urge you to pray for My love and peace to be shed abroad into your hearts now. Spend time just sitting at My feet and enjoying My presence. Let Me cover you like a warm blanket and show you that everything is going to be alright. Just put your trust in Me alone, I will NEVER leave you and I will always be with you through everything that happens during the end of this age.

Once events  that have been  prophesied begin to happen you will be at peace. The reason for the fear and anxiety you now have is because you do not know when it is going to happen.  Most of My bride have not been paying attention and don’t know what “the event “will be. Soon you will no longer wonder and you will have My peace upon your hearts and minds.
I warn you now to  pay very close attention to to the events that occur in My land , Israel. The forces  of darkness will try to divide My holy land and My holy city. This is an abomination to Me ! I will allow these evil men’s plans against Me and My people for a little while, until I come.
Is it not curious that in the tongue of the country in which this evil man rules, abomination rhymes with Obama nation?
Ah coincidence you say?
Separate yourselves from the system of this world for I Am bringing My “New World Order” through My beloved bride.