Just BE Who I Have Made You to Be

My Sons and Daughters.
I love you with an unfathomable love. It will never stop and it will never increase or decrease.
It cannot be measured by human intellect or the machines man has made.
Now is the time to step into your destiny.
Now is the time to just BE who I have made you to be.
It is not by chance that you born in the last generation of this age.
This is a time like no other!

Never has the world been more evil.
Never has My glory and My spirit been poured out like it will be now.
All of My words and scriptures and promises will be fulfilled now.
Just ask of Me, My children and you will be filled to overflowing with My Holy Spirit.
You need to be totally baptized with My Holy Spirit to make through this time.
You need to be able to pray in the spirit so that I can hear your perfect prayer to Me.
You do not how you should pray but My Spirit speaks to your spirit and the words flow out.
Do not be afraid I would never give you anything that would hurt you.
Please trust Me, the false doctrines of demons and men have deceived so many.
My end time army needs all of the gifts of My Spirit to be victorious.
These gifts are not for the past, they are for NOW!
Read My word for yourself and My Holy Spirit will confirm these things to you.
Be transformed by the renewing of your mind through the washing of the water of My word.
Be at peace and trust Me.

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