America This is Your 411 Call

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world, this message from the Father is addressed specifically to the people of America, but you certainly can take the underlying principles to heart. The whole world lies in the evil one and all the countries of the world will be judged by the holy and righteous LORD of all.
The Father has spoken this to me;
America your empty words mean nothing to Me!
Your mouths speak of Me but My message has not reached your heart.
You have not repented for your deeds of wickedness.
You have not suddenly started obeying My commandments.
America I have given you space to repent and you have NOT turned back TO Me, instead you turned your back ON Me!
Your leaders legislate sin and say that it is just fine to defile yourselves before Me. The killing of My innocent children continues, and their blood cries out from every city and town across this once great nation. I hear them! Your leaders say that they have now given you the right to “love whoever you choose” but I say that it is not love, it is lust. Your county’s laws are now lawless. Your evil hearts burn to do that which is against My word, My word cannot be changed by man! I Myself cannot change My word, for I cannot lie and I cannot make a mistake. I AM the LORD God of Heaven and earth and I change NOT! I AM same yesterday today and forever.
People of America do you think that your country can be great again but without Me?
You say ” We need a great new leader to restore us to our former glory!” But I tell you , you have the leader you deserve! He will be your country’s leader till the very end. Destruction of this country is his goal and he and his handlers will be allowed to accomplish their goal. No country is great without My help , I raise them up and I bring them down. America, you will be brought to the lowest depths of any nation.
Church of America, do you actually believe that your “revivals” scheduled by men are enough to turn My wrath away from this country? One weekend of seeking Me is not enough to change years of backsliding. It could be a start , I AM always willing to accept true repentance.
The revivals of old were started by Me! My people sought Me day and night and did not stop. They ate, breathed and drank of Me. There were no tickets sold to My outpourings in the past and there will not be any tickets sold to My former and latter rain outpouring that is coming. I do not call it revival for I will not use the rotting corpse of man’s dead religion. The stench is too much for even Me to bear any longer!
I ask you now, were there many of the world that even took notice of your “revival” meetings?
When you turned on your devices this morning was there true repentance in sackcloth and ashes?
Are men and women seeking me even now on their face before Me, as Nineveh did?
To this very day Nineveh is the only city that ever repented, and I relented on My judgment till a later time. Still My judgment came and it will come upon America. I do not favor any nation above another. Once you were the light of the world but now all you do is spread darkness throughout the earth.
Even now America, if you would turn back to me I would relent My judgments upon you, but you will NOT! You are stiff necked and prideful. Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.
My true church will be like that of My apostles, it will be reformed to be the way it was supposed to be in the first place. My true church has no divisions and does not try to control Me or My people.  My true church has My holiness, righteousness, love, peace, power , authority, provision and will have My protection for they have much work to do and very little time to do it.
Men and women of America there is still a little time to come back to Me. Your personal fates have not been sealed. My Son’s sacrifice still has paid for your sins and His blood will wash you whiter than snow. Call on the name of Jesus and be saved! But remember that His sacrifice was to save you from sin ,  not so that My grace is taken advantage of.  He who loves to sin is still dead in his sin. I save you to do works of righteousness, by grace through faith.
Choose wisely!
The fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

8 thoughts on “America This is Your 411 Call”

  1. I pray for revival in my own heart. I am seeking after the Lord but I do not pretend that I am seeking him with my whole heart. I was one of those caught with one foot in and one foot out. I pray often to be fully out of the world and dead religion. If only I could go back but I know I must move forward and believe that he will complete the good work he begun in me if I continue in the faith. Lord help me and all those like me that seek to turn away from their Lukewarm past and be on fire for the Lord!

  2. You are very perceptive my friend! That is exactly what the Lord was speaking of last year. I did not attend it, nor would I because you cant just seek God when you want to, you must seek Him all of the time. True revival comes from hearts that are in alignment with Him already and the fire spreads.

  3. Also…did you attend Azusa Now last 4-9 in Los Angeles? I was there and think your paragraph about revivals planned by man reference this gathering since God would have spoken to you right after. 2017 is 111th anniversary of Azusa St. Revival and S.F. earthquake April 18th.

  4. On 1-3-17 the Lord had me in a San Francisco high-rise as large earthquake began. I run outside and try to call 911 but am in an endless loop so realize I am to call 411 — information only of destruction. Too late for warnings… I have been waiting for 4-11-17 to see correlation and here is your post/warning from 4-11-16.

  5. The Lord also spoke this to me just now.
    An even"deeper" meaning to what He told me is that the true leader of America is none other than Satan himself and will be till the very end. That has not changed is the least, in fact it is more obvious than ever.

  6. Greg, thanks for pointing that out. I believe somehow Obama is still running things behind the scenes too. My only proof is is a gut feeling that is from the Holy Spirit and the Syrian bombing is also proof in my humble opinion.
    In time it will be revealed.
    Love and peace.

  7. This was posted a year ago. Be aware that the Lord says, "But I tell you, you have the leader you deserve! He will be your country's leader till the very end.". The leader we had at that time was Barack Obama. There are many prophecies that say he is the anti-Christ of the latter days. He has not left, but waits for an opportune time. It's true that I, we, don't see the open door for his return, but it is there (spiritually speaking). Just because we don't see it, doesn't mean it's not there (yet).

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