The Battle Taking Place in the Spiritual Realm is Coming to Earth

Feb 2016


The battle taking place in the spiritual realm is coming to earth. Yes there has been a battle between
light and darkness since the fall of Lucifer, but now the Almighty Lord God will throw him down out
of heaven and there will be no more place for him there. It is written Woe unto the inhabitants of the

earth for Satan has come down to you and his wrath is great because he knows his time is short.
Everyone that bears not fruit I will pluck out by its root. Yes the time of the great falling away is here. A time of great deception and is it not written that if it were possible, even the very elect, the true Christians, the faithful ones that have the love of Jesus in their hearts, would be deceived. I tell you they cannot be deceived for the Holy Spirit bears witness with their spirits that they are the sons and daughters of the Most High God. In this time they will do great and mighty miracles and they will shine brighter than the noonday sun for the glory of the Lord will be upon them and they will push back the darkness. The coming darkness is thick and black and even tries to absorb every ray of light, but darkness can Never over take light.
The people of the Living God must unite together and make a stand together. Join together now so that darkness does not overtake you. If you put this off till later there will not be enough time, and you will be too weak and you will fall at the hands of the enemy. Fill your lamps with oil NOW! The oil is the Holy Spirit, be baptized and full to over flowing so that you touch others with it.