Judgment is Set!

Before I start the message the Lord has given me, I just want to stress the seriousness and the finality of it. I want to let you know that I was in a state of brokenness that has only happened a few times in my life, with much weeping and sorrow.

DO NOT take this message lightly! I pray that you would take what you have read personally before the Lord and see what He would have you do about it.
God Bless You!
To My Bride:
Judgment is Set!
Do not be in awe and wonder about the impending doom, be in awe and wonder of your God.

Let the love that I have put in your heart be what comes out of your mouth.
DO NOT say ” I told you so” DO NOT speak to people with a condescending, self righteous, religious attitude I HATE THAT ! Show My love and show much compassion. This is your time to shine My bride, this is why you were born for such a time as this.
I take no pleasure in the destruction of the wicked, but I alone know the hardened hearts that will not turn to Me no matter what I do. I alone know if a man will turn to Me  in repentance. I AM their maker and I AM their judge. If there was another way I would choose it.
My judgments are righteous and final no man can question what I do. I AM a God of love and mercy. I AM longsuffering , patient, meek and humble, but I hate sin!
I cannot and will not stand aside and let evil deeds go unpunished.
I AM a holy God. If you knew the entirety of the sins of this nation (America) and the world, you would not be able to stand it , it would consume you and ruin you completely.
 Yet I see these things endlessly, everyday, every hour, every minute, every second.
The towers falling, was a warning to America, but not many have repented. Now an event will happen that will be many times greater in magnitude.
It will be devastating!
My warnings to the sinners are not being heeded and will soon STOP.
They only mock and scoff and ridicule and say ” Where is your God! ” they heap even more of My judgment on their own heads. Only My bride is heeding My warnings, very few are listening at all.
The judgments that come first are the things that I allow the enemy to do. You will see Satan’s wrath because his time is short. Many of My own will be taken home to be with Me because of because of these horrific events that are going to take place. You cannot pray these events away. Instead pray and intercede for the lost and hard in heart that they will humble themselves and come to Me with all of their heart. That is what I require!
I have made the provision for the salvation of All that will call upon My name.
Weep ,Wail and Travail for the lost that will meet their end. Humble yourselves in intercession, call for a solemn assembly and fall on your faces before Me. Thousands will arrive in hell because of the next event. IT IS SET!
Do not be confused My beloved bride. This is not My wrath yet! For you will NOT see My wrath.
These things will Not even compare to My wrath. Satan has very little power compared to Me and he can only do what I allow. My wrath is unbearable and no man or angel or any created thing can withstand it. My wrath is borne out in “The Destroyer”. You cannot imagine the destruction that will occur. The judgments will happen in rapid fire succession until the end, once they start.
But behold I will make all things new, because that is what I do! This will not be the first time the earth will be suffering this destruction, but it will be the worst it has ever seen. As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at the time of the coming of My Son.
Pray in the Spirit always and do not stop. These prayers are more powerful than you even know and they are My perfect will. I cannot wait to be with you forever, and there will be no veil, it will be removed and you will see Me in all of My glory. I have chosen everyone of you and I will not lose any that The Father has given Me.
Just a little while longer My beloved, but first your transformation to bright, sparkling pure white!

8 thoughts on “Judgment is Set!”

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  2. Much of this message I have already heard from other trusted sources addressing the "Bride of Christ" so it's god confirmation for me. It's an altogether awesome message. Thanks Jeff.

  3. Wow. What an amazing word. I wish I had found this a year ago. As it is, I found it now, in 2017. No idea how much time we have but I will take it to heart. The point about praying for the lost and hard in heart – so many will go into Hell after the event. My God. I am praying God will give me His heart for the lost. I used to have that, but the world watered it down for too long. That and people didn't care to hear the gospel. Several I shared with multiple times and gave them all I could think of, and still they wanted nothing to do with it. Lord have mercy.
    Thank you Jeff for putting this out. Your brother, Gregg

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