Fill Your Tank


 A message from Jesus.

To those who would be My bride:
Beloved, do you start out on a long road trip with a fuel tank that is next to empty? Do you even start the trip with a half a tank? No, you fill up before you go.  Is it not like this on your spiritual journey?
Yet some of your tanks are not full and the journey ahead is treacherous with very few places to fill up.  My bride has her reserve tank filled tank filled also, she has called “The Oil Company” and have had My Father, who owns “The Refinery” and all of the oil, deliver the gas to your tank.  I have already paid for all that the fuel that you will ever need!  All you have to do is make the call.

The finish line is in sight! It has been a long hard race for most you, many bumps, flat tires, fuel fill ups, and some crashes.  Some of you in an effort to save time have tried to make it to the end without filling up on My fuel like you should. It takes time to be filled with my liquid love.
Your tank is not filled in your spare minutes of running here and there. It is not filled in a couple of minutes before you go to sleep at night, it is not filled all the way when you attend church either.  All of those things are meant to keep your tank topped off so that you don’t run low.  You need to have quality alone time with Me with nothing and no one interfering with US.  No phones, No computers, No TVs or any other distractions. Just My bride and me!
My bride do you long for Me the way I long for you?
Is our time together at the top of your priority list?
Am I your one true love?
Do I come in second to the business of your day many days?
Remember I Am always with you, I never leave you or forsake you, but you must focus your attention onto Me.
My Bride is a select group, there are not many of you, but I desire to have many more.  My bride are the ones who are very close to Me, and anyone who is reading this message can be My bride.
The question is; will you be My bride? I AM willing, are you?
The road ahead is hazardous and full of so many hazards you will Not make it without My divine protection, love and peace that passes understanding. My Bride hear and obey My voice because they know it well from spending plenty of time with Me. 
My bride will shine with the light of My glory and the unsaved elect will be drawn to them.
I love all of you more than you can know!


I want to be with you so!