Mockers and Scoffers and Sarcastic Ones I have a Message for You!

This may very well be the last warning that you get from the Lord before the calamities strike this earth. The restraining hand of the Father is being taken off and the evil one, Satan, will be allowed to do more than ever before. He will steal, kill and destroy like no other time in the history of this earth. Make fun and heckle all you want but YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Things in the financial realm are about to go south very quickly. The “almighty dollar” is going down. America will be humbled. The people of the U.S.A. will know what it is like to wonder where their next meal is going to come from. Only those whose trust is in Jesus will be saved, and ALL who call out to Him will be saved. You will realize what is really important and it is NOT material wealth.
Many of you will gladly receive “The mark of the beast”on your right hand or forehead, because you will not be able to buy sell or trade without it. When you and your family are starving to death will you trust in the Lord or take that little computer chip or tattoo or whatever it is? Will you renounce the Lord Jesus Christ your only hope of salvation?

As the seals of the book of the Revelation start to take place people will blame God. War, disease, famine, and many being put to death for their in Jesus Christ, are already happening but will happen on a scale never before heard of. Places like America and many other Western nations will share in these plights. In many ways the “rich” nations will have it much worse, for their people are not used to lacking anything they desire, so they will riot, rape and pillage much like the Syrian migrants are doing in Europe right now. These things will happen all over the earth and there will only be one place to escape to and that is into the arms of your savior ,Jesus.

Many of you are hearing about Planet X, Nibiru or The Destroyer as the Bible refers to it. The effects of which are being felt right now. Weather patterns are in a never before seen convulsion. Record highs and lows like never before. Stronger storms than ever recorded. Earthquakes, volcanos ,meteors and sink holes all at never before seen levels. The rich men of the world will try to hide underground in their elaborate cities and highways. They will not escape the judgment of the Almighty Lord of all.
They will suffer the same fate as the one that they serve, which is the lake of fire.

Satan will deceive many of you and you will follow him and even think that he is your savior.
 The fallen one wants to be your best friend, but he is your worst enemy. He lets you sin and do whatever your heart desires. He will give you more and more of your sin until you are sick of it and want to stop, but you will not be able to stop because his little helpers, the demons, will keep on driving you to do that very thing until you are in your grave. Sin always has a price!
Satan the father of lies does not run around in a set of red pajamas with horns, a tail and a pitch fork.

No No No, that again is one of his many lies. The lie he loves best to tell is that he doesn’t  even exist. He does not care what he has to do to pull you down to hell where he will one day end up too. He may give you fame or fortune or sex or drugs etc etc etc…He knows your price for he tempts you every day. They all lead to the same place, Death and Hell.

Jesus is the ONLY way. Forsake All and follow Him. He died for your sins, the way is paid , just except the free gift of salvation and JOIN THE CELEBRATION !
The day of the Lord is at hand!
Come quickly Lord Jesus!
Love and Peace!



3 thoughts on “Mockers and Scoffers and Sarcastic Ones I have a Message for You!”

  1. Hi Jeff mate. It did for maybe a day or two. Its kind of at the vack of my mind right now as I watch world events. Its kicking off big time mate all over the gaff and the msm are saying very little. Exciting and scarey.

  2. Tom,
    Amen I know exactly what you are saying. That is how the Lord gives me things. They go over and over and over in my head until I write them down.
    I will ask you this: Is that verse still going through your head?

  3. I woke up today with the words ‘when they say peace and safety tgen sudden destruction comes upon them’. I never gave dreams or visions but it seemed odd that I wake up with this scrip going on in my head for no reason. I pondered could it be relating to the current crisis with rocket man? For example the whole thing finally settles down followibgcsanctions and diplomacy, the people think its all sorted and go back to hand egg and the soaps and then suddenly it all kicks off when America has effectively stood down its watch.

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