God Hates Religion


This is what the Holy Spirit has been revealing or downloading to me over the last couple of days. It is a hard word for some to take but I want you to know God’s heart on this. He would rather you go through a little pain now than a lot of pain later. He only wants what’s best for His children and it is better to be purified now than later when the tremendous disasters and calamities come upon this earth. Most people will blame God at that point because their heart is not right before Him and they are full of pride.

This is what The Almighty LORD of All is saying.
“I hate man’s religion, it is a terrible stench in My nostrils. I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. Men try to come to Me in their own way and it makes Me sick and I will spew them out of My mouth! Repent and come back to your first love, I AM your first love because I loved you first when I created you and then again when I took your sins upon My own body. I ask you do you think that the cross was easy or fun? I felt every bit of that pain! That is why I prayed that the Father would take this cup of wrath from Me in the garden.
It was the only way!
I had all of you on My mind and My love for all of mankind kept Me on that cross until the end of My human life. I took hell for you, because I never want you to experience that place!
It was not made for men, it was made for Satan and the fallen angels. In the beginning before Lucifer fell there was NO hell, his pride created the need for it, now I have to purge and purify everything.

I defeated death, hell and the grave for all of you. Now you can enter into eternal life because of My unselfish work. I did not sit up in heaven saying “Serves them right! Let them die in their sin!” That’s what the enemy of men’s souls wants you to think.

He wants you to think he is man’s best friend! Satan says “GOD is so hard! He doesn’t want you to have any fun! With me you can do anything! I offer sex, drugs and rock-n-roll! If you want to cheat on your wife/husband go ahead! If you want to be with someone of the same sex that’s just fine! I will give you all the best things money can buy. He that dies with the most toys wins! How dare God tell you not to do anything you please!
He doesn’t understand! He wants you to be “holier than thou”, He wants you to do a lot of good works to go to heaven.
As long as you go to church you’re OK but don’t be like those fanatics and change the way you live! You are a “good person” God will let you slide. All religions lead to the same God!”

Satan is the one who created All the religions on this earth!
I want to have relationship with you!
Oh how I long for you to cry out my name in surrender!
I want you to call Me “Daddy”
I want to sit and talk to you!
I know what is in your heart and your deepest desires, and I want you to tell Me about it!
I AM the one who gave you life, I AM your creator, You are My favorite of all of creation!
I made you in My own image, when I look at you I see Myself.
Please give Me all of your sin, because it separates you and Me.
Can’t you see?
There is not much time left and I AM pleading and begging you to come to Me and repent of All of your sin. Though your sins be as scarlet red I will make them whiter than the whitest snow that you have ever seen! There is no sin to great for Me to forgive!
I will make no man serve Me now but every man will bow to Me on judgment day and say “Jesus Christ is LORD”. Won’t you bow your knee to Me now? You do not know how much I desire for you to come to Me. I prefer mercy over judgment every time!
I do not enjoy the destruction of the wicked! I created every one of them, Oh, it grieves Me so!
I cry out to them every day, I send them My prophets, preachers and teachers but they harden their hearts even more. They say “Who are YOU to speak in the name of Jesus! ” and they say ” Prophecy has been done away with because now we have the Bible. That which is perfect has come!”
I tell you that is a lie from the pit of hell!
I AM the Perfect ONE and I AM coming NOW!
Soon I will allow Satan to do what he has been wanting to do to this earth because I use him to purify things believe it or not. My people who need purified will be tried by both Satan and man. They will NOT see My wrath, for I have NOT appointed them to My wrath. My wrath utterly destroys sin and evil.
I know the thoughts and intents of every man’s heart, thus I AM the only Judge.
Do not be caught off guard, get rid of your dead religion and come to Me like a child .
Sit in My lap and stare into My eyes in wonderment.
That is what it takes to have a true relationship with Me.
Ask yourself do you have that with Me!
If not, I AM always willing to come and have intimate fellowship with you.


10 thoughts on “God Hates Religion”

  1. “Then I went to Hell for you, I never want you to experience that place!”

    No wait, I didn’t know Jesus went to Hell after His death. 😭
    How much He loves us 😭

  2. Amen!!! Thank you for this word. Brought tears to my eyes and comforted me and confirmed what He has been showing me about just being His daughter and staying in that secret place with Him of childlike faith and being known by Him.

  3. Relationship, NOT religion!!! What a beautiful, powerful, anointed message straight from the throne room. It brought me to tears. Our KING is our Savior and best friend who loves us more than we can fully comprehend. GOD BLESS you, brother Jeff. Your obedience in sharing these messages has absolutely transformed my relationship with HIM.

  4. I had to smile at this when I read this. This was written before I ever found this website. However, I already knew this and have told many people that God hates religion. Why? Because man's "religion" does not bring us together. It ALWAYS separates us from one another. It's been called cafeteria Christianity to us Christians. God only has ONE meaning to every verse in His holy word. We always interpret it the way that most pleases us, not the Lord! It does not bring us nearer to the Lord, it pushes us away from Him. There is NO religion that is near to the Lord! No, not even one. He told me, long ago, to come out of her and I did.

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