Have You Ever Tried to Wake up a Drunkard?


This what the Lord has said to me:
“My son write these words for those with spiritual ears and eyes to see the times in which you live.
Have you ever tried to wake up a drunkard? They might move a bit and even talk to you incoherently but inevitably they go back to sleep till they sober up.

I AM will be the one that wakes the people of America up! I will take away the wine of her fornication (money, prosperity, material wealth) and I will shake this country awake! (earthquakes, nuclear bombs) This country will once again know that I AM is the Almighty one. I created this country to be a safe haven for all of my people but it is no longer doing as I intended it. Oh how they mock Me, kill my precious babes in the womb and say that the name of My only begotten Son Jesus should not be spoken unless uttered as a curse word. The truth is that the demons that control these so-called leaders of your country tremble at the very mention of the name of Jesus. They know that their time is very short and they are going to give Me their best shot. I laugh at them! They are no match for Me! They not even any match for My angels! They are not are not even any match for My people who are washed in the blood of Jesus, empowered by My Holy Spirit and have the authority of the name of Jesus. The enemy cannot defeat you, unless he has something in you, some pet habit or sin that you love more than Me. He can try to make you fear him but it is a lie for I have already defeated him. Victory is yours so take it!
Put off the drunkenness of this world and I will not have to judge you. Be filled with the new wine of My Spirit to overflowing! Remember I prefer mercy over judgment, there is still a little more time to turn to Me but surely I come quickly and My rewards are with Me to give to every man what he has earned. Soon shall be the beginning of many catastrophes and martial law in America . The leader you have now (Obama) will be your last. My Holy Spirit will be poured out like never before in My people so that the last harvest can be brought in. My Holy Spirit wind will come rushing into this land and give you your second wind so you can finish the race strong! EXPECT MY MOVE VERY SOON! DO NOT FEAR!

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  1. Kerrin, your comment blessed me so much! I thank you and those the who are praying with you and I pray blessings on all of you in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach! My wife and my mother-in-law and I are traveling to Tampa Florida to see relatives and Friends and I could really use some extra prayers of protection for the next week. Thank you so much! Only in eternity will reveal the blessings and rewards that you will receive for praying for me.

    Love and peace!

  2. God Bless You, Jeff!! I lift your name up every day – & ask also for your family’s protection, Peace, provision, God’s power & increased anointing on you.. Please let us know how your intercessors can better pray for you.. we will keep lifting your arms up as the battle prevails – YAHUSHUA paid the price, Victory is ours, HalleluYAH!!

  3. Obama will be the last leader of the USA. Trump is the 7th King of Revelation and Obama becomes the 8th king. Dennis Grant

    ” 77th FROM THE 365th, DECEMBER 31st NEW YEARS EVE ”
    I believe that I’ve just seen something Amazingly Significant:
    DECEMBER 31st is NEW YEARS EVE, but also the “365th” Day of the Year. If I do some calculations I find something Amazing:
    ( “365” ) 3 + 6 + 5 = 14 = 7 + 7 seen as (” 77 “)
    **** HINT: ENOCH and TRUMP are Both the ” 7th “!!! ( 77 )
    ( ENOCH was Taken up, as in the RAPTURE, as TRUMP would be the “LAST TRUMP” at the RAPTURE (1 CORINTHIANS 15:51-57).
    ENOCH lived “365” Years and was the “7th” from Adam.
    ( GENESIS 5:23-24 ) “Altogether, Enoch lived a total of 365 years. 24 Enoch walked faithfully with God; then he was no more, because God took him away.
    ( JUDE 1:14 ) “Enoch, the seventh(7th) from Adam, prophesied about them: “See, the Lord is coming with thousands upon thousands of his holy ones”.
    DONALD J.TRUMP is the “7th” King, in which his LAST Day just may be on the “365th” Day of the Year.
    ( REVELATION 17:10-11 ) “They are also seven kings. Five have fallen, one is(Obama), the other has not yet come; but when he does come, he must remain for only a little while(“TRUMP”). 11 The beast who once was, and now is not, is an eighth king(Obama). He belongs to the seven and is going to his destruction”.
    **** NOTE: Trump’s Pre-Inaugural Ceremony(JAN.19, 2017) – NEW YEARS EVE(DEC.31, 2018) = “711” Days.
    ( GENESIS ” 7:11 ” ) “In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, on the seventeenth day of the second month—on that day all the springs of the great deep burst forth, and the floodgates of the heavens were opened”. 
    **** NOTE: This would be the time of Great Tribulation/Wrath of God!!!…..JUDGMENT !!!!
    Strong’s Hebrew: ” 711 “. אַרְגְּוָנָא (argevan) — “PURPLE”, red-purple

    PURPLE is the color of Royalty, as in a KING. JESUS CHRIST is the KING of KINGS.
    PURPLE is also the ” 7th ” color in the Rainbow.
    ( ” 7 x 11 ” = ” 77 ” )
    There were ” 77 ” generations from Adam to Jesus Christ ( LUKE 3:23-38 ).
    TRUMP’S father’s middle name was actually “CHRIST” ( Fredrick “CHRIST” Trump ).
    The number ” 77 ” is also used in the Occult, as in Washington D.C. and George H.W. Bush, PLEASE READ:
    Pearl Harbor’s “77th” Anniversary on Dec. “7th”, 2018.

  4. I was on the elliptical last night deep in worship in my spirit (I listen to Rock Pino and other worship while working out), and other times in prayer. I have been feeling so weary from the battle of intercession I am in for so many, the struggles against attacks and temptation and lies sent multiple times daily from the enemy, and in such pain and grieving in my heart over the darkness and disregard for God all around.

    I looked up from prayer and opened my eyes and was staring straight at a guy standing outside the window of the room I was in and the back of his shirt read, “Finish Strong.”

  5. You should preface with saying it is from 2015 some may miss the old date at the top and think they have more time, when really, time is up.

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