The Supernatural will Become Normal


Intercede for those that think that they are My bride. Many, many, many think that they are My children but they have never truly given their heart to Me and they do not know Me. They try to do My works in My name but I do not know them. (The Lord was saying that He has never been intimate or “One” with them) That is why it is better to be hot or cold, because then one knows where they stand with Me. I AM speaking of the “good”, “moral”,”upstanding” members of the community. They believe that they are good enough, but I have said there is none good, no not one.
What is getting ready to happen to this world will cause many to come to Me in repentance. They will come to Me with a truly broken heart and I will accept them. They will see that the “churches” were not preaching the full gospel. Yes revival will come once again to the “Westernized” countries of the world but nothing will be as it now is. Know that I will take care of My own, My wrath is not upon them. I cannot stand the sins of this America anymore, it has far surpassed those of Sodom and Gomorrah. If it were not for My grace and mercy and the few that truly do follow Me, I would have allowed for the destruction of your “once great nation” long ago. The last straw will be when America turns its back on Israel and splits MY LAND and MY HOLY CITY Jerusalem.
Watch the one who calls himself ” The Vicar of Christ” He does not speak for My people, he is a deceiver and knows exactly what he is doing. Be sober and stay as close to Me as possible, I AM your only haven of safety.
Many of My people are saying that I AM doing a new thing, but I tell you the truth, I AM the everlasting, true God and I change Not. My people are in for a great change though, especially in America. When the world is stripped from you, then you will truly be free to love and serve Me. It is the only way! If I were to return right now for My bride, the small amount of people who would go with Me would shock you.
I want to use My bride in this last great harvest. Will you join Me?
I promise that you will be filled with more of My Holy Spirit than anyone ever has at any point in the history of man. the choice is yours, I never force anyone. I love you and I long for you to commune with Me Always, not just in your “prayer” or “devotion” time. I WANT IT ALL!
Believe Me child I will make it worth your while. Signs and wonders, miracles, healings, restorations and deliverances will follow. The supernatural will become Normal.
Always enter in with Me through worship and humble yourself. I always give grace to the humble. No matter how bad things look in this world, I will always be with you, even though you can’t feel Me at times. I will be with you until the very end, and then throughout eternity you will be with Me.
What I have in store for you is so glorious that your earthly mind cannot conceive of it.
Remember I long to be with you always.
Long for Me My bride!


7 thoughts on “The Supernatural will Become Normal”

  1. The popes are clearly antichrists.
    The Roman Catholic Church is clearly the seed adversary, the devil.

    This is obvious in its deeds throughout history.

    Woe to any who forsake truth for a lie.

  2. This message speaks even more Truth today than it did back in 2015 when it was first spoken! This false-prophet the pope and his papacy are starting to show their true colors now of trying to unite the New One World Global Religious Order that the anti-christ will use to do the bidding of satan. The apostasy that has infiltrated not just the catholic church but all man made religions around the world has now accepted the politically correct spirit of the anti-christ into their false teachings and yet many so-called christians mistakenly believe that they are part of the Remnant Bride of Christ, and that they will be raptured out of here one day into heaven by believing in these apostate lies, and by believing in the once saved always saved false message being taught to them by their politically correct man made church leaders and teachers.

    Yes their will be several different Rapture Stages at different times during Gods Judgments as well as both, during and after the coming Tribulation, but only for those who are part of the Real True Remnant Bride of Christ and not for those who are not filled with Gods Holy Spirit of Truth and who do not worship Jesus in Spirit and in Truth and surely not for those who believe in and put their trust and faith in, above the Truth of The Lord God Jesus Christ, and who worship mere mortal men like the pope, trump, clinton, obama, putin, yeoung, koehmeini, assad, etc;…etc;… Also one cannot believe in the false message of not needing to repent daily unto the Lord God Jesus Christ for forgiveness of our daily and nightly sins, nor because they are not seeking the Truth of the Lord God Jesus Christ and His plan of Spiritual Salvation for their own Spiritual Souls or for their own children, nor do these so-called christians even realize that they are believing in apostate lies of men and not in the Truth of the Lord God Jesus Christ which is why Gods Judgments have to occur, to wake everybody up and/or to separate the sheep from the goats, the good from the bad, the True Believers from the apostate believers..

    Since this message was first spoken unto the world and unto the people of this world and unto it’s false teachers and it’s false leaders and preachers etc;…etc;…back in 2015, the world has become even more evil than sodom and gomorrah and as in the days of Noah put together, and the minds of many people in the world have now been given over to a reprobate mindset for repeatedly denying the Truth of Jesus Christ and for believing in these apostate lies of this politically correct New One World Global Religious Order.

    What we are hearing in all of the True Holy Spirit filled messages that are being taught to us today from Gods True Prophets and True Watchpersons, is that Gods Messages should now all be taken as warnings! Warnings from all around the world, and what these messages now all have in common is that we are hearing the same Warnings over and over again, “Seek The Truth”, Believe in The Truth”, “Pray, and Worship in a state of sincere humbleness and thankfulness unto this Truth” and “To Repent! Repent! Repent unto this Truth who is none other than the Lord God Jesus Christ Himself”, because time is so short and if you do not heed these warnings you shall surely die.

    We also hear repeatedly in these same messages that Gods time of Warnings are beginning to move into Gods time of Judgments, and that Gods Judgments shall soon begin upon our world, especially America, for the people of this world are not heeding His Warnings and they are not Believing in the Truth and they are not Repenting of their sins unto the Lord God Jesus Christ. The Simple Truth of it all is that, All have sinned and so all shall fall short of the Glory of Heaven, unless we Believe, Pray and Repent unto the Lord God Jesus Christ Daily, before we die. Everyone else in the world who does not follow this mindset of Jesus is of the spirit of the anti-christ and their minds have been given over to a reprobate mindset where they will be controlled by satan whether they believe in him or not. Google it, it’s in the Holy Bible (KJV).

  3. I do not think the papacy is negative: John Paul II and Benedict XVI were great popes.
    I think that Jesus Christ in this time is talking to all Christianity (to Orthodoxy, for example, He speaks through Vassula Ryden).
    Then the message Jesus Christ has released to Jeff “The Supernatural will Become Normal” on Day 9-1-15, in which He criticizes the one who declares himself “His Vicar”, I limit it to the present pontificate.

  4. God bless you for sharing this word. My spirit resonates with the truth and I am thankful.
    I am encouraged and pray others will be also buy this Word. And yes thank God I am all in! I am His and He is mine. A hard time to living in many ways, yet He does make away for His own. Thank you Jesus! Rejoice and again I say rejoice, for this is the will of God and remember brothers and sisters we are told to rejoice always because God inhabits the praises of His people, and in the pleasure of rejoicing in the only true and living God, we receive power on high. So let us be thankful and do His will, not ours unless it is lining up completely 100% with His.

  5. Thank you my brother. I LOVE to hear from our father on this website. Keep up the good work brother.

  6. Thank you. I have served Jesus such a long time, and have been in so much warfare, under such attack and weary in the fight for basic survival. I needed to hear from God, “that it will be worth my while.” No matter how long we’ve been in the faith, we need to hear this kind of encouragement, for it is a battle. Bless you for being a channel for the Holy Spirit to speak.

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