A Warning to Those who Attend Rallies, Causing Violence and Chaos

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Ephesians 6:11-13 (Living Bible)
11 Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand safe against all strategies and tricks of Satan. 12 For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against persons without bodies—the evil rulers of the unseen world, those mighty satanic beings and great evil princes of darkness who rule this world; and against huge numbers of wicked spirits in the spirit world. 13 So use every piece of God’s armor to resist the enemy whenever he attacks, and when it is all over, you will still be standing up.

“Is not My word true? Yes it is!

All Scripture was breathed by My Spirit, the Ruach Ha Kodesh, and given by divine inspiration. It is profitable for instruction, for conviction of sin, for correction of error and restoration to obedience, for training in righteousness. So that you may learn to live in conformity to the Father’s will, both publicly and privately—behaving honorably with personal integrity and moral courage. (See 2 Tim. 3:16) Continue reading “A Warning to Those who Attend Rallies, Causing Violence and Chaos”


The Big Picture of Current Events and What is Really Happening Right Now

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Read auto transcripts below. (There is no punctuation and some words may be wrong)


hello my beloved brothers and sisters in
Christ this is finally here with you
again and I just wanted to come in on
here today and tie some stuff together
because there’s getting to be so much
confusion out and the you know NATO
figure you might say and God is not the
author of confusion so first off I would
like to start by comparing what is said
in Matthew 24 and you can say I’m using
New King James Version and I’d like to
compare that to Revelation chapter 6 and
the first six seals and I’d like to show

Won’t You Let Me Come In? – Jesus

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Received 1-1 through 1-4-2020

My beloveds, I want all of you to hear My voice and take what I say to heart! There are some of you that think that I have already come into your heart but I still stand outside and I’m still knocking on your door. Some of you are looking through the windows as I stand at the door and you even speak to Me but I’m still not inside! What are you waiting for? Continue reading “Won’t You Let Me Come In? – Jesus”


Make Sure that “The 2020 Vision” that You have is not a Delusion of Temporal Grandeur from the Enemy!

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As a prelude to this message, I did not expect that the Lord would give me another message so soon and then for it to be about 2020, I am stunned. AND I certainly did not expect Him to give me 2 messages in one day but He did. WOW! He has told me to release the second one in a few days as His Spirit leads.

This is truly a time like no other! HALLELUYAH!

Jeff Byerly


There are many claiming that they have “A 2020 Vision” speaking of what they believe is coming in the year ahead. Do not be deceived by the false shepherds, the wolves in sheep’s clothing and the hirelings! You need the eye salve that only I can give you so that you can see what actually is coming and not the illusions that those who listen to the god of this world would long to give to you. Make sure that the 2020 vision that you have is not a delusion of temporal grandeur from the enemy! Most of the spectacular things that men will speak of for this year will appeal to your flesh but be death to your spirit. Continue reading “Make Sure that “The 2020 Vision” that You have is not a Delusion of Temporal Grandeur from the Enemy!”


The Seeds that were Planted in 2019 shall be Reaped in 2020 and Beyond

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“I have been seeking the Lord for a couple of weeks on the message that He gave me at the end of December 2018, you can read it here. I had not really gotten any answer until the afternoon of 12-22-19. I know it was Him because I was resting and not thinking about anything in particular. These are the words that the Holy Spirit has given me 12-22 through 12-27-19.

“Last year I had told you that things would begin to change in 2019 and they have. I told you that not everything that I spoke to you about last year would take place in 2019 and most of it did not. I tell you now, only fools do not recognize what has taken place over this last year. The seeds that were planted in 2019 shall be reaped in 2020 and beyond. Continue reading “The Seeds that were Planted in 2019 shall be Reaped in 2020 and Beyond”


Two NEW Video Platforms

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With the new Youtube rules and regulations in effect it will only be a matter of time before my channel is taken down so you can now view them on these 2 new platforms.

Blessings, love and peace to you all of the name of Jesus!

BitChute Video Channel: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/ukn8gIZtQiHl/

Brighteon Video Channel: https://www.brighteon.com/channel/holyspiritwindjeffbyerly


Take Aim and Set Your Focus on Me Now Like a Laser!

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The Lord spoke this to me the Thursday morning 12-13-18 in worship…

“Simplicity, you have been shooting with birdshot trying to hit a little bit of everything but now I want you to be laser-focused and take aim on what I am saying.” Continue reading “Take Aim and Set Your Focus on Me Now Like a Laser!”


It is Like you are Poking Me in the Eye with a Needle!

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Received 12-6 through 12-8-19

I read this article 12-6-19 US House passes resolution supporting two-state solution Then the Holy Spirit began to speak to me and He told me to write it down.

“The word of God cannot be broken! I AM the one who has set the boundaries of Israel, yet Babylon has conspired to divide and take away more of My land. The princes of Judah, who are not of Me but of the synagogue of Satan, think they can move the boundaries wherever they please. You take what is not yours and give away what I have given to My chosen in Israel. My wrath will be poured out upon you like water! Doom will come upon all of you who take part in this! It is like you are poking Me in the eye with a needle! Continue reading “It is Like you are Poking Me in the Eye with a Needle!”


USS Abraham Lincoln, the Strait of Hormuz and some WW3 news GET READY!

Auto transcript: (I’m sorry that there is no punctuation and there may be mistakes in this transcript because it is done by computer but it is the best that I can do at this time)

I give all the glory honor and praise to
my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Yeshua
HaMashiach the name that is above every
name and at that name every knee shall
bow and every tongue shall confess that
Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God
the Father and I plead the blood of the
Lamb over this video and every child of
God is watching it and we overcome by
the blood of the Lamb by the word of our
testimony and loving not this life unto
death you might wonder why I’m starting
this video out like this well brothers
and sisters there seems to be some
people out there that want to attack me
Continue reading “USS Abraham Lincoln, the Strait of Hormuz and some WW3 news GET READY!”


Set Free from Sin to Be Who You Were Made to be From the Beginning

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I call you to freedom and purpose My chosen ones! You are free from the law of sin and death but you must choose it and walk in it. You must remove your chains and shackles that have been broken by the power of My Spirit. You must not remain bound up but you must rise up and put the former things behind you. Whom the Son has set free is free indeed! Stop believing the lies of the enemy and cast off that weight of sin that so easily besets you. I have not made you free to sin, I have made you free from sin but you must want to be free. You can do all things by My Spirit who strengthens you. Continue reading “Set Free from Sin to Be Who You Were Made to be From the Beginning”


My Restraining Hand is Being Lifted Off the Earth

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My son write this to My children.

My restraining hand is being lifted off the earth. Do you not perceive it? The evil, darkness is rushing in like a flood. War, violence, famine, disease and persecution are coming like never before seen. I am also raising up a standard against it, I am raising up My remnant/bride. Continue reading “My Restraining Hand is Being Lifted Off the Earth”