God Hates Religion

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This is what the Holy Spirit has been revealing or downloading to me over the last couple of days. It is a hard word for some to take but I want you to know God’s heart on this. He would rather you go through a little pain now than a lot of pain later. He only wants what’s best for His children and it is better to be purified now than later when the tremendous disasters and calamities come upon this earth. Most people will blame God at that point because their heart is not right before Him and they are full of pride.

This is what The Almighty LORD of All is saying.
“I hate man’s religion, it is a terrible stench in My nostrils. I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. Men try to come to Me in their own way and it makes Me sick and I will spew them out of My mouth! Repent and come back to your first love, I AM your first love because I loved you first when I created you and then again when I took you sins upon My own body. I ask you do you think that the cross was easy or fun? I felt every bit of that pain! That is why I prayed that the Father would take this cup of wrath from Me in the garden.
It was the only way!
I had all of you on my mind and My love for all of mankind kept Me on that cross until the end of My human life. Then I went to Hell for you, I never want you to experience that place!
It was not made for men, it was made for Satan and the fallen angels. In the beginning before Lucifer fell there was NO hell, his pride created the need for it, now I have to purge and purify everything.

I defeated death, hell and the grave for all of you. Now you can enter into eternal life because of My unselfish work. I did not sit up in heaven saying “Serves them right! Let them die in their sin!” That’s what the enemy of men’s souls wants them to think. He wants them to think he is man’s best friend !

Satan says “GOD is so hard! He doesn’t want you to have any fun! With me you can do anything with me! I offer sex, drugs and rock-n-roll! If you want to cheat on your wife/husband go ahead! If you want to be with someone of the same sex that’s just fine! I will give you all the best things money can buy. He that dies with the most toys wins! How dare God tell you not to do any thing you please!
He doesn’t understand! He wants you to be “holier than thou” so you have to do a lot of good works to go to heaven.
As long as you go to church you’re OK but don’t be like those fanatics and change the way you live! You are a “good person” God will let you slide. All religions lead to the same God!”

Satan is the one who created All the religions on this earth!
I want to have relationship with you!
Oh how long for you to cry out my name in surrender!
I want you to call Me ” Daddy”
I want to sit and talk to you!
I know what is in your heart and your deepest desires, and I want you to tell Me about it!
I AM the one who gave you life, I AM your creator, You are My favorite of all of creation!
I made you in My own image, when I look at you I see Myself.
Please give me all of your sin, because it separates you and Me.
Can’t you see?
There is not much time left and I AM pleading and begging you to come to Me and repent of All of your sin. Though your sins be as scarlet red I will make them whiter than the whitest snow that you have ever seen! There is no sin to great for Me to forgive!
I will make no man serve Me now but every man will bow to Me on judgment day and say “Jesus Christ is LORD” won’t you bow your knee to Me now? You do not know how much I desire for you to come to Me.I prefer mercy over judgment every time!
I do not enjoy the destruction of the wicked! I created everyone of them, Oh it grieves Me so!
I cry out to them every day, I send them My prophets, preachers and teachers but they harden their hearts even more. They say ” Who are YOU to speak in the name of Jesus! ” and they say ” Prophecy has been done away with because now we have the Bible. That which is perfect has come!”
I tell you that is a lie from the pit of hell!
I AM the Perfect ONE and I AM coming NOW!
Soon I will allow Satan to do whatever he wants to this earth because I use him to purify things believe it or not. My people who need purified will be tried by both Satan and man. They will NOT see My wrath, for I have NOT appointed them to My wrath. My wrath utterly destroys sin and evil.
I know the thoughts and intents of every man’s heart, thus I AM the only Judge.
Do not be caught off guard, get rid of your dead religion and come to Me like a child .
Sit in My lap and stare in My eyes in wonderment.
That is what it takes to have a true relationship with Me.
Ask yourself do you have that with Me!
If not, I AM always willing to come and have intimate fellowship with you.

Trump or Jesus?

Please Note this is my personal commentary, the events listed within may or may not happen. This message is NOT directly from the Lord.
Is your hope in Donald Trump or in Jesus?
I tell you the truth Trump cannot save this country but Jesus could. The whole reason that this country is in the shape it’s in is because she did not want to follow God any more. The government of America has made many laws against the Most High God but now they are making laws for a foreign god – Allah. People of America who call yourselves “Christians” Attention! Persecution is coming and there will be no more luke warmness, you will either be “on fire” for Jesus or you will be totally cold toward Him. Even if The LORD were to allow Trump to win would it change anything? Would the people’s hearts be turned back to Jesus or would they just keep going down the slippery slope of sin? The Lord gave this country since 9-11-01 to repent and turn back to Him. Very few did. How long did the repentance last? Is America not in deeper sin than on 9-10-01? I know that it IS! The Father cannot protect this country anymore, Because of His law of reaping and sowing.
 Do you think Trump or any other candidate is a Christian?
I tell you none of them are, they would not even be able to run for office if they were not part of the Beast System that they call government.                                                                                
Christians wake up there is No Political solution to a Spiritual problem!
Jesus has been warning His church for over a hundred years to turn away from sin and turn back to Him. Very few have listened. The Lord has been very merciful and gracious toward America, even made her the most powerful and prosperous nation in the world.
She was so beautiful and pure when she was young, she loved and respected her Husband. She committed her life to honoring and obeying her Husband. As time when on He lavished her with blessing after blessing. She was treated like royalty because of His Great Love for her. When others came against her He would always be there to defend her and her enemies would go running.
 She and He had a love that no one could break so it seemed. It was then she got her first fix of greed and lust and she was “hooked”. The Husband told her “No” sternly many times but she had to have her fix. She waited at night till He looked like He was sleeping and she slipped out to the parties and nightclubs to get another fix. She had to have MORE and MORE and MORE! She started staying out all night and then for days and then for weeks at a time and then she would come home and her loving Husband would forgive her and love her. One day she told him she wasn’t coming back because His rules were too harsh for her to live by she wanted freedom to do whatever she pleased.
Oh how she has rebelled like a dirty Whore selling herself to the highest bidder and forgetting her first love, her ever faithful Husband who longed for her to return home so He can clean her up and forgive her and love her once again.
I tell you the Husband has had ENOUGH!
He has cut her off from His provision. At first she gets by and even earns a enough to pay her bills and get her fixes regularly. Things start to change it gets harder and harder to make ends meet. She has to start borrowing money a little at first, but she will surly pay it back she has AAA+ credit rating. She has to lower her price so she doesn’t lose her customers and she sells her Gold ring given to her by her husband. 
She is now having a hard time because she is Not “America the Beautiful” anymore she shows the wrinkles and graying of old age and she is has been beaten and abused by men that wish her harm.
She looks in every dark alleyway and corner for someone who will pay her enough to get her next fix. She is an addict. She uses so much that she is indebted to every dealer around. One day she her credit is cut off and her debt is called. She had no money to pay so the men all start to take their shots at her until she falls. She lay in the street beaten and left for dead, cold, hungry, dirty, and afraid. She will never be able to pay back what she owes, so she is sold off into slavery. There she will repent of her ways and turn back to her faithful Husband the Most High God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. He will take her back but she will not be as she was. She will be battered, bruised, scared and humbled.
There will be “terrorist” attacks on America this year. The country will be under martial law. Obama will cancel the 2016 election just until things get back to “normal” Things will never go back to “normal” Obama reveals himself as the Anti-Christ and starts to persecute Christians and introduces the mark of the beast and no one can buy sell or trade unless they have that mark. Natural disasters will take place one after another and when we are down that is when our enemies will attack from all sides. THE GREATEST REVIVAL THE WORLD HAS KNOWN WILL THEN TAKE PLACE. The Holy Spirit will be imparted beyond measure on every true Born Again believer and miracles as never seen before will occur by the millions.
Let me ask you my friend
Trump ain’t gonna get it done


The Highest Vibration


I am the one with the highest vibration. In My presence low vibrations are removed. I have the ability to raise any vibration that I Am around. The universe and all that is in it were set in motion with the sound vibration of My voice. Everything that I created had such a high vibration that it glowed in its vibrancy. Everything was in perfect harmony in the beginning. Then came one with a lowered vibration because he no longer wished to follow My plan of peace love and harmony. He wanted his vibration to be raised up to My level but instead it was immediately lowered and he was cast out of the highest heaven down to the earth.
He and the ones that joined him in rebellion set up their kingdom on this earth and ultimately made it empty and without any light. I had to recreate the earth and after I did this I made man in my own image. The rebellion against Me occurred because this plan, for man was made to rule and reign with throughout eternity. They felt wronged by me because men would be ruling over them and they would not humble themselves in accordance with My plan. After man was created he was deceived into giving dominion of this planet back to the usurper and man’s DNA was degraded his brilliance was removed and death of physical and spiritual body had begun. The fallen ones still have a great amount of brilliance and radiance and are able to fool many who will share in their demise. Soon their vibration will be lowered to the point that they will not be able to inhabit the second heaven which will only leave earth for them to inhabit. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth in those days. They are the evil ones who lower the vibration of the whole earth. They come to men as beings of light but inside them is only darkness. They want men to believe that they are there creators, which they spawned man from when they came to earth from a distant galaxy.
I ask you who created them?
I tell you it was I. They are the fallen ones. They know about their end and they know about how long they have left. I tell you it is not long. They are now trying to figure out how I created with the very first vibration though CERN. I tell you that they are very close but I will never let them get the total understanding because they would become like Me and that cannot be. They would destroy everything that I have created. They will have one last try to overthrow and destroy Me. I know their plans but they do not know all of mine. Before the end of this age I will increase the vibrations of My chosen sons and they will glow with My glory more than any men in the history of this earth. Their vibrations will surpass that of the fallen ones and will spread my light throughout the whole earth. On the final day the fallen ones along with all of their followers will be cast into the lake of fire and they will deceive NO MORE!
Have you figured out who I am?
My name is Jesus, Yeshua or Yahushua.
My vibration was lowered so that yours could increase. My humbleness was a
sacrifice for all time so that everyone could live with Me and experience My true life, light and love. I shed My own blood to buy all of mankind eternal life. I took on the lowest vibration of all death, and overcame it and transcended it. There is nothing inside yourself that could increase your vibration enough to ascend into heaven without Me increasing your vibration. When you accept Me and My sacrifice for you, your vibration is immediately increased and you are seated with Me in heavenly places. All of your low vibrations in the spirit are gone. My own Spirit will fill all of your emptiness and fill you to overflowing so you can touch others. You will feel My power and vibrate higher than ever before. Join My army of light and shine brighter than you ever imagined possible. I love you! I created you! Put off the deception of the evil ones, they lie and cannot fulfill their promises to you, because they are destined for destruction. My power will break every chain and bond that holds you down. Call upon my name and you will be saved and made new. You feel Me pulling at your heart even now. Please let Me in! There is not much time left now.  
I AM coming again very soon as King of Kings and Lord of Lords!


Have you ever tried to wake up a drunkard?


This what the Lord has said to me:

“My son write these words for those with spiritual ears and eyes to see the times in which you live.

Have you ever tried to wake up a drunkard? They might move a bit and even talk to you incoherently but inevitably they go back to sleep till they sober up.

I AM will be the one that wakes the people of America up! I will take away the wine of her fornication (money, prosperity, material wealth) and I will shake this country awake! (earth quakes, nuclear bombs) This country will once again know that I AM is the Almighty one. I created this country to be a safe haven for all of my people but it is no longer doing as I intended it. Oh how they mock me kill my precious babes in the womb, and say that My name should not be spoken of on the holiday that celebrates the birth of my only begotten Son Jesus. The truth is that the demons that control these so called leaders of your country tremble at the very mention of the name of Jesus. They know that their time is very short and they are going to give me their best shot. I laugh at them! They are no match for me! They not even any match for my angels! They are not are not even any match for my people that are washed in the blood of Jesus ,empowered by My Holy Spirit and have the authority of the name of Jesus. The enemy cannot defeat you unless he has something in you, some pet habit or sin that you love more than Me. He can try to make you fear him but it is a lie for I have already defeated him. Victory is yours so take it!

Put off the drunkenness of this world and I will not have to judge you. Be filled with the new wine of my Spirit to overflowing! Remember I prefer mercy over judgment, there is still a little more time to turn to Me but surely I come quickly and my rewards are with Me to give to every man what he has earned. Soon shall be the beginning of many catastrophes and martial law in America . The leader you have now will be your last. My Holy Spirit will be poured out like never before in My people so that the last harvest can be brought in. My Holy Spirit wind will come rushing into this land and give you your second wind so you can finish the race strong! EXPECT MY MOVE VERY SOON! DO NOT FEAR!



The Supernatural will Become Normal


Intercede for those that think that they are My bride. Many, many, many think that they are My children but they have never truly given their heart to Me and they do not know Me. They try to do My works in My name but I do not know them. (The Lord was saying that He has never been intimate or “One” with them) That is why it is better to be hot or cold, because then one knows where they stand with Me. I AM speaking of the “good”, “moral”,”upstanding” members of the community. They believe that they are good enough, but I have said there is none good, no not one.

What is getting ready to happen to this world will cause many to come to Me in repentance. They will come to Me with a truly broken heart and I will accept them. They see that the “churches” were not preaching the full gospel. Yes revival will come once again to the “Westernized” countries of the world but nothing will be as it now is. Know that I will take care of My own, My wrath is not upon them. I cannot stand the sins of this America anymore, it has far surpassed those of Sodom and Gomorrah. If it were not for My grace and mercy and the few that truly do follow Me, I would have allowed for the destruction of your “once great nation” long ago. The last straw will be when America turns its back on Israel and splits MY LAND and MY HOLY CITY Jerusalem.

Watch the one who calls himself ” The Vicar of Christ” He does not speak for My people, he is a deceiver and knows exactly what he is doing. Be sober and stay as close to Me as possible, I AM your only haven of safety.

Many of My people are saying that I AM doing a new thing, but I tell you the truth, I AM the everlasting, true God and I change Not. My people are in for a great change though, especially in America. When the world is stripped from you, then you will truly be free to love and serve Me. It is the only way! If I were to return right now for My bride, the small amount of people that would go with Me would shock you.

I want to use My bride in this last great harvest. Will you join Me?

I promise that you will be filled with more of My Holy Spirit than anyone ever has at any point in the history of man. the choice is yours, I never force anyone. I love you and I long for you to commune with Me Always, not just in your “prayer” or “devotion” time. I WANT IT ALL.

Believe Me child I will make it worth your while. Signs and wonders, miracles, healings, restorations and deliverances will follow. The supernatural will become Normal.

Always enter in with Me through worship and humble yourself. I always give grace to the humble. No matter how bad things look in this world, I will always be with you, even though you can’t feel Me at times. I will be with you until the very end, and then throughout eternity you will be with Me.

What I have in store for you is so glorious that your earthly mind cannot conceive it.

Remember I long to be with you always.

Long for Me My bride!