I Desire that You would Destroy the Works of the Devil, Not be Part of Them.

My children,
Do not hold any belief, doctrine or presumption higher than Me or even higher than your brothers and sisters.
I tell you that you do not know it all, you do not see the entire picture!
I can only reveal small pieces of what is to come through prophecy.
Each one is revealed a small part, and they are meant to fit together like a puzzle.
Have I not said that every one in My body has a place and a function?
Do not get into arguments over things that you don’t know the outcome of.
Above all love Me and one another and everything else will work itself out.
Let no malice ,strife ,dissention ,foulness ,gossip or any evil thing come out of your mouth.
If what you are speaking is not in love ,it is SIN!
My wrath is poured out upon SIN!
My children, you are so close to the end of this age, I implore you to stay in the Spirit now.
Repent and turn away from the works of the flesh.
When you are in the flesh, the enemy has an open door to you, he seeks to destroy you.
I desire that you would destroy the works of the devil, not be part of them.
I come quickly!

Sin Equals Death. I AM Life.

5-2 and 5-3-16                                  
My Beloved,
I do not “wink” at sin. I will not let any sin just “slide”.
You and I do not have an “understanding” about your sins.
I will not overlook your favorite habitual sins!
Please do not make excuses for your sin.
To Me one sin is no bigger than another, your laws are not Mine.
My grace is for the times you accidentally fall into sin, it is not a license to sin. 
If you sin willfully and habitually you must repent and turn away from it. 
Everyone who gives their sins to Me , I will give victory over them.
I will never allow any sin into My presence .
I have made the only provision for sin when I sacrificed Myself on the cross for your sins.
I also give to everyone of My Holy Spirit, as much as they desire.
My Holy Spirit will keep you from sinning if you listen.
When you fall into sin, My Holy Spirit draws you back to Me in repentance.
If you sin confess it to Me and I AM faithful and just to forgive you of your sin a cleanse you of all unrighteousness by My shed blood.
There is no sin too big that My blood cannot take care of!
Beloved I understand how you are tempted, do not forget I lived in the flesh , yet without sin.
My beloved did I not say that My Kingdom is given to the ones who overcome?
I did not go to the cross  so that you could remain in your sin but to take you out of your sin.
The doctrines of demons and men tell you to believe in Me say a little prayer and then you are “Saved” forever. You must trust in Me, cling to Me and rely on Me and you will be born again of the spirit. They tell you that you can never be taken out of My hand. This is true but you can willingly jump out of My hand and go your own way. I will not blot any man’s name out of the Book of Life who seeks Me with all of their heart for he will find Me!
Sin equals death. I AM life.
I AM coming for My pure, spotless bride, who has no wrinkle or blemish of any kind.
If you are in sin confess and repent now! I cannot take you with Me if you are entrenched in your sin. You will have to be purified before the wrath of My Father is poured out.
The purging fire of tribulation will be poured upon you, if you do not cleanse yourself.
 I plead with you now to judge yourselves so that you may be made pure now!
There is so little time left and you should not delay any longer.
Remember man judges by outward appearance but I alone judge the thoughts and intents of the heart.
I AM for you, I AM not against you. I will give you as much help as you truly desire. 
My will is for all who read these words to make it to the marriage supper as My bride.
This is the most highly honored position that you can obtain.
Examine yourself  daily!
Stay in an attitude of humbleness and repentance toward Me.
If you truly love Me you will keep My commandments.
Walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.
Be holy as I AM holy.
Your Forever Love,

Just BE Who I Have Made You to Be

My Sons and Daughters.
I love you with an unfathomable love. It will never stop and it will never increase or decrease.
It cannot be measured by human intellect or the machines man has made.
Now is the time to step into your destiny.
Now is the time to just BE who I have made you to be.
It is not by chance that you born in the last generation of this age.
This is a time like no other!

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My Peace is with My Bride

My most beloved bride,
I urge you to pray for My love and peace to be shed abroad into your hearts now. Spend time just sitting at My feet and enjoying My presence. Let Me cover you like a warm blanket and show you that everything is going to be alright. Just put your trust in Me alone, I will NEVER leave you and I will always be with you through everything that happens during the end of this age.

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This is your time to shine!

Arise My beloved !
This is your time to shine!
This is the time that you were created for!
Do not long for the things of the past.
My kingdom is before you.
You will bring in your brothers and sisters now in the harvest.
You will have the new tools for this harvest.
They are being poured into you right now.
Do not be afraid to try them out!
You must step out in faith to use these tools.
Just like in the natural you need to practice using your new tools until their use is perfected.
Go to the ones whose hearts are open and do not worry about those who reject you, they are not rejecting you they are rejecting Me. I will deal with them and sadly most of these will be lost. That is not your concern , I alone can judge the heart. Pray with those who are open and willing , I will never force anyone to choose Me as their savior.
I will lead you and show you the ones who will be mine, if you listen to me very carefully.
Is it not better to aim directly at the bull’s-eye than to shoot blindly hoping to hit something?
There are many out there who will be Mine and I will lead you right to them!
You are the chosen ones for this time!
I do not make mistakes.
 Yes the darkness is surrounding you on all sides.
But I ask you , how much can you see a flood light in the noonday sun?
Even at dusk a light can go unnoticed.
But at midnight even a penlight can be seen from far away.
You are My lights!
You have kept your lamps full of oil and have extra just for this time.
In todays language, your batteries are charged and you have bought a spare.
Do not fear . do not doubt and stay free from the sins of this world!
This is it!
When the harvest is in then I come for you!
The table is already set and the food is being prepared.
All of your favorites are here!
I know you are tired and weary but the times of refreshing have come.
Drink it in!
Your coming King,

This is Not a Game!

My children,
This not a game!
The rewards or punishments that are result of the deeds you do are eternal.
There is grace for now but I desire that you would grow in your faith.
There is little time for running here and there from ministry to ministry , website to website , or prophet to prophet , looking for a “Good Word” or more fantastic picture of the end times. 
Why can you not just sit at My feet and listen to what I have say to you directly?
Would you like it if your own children would not listen to you directly but you had to speak to them through an interpreter? This is fine for some of the deeper revelations of things to come because I do nothing without revealing it to My servants the prophets.
But for personal direction you should come to Me! I AM The good Father and I hold nothing back from My children who are truly seeking with all of their heart.
What will you do when the electricity goes out and never comes back on?
Then is NOT the time to try to hear My voice because you will Not, you will be living in so much fear of what the enemy is doing that you will NOT hear Me.
If you sit and listen to Me now, during that time you Will have peace that passes understanding.
My sheep hear My voice and another they will not follow.
The end times that have been spoken of by All of My true prophets are upon you.
You were born for such a time as this!
Great rewards are within your grasp. BUT
Great punishments for not hearing and not being obedient to Me.
This not a Game!
Your First Love,

America This is Your 411 Call

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world, this message from the Father is addressed specifically to the people of America, but you certainly can take the underlying principles to heart. The whole world lies in the evil one and all the countries of the world will be judged by the holy and righteous LORD of all.
The Father has spoken this to me;
America your empty words mean nothing to Me!
Your mouths speak of Me but My message has not reached your heart.
You have not repented for your deeds of wickedness.
You have not suddenly started obeying My commandments.
America I have given you space to repent and you have NOT turned back TO Me, instead you turned your back ON Me!
Your leaders legislate sin and say that it is just fine to defile yourselves before Me. The killing of My innocent children continues, and their blood cries out from every city and town across this once great nation. I hear them! Your leaders say that they have now given you the right to “love whoever you choose” but I say that it is not love, it is lust. Your county’s laws are now lawless. Your evil hearts burn to do that which is against My word, My word cannot be changed by man! I Myself cannot change My word, for I cannot lie and I cannot make a mistake. I AM the LORD God of Heaven and earth and I change NOT! I AM same yesterday today and forever.
People of America do you think that your country can be great again but without Me?
You say ” We need a great new leader to restore us to our former glory!” But I tell you , you have the leader you deserve! He will be your country’s leader till the very end. Destruction of this country is his goal and he and his handlers will be allowed to accomplish their goal. No country is great without My help , I raise them up and I bring them down. America, you will be brought to the lowest depths of any nation.
Church of America, do you actually believe that your “revivals” scheduled by men are enough to turn My wrath away from this country? One weekend of seeking Me is not enough to change years of backsliding. It could be a start , I AM always willing to accept true repentance.
The revivals of old were started by Me! My people sought Me day and night and did not stop. They ate, breathed and drank of Me. There were no tickets sold to My outpourings in the past and there will not be any tickets sold to My former and latter rain outpouring that is coming. I do not call it revival for I will not use the rotting corpse of man’s dead religion. The stench is too much for even Me to bear any longer!
I ask you now, were there many of the world that even took notice of your “revival” meetings?
When you turned on your devices this morning was there true repentance in sackcloth and ashes?
Are men and women seeking me even now on their face before Me, as Nineveh did?
To this very day Nineveh is the only city that ever repented, and I relented on My judgment till a later time. Still My judgment came and it will come upon America. I do not favor any nation above another. Once you were the light of the world but now all you do is spread darkness throughout the earth.
Even now America, if you would turn back to me I would relent My judgments upon you, but you will NOT! You are stiff necked and prideful. Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.
My true church will be like that of My apostles, it will be reformed to be the way it was supposed to be in the first place. My true church has no divisions and does not try to control Me or My people.  My true church has My holiness, righteousness, love, peace, power , authority, provision and will have My protection for they have much work to do and very little time to do it.
Men and women of America there is still a little time to come back to Me. Your personal fates have not been sealed. My Son’s sacrifice still has paid for your sins and His blood will wash you whiter than snow. Call on the name of Jesus and be saved! But remember that His sacrifice was to save you from sin ,  not so that My grace is taken advantage of.  He who loves to sin is still dead in his sin. I save you to do works of righteousness, by grace through faith.
Choose wisely!
The fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.