A Parable About the “Kick-Off Event”

Received 8-4-18

“My son, I wish to give you this parable about the “kick-off event” so that My people have more understanding about what is about to take place and perspective.

The ball has been placed on the tee and the whistle has sounded and the kicker’s hand is raised. Do you hear his footsteps? That’s how close it is! I tell you, do not focus on the kicker, he is only a small member of the many teams of Satan that is against the one team of YHVH. Don’t focus on the ball or any of their players, focus on your Captain and Quarterback. Their quarterback is the all-time crowd favorite, when he comes unto the field, the crowd goes absolutely wild. Satan will personally control the quarterback and through the his mark he will control his team. The players on team Satan are much bigger and stronger physically than those on My team but We will prevail. Continue reading “A Parable About the “Kick-Off Event””

“My son, I AM who I AM,  I will be what I will be.”


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Received 7-28 and 7-29-18

My son, I AM who I AM,  I will be what I will be.

I want you to pause and ponder what that means.

My understanding is so much deeper than yours but I reveal Myself to all who seek Me with their whole heart. There must not be any ulterior motive, NONE! Do not seek Me for what I can do for you but for who I AM! My Son, Yahushua made the way for all men, all who seek Me DO find Me but most do not seek Me. Most seek a god made in their own image instead of a God who has made them in His image. Men want to think they are in control but I AM! You are nothing without Me, for without Me there would be nothing, only I AM. Continue reading ““My son, I AM who I AM,  I will be what I will be.””

The Warnings have Passed but Few have Heeded My Call

Received 7-19 through 7-22-18

My son, you’ve been warning and trying to prove to the people the time you’re in but you won’t have to do that anymore because all that I have told you is just going to come and I will not stop it. It will happen faster than most men think but it will not happen in an instant. The destructive events that have been prophesied by My prophets and watchmen, will happen now in a blink of an eye but in the short time left many will cry out to Me and be saved. I have been patient and have given space for repentance, willing that NONE should perish but few have turned. The warnings have passed but few have heeded My call. Many have fallen away from Me in spite of the mercy I have shown. With more mercy and time, even more will fall away. Continue reading “The Warnings have Passed but Few have Heeded My Call”

I Am Angered by Many of My People’s Public Actions Right Now!

7-8 through 7-14-18

I saw the above messages posted last weekend on Facebook. I have removed all names and I will not tell anyone who posted these. These are just two examples of what is happening on social media and the Lord has given me a message about it. I did not want to put forth this message from the Lord and it breaks my heart that I have to but I must be obedient and do as He says. I tried to put this off but He keeps repeating it over and over in my head and I have to release it.


“My son write to the people who call themselves by My name. Continue reading “I Am Angered by Many of My People’s Public Actions Right Now!”

America, You Celebrate Independence Day Today but Who do You Celebrate Independence From?


America, you celebrate independence day today but who do you celebrate independence from? Today you celebrate with parades, fireworks, barbeques, and all kinds of festivities with family and friends but who is it for? Do you truly celebrate and honor the high price that was paid for your freedom and liberty? Many will sing “I’m proud to be an American” this day but I ask you, why are you proud? Many will sing “God bless America” this day but who do they really sing about?  

Most of you have never thought about these things so I will tell you My answers. Continue reading “America, You Celebrate Independence Day Today but Who do You Celebrate Independence From?”