New Post on HolySpiritWind + eMail issues

HolySpiritWind has a new post from the Lord, it can be found here (if you did not receive an email yesterday)

We’ve been having eMail issues because there are limits on how many emails can be sent out per hour, and the # of subscribers increased by a great amount over the weekend, and we hit those limits and it stopped any future emails from being sent out. Some people did not receive a message there was a new post.

We ‘think’ this is now fixed and it should send you any new posts from HolySpiritWind, however, it is recommend you visit the site every few days to see if any new word is posted, just in case the email does not do its job.


8 thoughts on “New Post on HolySpiritWind + eMail issues”

  1. Hi! I don’t know how to contact you other than to post this here?? I hope that someone in admin reads this post? TY…. I used to receive your blog posts in my (old?) email address… Now I am receiving links to my new email address… But there is a problem?
    Recently, I received three new links in my email box?? They are as follows: all received on Dec 12 2017… titles are: “Has An Alien Probe Entered Our Solar System”, “Do NOT Visit This Mexico Desert” and “Something Is Following The Plane”. However, each time that I use the link there is nothing posted?? I am a bit concerned as to why this is happening? And thought that I should make you aware of it? Only one link did in fact ‘work’, “My Clock (Israel) Is Clicking Ever Faster”. I have tried to search the other 3 titles but nothing is listed? I hope that you can contact me and let me know if there is a problem (program is compromised in some way)? Thank you and I am deeply touched by your posts. Praise be to Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!! 🙂 Shalom. Sheryl

    1. Yes we are aware of the situation and we think we have the problem solved now.
      Sorry for any inconveinence this may have cause you.
      God Bless You!

      1. Thx. We Christians are being shut down little by little. Persecution Our Master said would happen in the end days.

        Be blessed Brother

        1. Yes, while paying for the websites and owning the domain name will help, at some point they will shut it all down. However, because we now own the websites and domain name, there is a much better chance the lord can and will protect us because we have dominion and we are paying for the service. Using Google or Facebook leaves you open because you pay nothing thus you have to do what they say, how they say it, and when they say it. Cheers!

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