America, You will be Burnt from End to End

12-4 and 12-5-16



America, you have seen large fires recently, first in the middle and then on each coast.
None of these fires are accidents.
Do you not find this troubling?
Did you hardly even notice?
Maybe it doesn’t bother you because these tragedies did not affect you personally?
These fires are symbolic of what will very soon happen to your entire country.
America, you will be burnt from end to end.
What is coming WILL affect your life and you will no longer be able to ignore and stay complacent in your ease and comfort.
You will have to rely on Me for your daily bread or you and your families will starve.
Peace and safety shall be no more!
My bride shall be protected and provided for if she stays close to Me.
I AM the Prince of Peace that America has rejected
Turn to Me in repentance and I will forgive your sin.
Whoever calls upon My name, Jesus, with all of their heart will be saved!

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